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  3. Yep, that’s why I don’t want one 😀 Btw. Arion Lightning planes have nothing in common with Lancair planes except maybe it looks kind of similar ( but so does SportCruiser to some degree ) Arion Lightning legacy includes this plane - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerocomp_VM-1_Esqual
  4. Lancair’s have never been referred to as docile. It shows in the high accident rate.
  5. Lightning is much more docile plane than the Lancair - I think of it as “Lancair for dummies” , which is for me 🙂 - I don’t need all that ultra speed that comes with Lancair and don’t want to fly a plane with 80 knots landing speed.
  6. Why buy a lightning when you could get what it was designed from the Lancair. …. if you can fit into it. I'm 6'5 and cant get my knees under the panel but it a screamer at 200 + knots at 8-10 gallons per hour https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=LANCAIR&model=320&listing_id=2375076&s-type=aircraft
  7. Get your 3rd class medical - to me that is a no-brainer. You can fly anything with it - SC , Lightning - whatever ... Personally, I was kind of looking at the new Lightning as my next plane ( either that or Sling 4 TSI - but I don't need 4 seats). With the Titan engine it will cruise faster but the main thing for me is 17XX lbs gross which is what I am having problems with on my Sting S4 - not enough gross. I am 6 feet 210 LBS , my wife is almost 6 feet and while she is pretty thin , at 6 feet she is still heavier than most women + BRS and we are maxed out with fuel. With 17XXX lbs , I can add a BRS installation to the Lightning ( Nick mentioned that they do offer it if you want it ) , load it with fuel and still have enough for decent size baggage.
  8. Here is where I'm at now. I have 2 friends telling me to get my 3rd class medical. One of my friends is a 20k hour corp pilot. Flies a sovereign jet. The other is a 60ish hour student who hit pause on training and now is back in the air. He will be a PPL in a month or two. The commercial guy has an AME that is great to work with so I'm good to go with the 3rd class. Now I've been looking at pipers too. But holy crap are the rebuilds expensive especially on the 540s. Things i love about the SC... 48 inch cabin. It looks very modern and well built. No built in PIO and half the insurance premiums. Cheap annuals. (Relative to other plane nothing is cheap in aviation) Things i love about the lightning... The lines the speed. Things i love about a piper... Back seats. Being in CT we have plenty of Wx until April so i have some time to analyze my choices.
  9. Designrs and ShawnM thanks for the preventative maintenance tips. To answer atrosa’s question no I did not previously fly a Lightning. I just love the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team.
  10. So . . . what is your hourly rate for doing that?😃
  11. C'mon Tony, that's a silly question, the short answer is "it doesn't", the Lightning can't hold a candle to the SportCruiser. Have you yourself taken a demo flight in either airplane yet Tony? You've been "stalking" both for a while now. I'd love to hear what you think as to how the Lightning measures up to the SportCruiser. Good luck in your search.
  12. I see your name is lightning pilot, did you fly a lightning previously? If so, how does it compare to the SportCruiser?
  13. ... I have an assistant that is VERY good with sponge bath and waxing but she’s not a mechanic! 😂
  14. Even with a brush Richard the Corrosion X gets on some of the hotter items and burns off after a few minutes. Don’t forget to spray a little in all the camloc fasteners for the cowling. The worst part is after I brush it all over the prop flange and spacer it goes all over the windscreen after the first start for the test run after the plugs and oil are changed. But I don’t worry about that too much because my mechanic gives Ginger a sponge bath AND waxes her when he’s finished. Does anybody else have a mechanic this good?
  15. ... I was just going to update my post. I recall seeing a LSRM applying Corrosion X with brush, instead of just spraying it all over. Most examples of exhaust wrap are fastened with hose clamps on the end to prevent unraveling in addition to the semi-adhesion of being applied slightly wet, overlap wrap was about 1/4”. However, Shawn pointed out the legalities for S-LSA.
  16. I second the Corrosion X, the stuff is amazing and really works. Our humidity can wreak havoc on anything metal. I just bathed by engine in it last month for my annual condition inspection. I spray it on a brush and coat anything I can under the cowling. As for the voltage regulator, take care of this as well. The Ducati is known to fail and fail often when it gets hot or has a loose connection. Make sure the spade connectors are crimped close tightly and use dielectric grease on the connections. Like this: I squeeze dielectric grease in every connector and slip it on and make sure it's snug. I do the same for my spark plug boots. Take care of your plane and it'll take care of you. I also agree that opening the oil access door immediately after you land is a great idea. I unbuckle my seat belt, sit up on the canopy frame and reach around and open the oil door before I even get out of the plane. Helps release that heat that is bad for everything. The exhaust wrap can help with heat but it is not legal on a S-LSA SportCruiser. Call down to Cruiser Aircraft for the required LOA for that mod. Damn, I was laughing just typing that.
  17. I might have posted this elsewhere, but if you want to keep your aircraft shiny new in Florida, consider spraying just about everything under the cowling, the firewall, and all exterior nuts and bolts with Corrosion X. As far as know, there is not much that isn’t safe to spray. I wish I had done it on my plane immediately, and especially before moving it to Florida with high humidity and salt air. (You will smell the Corrosion X “cooking off” the first few times that you run the plane... but it still continues to work!) Have your mechanic clean and put Dielectric Grease on your voltage regulator connections. This connection is prime for corrosion. You mentioned pouring alcohol over the plane to de-ice. A good wax job might be in order. Personally, I found many wax products which were fine on my cars to be a royal PITA on my aircraft. Maybe others can recommend products? If you wash it, stay away from the cockpit air vent intakes, even if closed. (Don’t ask me how I know.) Two other suggestions for ownership before it gets hot in sunny Florida: 1) Open the cowling oil fill access immediately after shutdown. 2) Consider wrapping the exhaust headers & pipes with Exhaust Header Heat wrap. (Apply slightly damp, but not wet.) The result is so profound that you can feel about a 65% reduction in cowling heat when you open the oil fill access after shutdown. Both of the above will hopefully help to keep your motor and very expensive ignition modules happy. Sorry for the unsolicited ramble. These are things that I wish I knew in advance, even after having been around SportCruiser flying and maintence for two years before purchasing my aircraft. * Disclaimer: I am not a LSRM or A&P. Check with a qualified maintence authority, or manufacturer to assure safe and legal owner maintence and regulation compliance.
  18. I sold mine in 2017 after about 2.5 years of ownership and +/- 400 wonderful hours in it. Sadly, I’ve been away from flying, and have missed it more than life itself. Looking forward to doing some flying in Bristell this month. Next plane will be Bristell or SportCruiser.
  19. Just curious ... so what happened to yours and what are you flying these days ?
  20. Congratulations Bruce! Beautiful bird you got! And thanks for the great write-up on the cross country trip! Looking forward to reading more about your flights around sunny and flight-friendly Florida! 👍🏻🙂
  21. Great photos! Thanks for posting Bruce. You might want to consider starting a thread of your ownership experience to inspire others. I have seen that on other forums, and have been following Deltafox’s blog from day one, when I started dreaming about SportCruiser ownership. (Thanks Dave!) Mine was a 2011 as well, but with the legacy Dynons. I believe that it was built as a PiperSport.
  22. I only experienced relatively minor turbulence and picked my way through the passes as best I could that allowed my AGL clearance to be maximized. The weather was quite good through the mountainous part of my journey, so on the more eastern part of my trip I did not put myself into any bad weather situations when the weather looked marginal I chose to stay on the ground and wait it out. One reason I chose my Christmas break to make the journey was, so that I minimized time pressure on me getting back.
  23. Thanks Bruce, Congratulations on a most successful flight and good flight planning with Deltafox. Sounds like an amazing first journey in your beautiful new-to-you aircraft! If that isn’t one of the most awesome life experiences, I don’t know what is. The trip doesn’t sound too dissimilar to my flights up the East Coast from Florida to Pennsylvania... except for flatter terrain and probably many more airports along the East Coast. (There is almost always an alternative every 10 miles or so, especially through the Carolinas.) Surely the Winter weather helped you with performance at altitude. How did you address concerns of thermal turbulence over desert areas (maybe not so much of an an issue in the Winter?) and HAIL avoidance?
  24. ...and isn't that one of the real joys of General Aviation? Its the people.
  25. i purchased my new sportcruiser in aug 2011. really enjoy but it has analog gauges instead of glass and saved 20k at the time. i have 1,126 hrs on engine and airframe and have the extra tall flared wingtips on my plane and have been told i lose about ten knots cruise because of that. i pay 155 a month in hanger rent in iowa but in higher rental costs in other states it makes more sense to buy into an airpark and more fun doing so.
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