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  2. Bing 64 issues

    Great discussion in the future, please post carburetor issues down under “MAINTENANCE Issues and Answers” subtopic “ROTAX Engine” near the bottom of the SCFLIER categories. when I get back from travel to a “real computer” not a phone, I will move this entire topic under “Maintenance / Rotax Engine” thanks D Admin
  3. Bing 64 issues

    Sounds like debris in the carburetors. Suggest you drop the bowls and inspect for foreign objects. Very simple to do. See the YouTube video on how to do that. If carbs are free of debris, then perhaps they need to be resynchronized. There is a Rotax video on that also.
  4. Bing 64 issues

    I have been having some issues with my carbs (I think)... while in a climb it feels like someone has pulled the throttle back about 20-25% for just a couple of seconds... this has occurred twice now on two separate flights. I have checked everything I am authorized. Several people have suggested the floats might be saturated or leaking and to weigh them. I bought new floats and weighed the old ones exactly the same as the new ones. Others have suggested vapor lock; I have 260 hours on the engine have never experienced this issue. The plane is in the shop now for its annual and I am hoping that they can find the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... by the way, what is the typical rate for an annual in your area ??? Just curious...
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  9. Fuel caps

    Good question Bob, I would think yes but what do I know? I don’t think the cap is a serviceable part since it actually has a CSA part number and it’s different than the Newton part number. I don’t know if the Aero series caps (aluminum) will fit into our neck on the tank. This is why I suggested he email Robin directly at Newton. Hopefully Tate will report back his findings after contacting Robin.
  10. Fuel caps

    There is a fix for this. I think the other cap I saw only had an aluminum top and the base was still plastic. Won’t solve your problem. I got your message and will call you tomorrow.
  11. Fuel caps

    I don’t know if the aluminum caps offered at Aircraft Spruce (for Vans aircraft) will work, but they seem to offer the SPRL caps for the Vans aircraft as well. Would use of a different fuel cap require a LOA? (Serious question as I don’t know, but I would hope not as I would consider this a “service part.’)
  12. Fuel caps

    They continue to swell up and bind when the tanks are full and are very difficult to remove to check the fuel for preflight. If i do not fill the tanks full they seem to work okay. Thanks for the info. I left you a message earlier.
  13. Fuel caps

    The fuel caps are SPRL. Contact Robin at Newton SPRL in the UK and see if they still offer them. Website: http://www.newtonsprl.co.uk/ Robin's email is: robselby@newtonsprl.co.uk What's wrong with the plastic ones?
  14. Fuel caps

    Has anyone ever found a metal fuel cap to replace the plastic ones that come on the plane?
  15. A new member

    Those are some amazing photos Harold, thanks. You are correct, just breathtaking. I've been out that way but not in the winter months.
  16. A new member

    Thanks for the kind invite, Hwick2000! Will let you know when I plan to head up there!
  17. A new member

    Wow!!! Ed does some great photography... I have a small bottle (1 liter) of O2 with nasal cannula in the plane, but I have never used it. Typically if I go above 12,000 it's only for a few minutes to clear terrain. Last time I went through SoCal I flew up from Bishop threw the Valley and crossed the Sierras from Modesto up through Placerville and over South Lake Tahoe. It's a beautiful route and a moderate climb to 11,000 over the top. Next time you in Carson City, l would enjoy flying with you. Also if you need I've got extra hangar space.
  18. A new member

    Great photos, Hwick2000! Did you bring oxygen to fly at those flight levels? If so, was it the bottle with inhaler mask, or did you have a cannula? There's another LSA pilot not far from you in Mammoth Lakes: Ed Cessnalis. He flies a yellow CTsw and flies over the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges to take amazing photographs. Here's his website, if interested in his photography: http://www.edcesnalis.com He frequents to CT Flier forum in case you have any interest in chatting with a nearby LSA pilot. I have a desire to fly up your way since (as I think I mentioned before) I have a friend in the Carson City area. But I'd probably fly along the valley (avoid the cinder cone volcano!) and maybe land in Lone Pine or Bishop for breaks - possibly Lee Vining. I am interested in fuel injection and have been following Edge Performance's offerings pretty closely. Once I become E-LSA, I'll look a little closer.
  19. A new member

    Today's flight was an example of the altitudes up here flew almost 4 hours today, 2 in my Bristell and 2 in a Cessna Skywagon 180. Between 8500-9000 it seemed like it was sluggish in the climb but after 9000 up to 11500 was fine? A friend said it could have been a slight inversion there. My 912 is air aspirated, I had heard the injected version don't have as much problem climbing to higher altitudes. I have had it as high as 14,500 and it was still climbing; but I thought it safer to get back down (I was going over Grant Peak 12000). In the summer I don't go to Tahoe unless it very early because of the density altitude. Today I landed at Bridgeport the field is at 6400 but you have to make 11000 to get there. Flying in these mountains especially in the spring and fall is breathtaking, it so beautiful.
  20. Update ! as of today, 3/27/2018, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now 329 SCFLIER Forum Members !!!
  21. A new member

    Looks to be a pretty nicely equipped PiperSport Harold with low hours. The only way to tell is to dive into the logbooks and have a THOROUGH pre-buy inspection done. There are going to be a few SB's that you'll need to check, some rather expensive to comply with, to really know if it's a good deal or not. The seller should be able to email you a copy of the logs. Mine did as he was about 4 hours away at the time. Bob (rtk) has a good point, send him to Sun-n-Fun to have a closer look around. Be sure the useful load will suit him for his flying needs. This is a bit premature but if he buys it and needs it ferried here my instructor/mechanic can help and he's very affordable. He has about 800+ hours in a SportCruiser. A lot of them in mine. Out of curiosity, what city does your brother live in? By "northwest" do you mean the panhandle or northwest on the peninsula? I'm in Clearwater and get up that way every now and then. I have a friend who live in Cannon Creek Airpark in Lake City which is a fly in community.
  22. A new member

    Hwick2000, those are some awesome pictures of Lake Tahoe! How does your Bristell perform at those altitudes, and taking off from your airstrip? I think your elevation is around 4,400 feet? Any density altitude concerns? In terms of the LSA for your twin brother, does he have any preferences or a particular mission? He is in the hot bed of LSA activity by being in Florida, so I would imagine that he might be surrounded by more available LSA than is listed in Barnstormer. That Piper Sport looks nice. Having the BRS repacked and the 5 year rubber replacement performed is certainly helpful and a cost savings. Ther Piper Sport should have the return line to the tank, so that should take care of the mandatory Rotax service bulletin. The only other thing to check for is the nose gear leg and the firewall bulk-up-kit (two separate threads on this forum), both of which are not required if there is no cracks in the nose gear leg and fork. If your brother is interested, Roger Lee (on this forum and on the CT forum) is in Tucson and potentially an arrangement may be made to have him do an inspection of the aircraft and books. Does your brother prefer a low wing vs. a high wing? What would be his approximate budget? I only ask as there’s other new LSA for about $15-25K more. One that is debuting at Oshkosh is the Vashon Ranger 7 (which is produced by the owner of Dynon.). It’s a high wing and its useful load is limited, but it’s well equipped with Dynon glass panels. There are well priced CTsw as well. But probably very few with as few hours as the Sportcruiser you found. Maybe it might be worthwhile for your brother to make it to the upcoming Sun n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida from April 10-15, 2018 to see what LSA are available and hold any interest?
  23. A new member

    I have a Twin brother in Northwest Florida, looking to get into LSA on a budget 😆... I saw a 2010 SC fully loaded Dynon glass panels and only 200 hrs. Hangared in Bisbee AZ. On barnstormer.com listed for $85k Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  24. A new member

    Thanks once again Dave, i consider myself privileged to be a part of this forum, and will do my best to provide useful information. I am relatively new owning a LSA and really appreciate learning as much as possible. I will always be respectful of the members, again I love the Sport Cruiser and consider my plane a very close cousin. I am certainly no sales person (I manage the State's Prisons), I am happy with my plane and will be glad to share anything you care to know about it. I am eager to learn anything from any of you that will improve my flying experience, make me a safer pilot and save the from mistakes based on your experiences. I have flow across the country twice now and hope run into some you in the future. My plane was at Sun & Fun last year with John Rathmell, I was able to score some awesome leather seats out of that deal. I am planning a trip to central Texas (Skylark Field, Killeen TX) in the early fall to see my son. Again if any of you fly out west my wife and I can be a great resource we have an apparent, lounge, courtesy vehicle and plenty of hangar space on a 5000' runway (no cost). There are some really beautiful place to see from the air and only a 20 minute flight to the Reno air races.
  25. A new member

    Don't worry Bill! I can't even a sarcastic laugh after a simple knock knock joke....at least you continue trying, kudos for that, I gave up years ago and just switched over to mean sarcasm which suits me well!
  26. A new member

    First off, I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I meant to log on and check this last evening but was distracted elsewhere. I’ve come to appreciate this forum as a great source of information for all things SportCruiser related. I can only assume, based on the name of the forum and its history, that is has done what it was designed to do, connect people with a shared interest in a single topic. So, when I saw something added that I feel could have a very negative effect, I decided to speak up. The integrity of a brand is something that must be managed always. The muddying of the waters doesn’t protect the brand or the integrity of the forum, in this situation. Where will the line be drawn? After many owners of all different types of LSA’s share every little bit of info they choose? I want to help protect the integrity of this forum, and to protect its role as one of the leaders for sharing information on the SportCruiser, good and bad. It all should be shared in a constructive and beneficial manner. I’d hate to see one decision turn into the proverbial slippery slope that ends up degrading the entire platform. If I am alone in this feeling that is fine, I will simply be content knowing I was able to give my two cents and try to protect the forum’s brand and integrity. I hope it continues to support and benefit its users as it was designed.
  27. A new member

    If you keep trying maybe you can get better at it, I try everyday. And don't worry Bill we still love you and welcome you as one of those "outsiders".
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