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  5. Glad to hear Maria is feeling better now. Looking forward to hearing about this battery over time. That's how my Rotax starts also. Gotta love a good battery. Does Full Throttle recommend keeping it on a trickle charger all the time?
  6. It was about 87 degrees at KFUL when I shot this video of a warm start on my plane (aka, "Maria") 🙂 I had performed the service bulletin (SB-SC-072) and, after a month of sitting, I took my time to warm her up before doing the mag check on the ignition switch (more of that in the appropriate thread.) As mentioned before, the new battery allows me to play with the avionics for 10+ minutes and won't cause the battery tender to go into "charge" mode like my old battery did. I noticed that the cold start of the 912 ULS seemed a little more energetic. But for sure the hot start (restart) works better as the engine starts up more quickly than before.
  7. That's what happens with a 3-4 year old battery. Especially the lesser expensive ones made with recycled lead. Do yourself a favor and put a piece of tape on the battery and write the month/year and hours on the plane when you installed it. I know you will have a log book entry for it but this is a "quick glance" method for the age of the battery 14 months from now when you can't remember. Or for some of us, 14 days from now. It really looks like a great battery on paper but the proof is in, well, "Maria". I figured as much given the cost. Also, using "pure lead" in the Full Throttle and Odyssey batteries makes a difference over the lesser expensive batteries that use a "lead alloy".
  8. What noise does a guinea pig make? Not oink oink 🐷 obviously... but I guess I'll be the test subject for the group. 🐹 LOL. I swung by the hangar to check on the battery and the lighting (more on that in the Trail Tech thread.) With my old battery, if I turned on the EMS and avionics (EFIS, GPS, radio), the battery tender would go to yellow to begin topping off the battery. With the Full Throttle, I not only had the EMS and Avionics on, but turned on the wing light and landing light and had it one for a few minutes while I snapped some pictures. When I turned off the master switch, I was pleasantly surprised to the battery tender still showing a green reading. The Full Throttle Battery does indeed use 99.994% pure virgin lead plates.
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  10. A little on the pricey side but wow, what a great battery. I'm now at 2 years and 2 months and it's still going strong and I never put it on my Battery Tender unless I'm doing avionics work on the plane. I might try the battery Bob just bought next time as the HCA (and CCA) is higher than the Odyssey. I know the Odyssey uses virgin lead as this is reflected in the price and I can only assume that the Full Throttle battery does as well. Bob's our test guinea pig on this new battery. Stay tuned.
  11. I just put a new Odyssey PC680 in mine. Seems to be popular amongst a lot of users here.
  12. Looks great Bob just remember to remove the duct tape and vise-grips before your next flight. My Odyssey fit very similar but the cork on the strap that holds it to the firewall was thick enough to really clamp the battery in place and it doesn't move at all. Even if it could move up and down it would only be less than 1/8" at the most. The Odyssey also comes with threaded receptacles on top for bolts and brackets. The Odyssey came with the bolts and some right angle brackets to be able to attach all the terminals on the plane. When I bought my plane the previous owner added a short piece of rubber tubing around the positive lead and it's been working great ever since. Since the wires come off straight up this was the best solution I guess. I've seen all kinds of boots that come off battery terminals at a 90° angle from the bolt but never looked for or seen a straight one. Anxiously awaiting those "updates". Here's how my Odyssey is mounted and you can see the boot on the positive lead.
  13. I received the Full Throttle FT230 battery quickly from Battery Pete. I was pleased to see that the battery comes with bolts to thread into the teminals. Overall, the dimensions are close, but I noticed that the height of the battery was a little short and would allow the battery to slide up and down insde its mount during turbulence I ended-up cutting a strip of silicone from a sheet I had and sandwhich that between the lower battery mount (and on top of the cork that was there) and the top mount. This secures the battery nicely. I am thinking of cutting the silicone sheet to fit the top of the battery and use plastic zip-ties to hold it in place. This would be to protect the terminals from accidental contact. No start-up or flight time with the new battery as I put it on the trickle charger/battery maintainer to charge up fully. Updates in the near future. While I was in there and the battery was disconnected, I also started on SB-SC-072 and installed the diode on the starter solenoid. This required getting a little innovative to hold the nylock nut while using a 10mm socket and long extension from inside the cockpit to loosen and tighten. Good thing to keep that duct tape around! 😂 I'll work on the ignition switch itself this coming (long) weekend.
  14. Totally agree on the PC680. One of the best investments I have made.
  15. That's the way I read it also besides you wouldn't get a LOA......... for ANYTHING so why bother? The Czechs can't even spell LOA let alone understand what it's for.
  16. I think they offer the EarthX battery as an option here in the US. Those batteries are very expensive, about 4 times the cost of a standard AGM battery.
  17. I know many who barely make it two years. Some even install new batteries annually as they are buying the $45 AGM battery from Amazon. 3-4 years is very good. Swapping it now is a good idea if you are only getting 11.7 on the charger. And yes, looking back at the battery from the prop the positive terminal is on the right side or the pilot side. Please give us an update when you get it installed. Sounds like it's going to have some serious juice for starting. When I first installed the Odyssey battery I was amazed at the power it has. I see Battery Pete is here in Florida and $117 with free shipping is a great price.
  18. The way I read the maintenance manual you have the option of a led acid battery OR the LifePo4 battery (lithium). No LOA required 11.2.6 Battery Lead-acid battery Lead-acid maintenance-free battery is installed on firewall. Battery can be charged directly in the airplane after its disconnecting from the onboard electrical system. Technical parameters: Voltage 12 V Nominal capacity 20 Ah Max. discharge current 300 A (5 s) Short circuit current 1,000 A Range of operation temperatures - 20 to + 60 °C ( -4 to + 140 °F ) Service life is about 3 - 5 years or at capacity drop below 80 % Weight: 6 kg (13 lbs) If the airplane is not operated for more than one month, then remove the battery from the airplane and store it. Always store the battery fully charged at temperature of 20 °C ( 68 °F ). Daily discharging is less than 0.1 % of battery nominal capacity. Regularly recharge it up to the full capacity of charging once a month. LiFePo4 battery LiFePo4 maintenance-free battery is installed on firewall. Battery can be charged directly in the airplane after its disconnecting from the onboard electrical system. Technical parameters: Nominal voltage 13.2 V Capacity 9.2 Ah Pulse discharge current 480 A (10 s)
  19. It's interesting that the maintenance manual references LiFePo4 batteries in their installation steps. Are they installing them in newer SportCruisers in the States or in Europe?
  20. Ooof! Really?!? I thought 5 years would be the norm! I didn't realize our batteries required that frequent replacement! While my battery is working now, the fact that it's voltage is 11.7 volts while on a battery tender is concerning. I'd rather err on the side of safety than find out that on final, my lights and other items down power-up. I called Full River Batteries and they advised that the FT230L has the positive terminal on the left side rather than the common right side configuration. They don't stock many of those FT230L which is fine... I think we need the positive terminal on the right anyway. I ordered a battery online from BatteryPete dot com and they had free shipping. Will provide an update when it's installed!
  21. You got 3-4 years out of a battery? That's an amazing feat in itself. Great find on the Full Throttle battery Bob, let us know what you decide. I have the PC-680 as you know and your find looks to also have a higher HCA as well which is what we here in sunny Florida look for. And it's a little less money than the Odyssey battery. The proverbial icing on the cake. The HCA on my Odyssey PC-680 is 350 and the HCA on the Full Throttle FT230 is 410 amps. When my PC-680 is laid to rest I'll try the Full Throttle FT230 for sure for a head to head comparison. The only difference I see is that Full Throttle wants you to charge the battery after every use whereas Odyssey told me not to use a charger on my battery. The only time I have it on my Battery Tender now is when I'm working on the avionics for a longer period of time and need to keep the voltage up. I dont put my PC-680 on my charger any other time. I'll check for more info on this.
  22. Reviving yet another older thread... I sat in my plane yesterday checking some settings on the TruTrak Vizion autopilot (more on that in that thread.) As I turned on my EMS, I noticed that the voltage displaying as 11.7 volts. This is with the plane on a battery tender all week long. With the EMS, EFIS and Autopilot on, the voltage dropped to 11.3 volts while still hooked-up to the battery tender. I think my battery is on its way out. It is about 3 - 4 years old, and has suffered through long periods without being hooked-up to a battery tender in a hot Florida hangar while it was being serviced. I was looking at the available options and the strong reviews for the Odyssey PC680 battery. But then I came up on the Full Throttle FT230 battery (made by Full River Batteries. https://www.fullriverbattery.com/product/ft230/) It is the same dimensions as the Odyssey PC680, and same weight, but produces 230 cold cranking amps (vs 170 cca for the Odyssey.) On the interwebs, there's one review out of the UK where an aviator with a Rotax used this battery to start-up his aircraft in -3 Celsius (27 degree Fahrenheit) weather where other batteries failed to reliably do so. I'll check into this a bit more as the HQ for Full River Batteries is out here on the West Coast (Camarillo) and I'll give them a call later today.
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  24. Another thing is that there just aren't that many (frequented) forums for Light Sport/Rotax folks out there to begin with ...
  25. I enjoy sharing and learning information on light sport flying and maintenance/upkeep on the wonderful Rotax 912 engine. This is one of many forums I participate in. A great way for new members of the light sport community to cut their teeth on.
  26. As of 4/30/2020  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   477  SCFLIER Forum Members ! Admin Comments many of the new SCFLIER Members are considering buying a SportCruiser - vs buying a Bristell, RV-12, or other LSA... We have new members that are A&P/LSRM wanting to learn more about maintaining a SportCruiser Some of our new members recently bought a used SportCruiser a key fact - not all SCFLIER Members currently own a SportCruiser, and a significant percent of our new members may buy another airplane. a few SCFLIER Members own a “competitor airplane” to the SportCruiser LSA that uses the same ROTAX 912 engine or similar Dynon/GARMIN avionics, and join SCFLIER to learn about ROTAX/Dynon/GARMIN products A common theme among new members is that they hear from current SCFLIER Members that this forum is a good way to LEARN and UNDERSTAND Details about the SportCruiser LSA, and so, they join the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum to LEARN
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