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  2. That's great. Almost double from when I signed up. The more . . . the merrier!
  3. Awesome numbers, Dave! I think there are 600 or so Sportcruisers manufactured, so the forum count suggests that we have a very good percentage of those owners on this forum! 😀
  4. as of 11/30/2019  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   451  SCFLIER Forum Members !
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  6. Congrats Gary and Chris on ELSA! 👍🏻😀 So glad to read that the conversion process was smooth! Shawn is a great asset to these forums. He too guided me on my E-LSA journey. And having the freedom to change all that I WANTED for MY SAFETY makes it absolutely worthwhile to go this route. Copying Shawn's panel, and taking advice from Dave (our forum Admin), I went with a GDL-82, GDL-39, and Aera 660 that really make a HUGE difference in improving the panel and information being presented to me, as well as SAFETY since I can now see traffic. Way better than just the "out" solution that the factory approved via a GTX-335.
  7. You hit the nail on the head with this statement Gary. Maybe one day CSA will support existing customers and improve those relations. This is me "dreaming BIG". Just glad to help and hear that you and Chris have cleared the last hurdle to LSA freedom. Hope you can make it to the LSA show in Deland next week. Would love to see your new E-LSA SportCruiser in person. You are very welcome for any support and advice I may have provided and once again welcome to the E-LSA SportCruiser family.
  8. Shawn, A lot of the "smooth" part came from you. Chris and I appreciate all your good advice. The Sport Cruiser organization is missing the boat by not closely supporting the existing customer base. Satisfied customers sell new airplanes. Maybe that attitude was why the Piper relationship was so short. Thanks again, Chris & Gary
  9. So glad everything went very smooth Gary, congratulations. The sky's the limit now, dream BIG !!!
  10. Update! N520PS has a new nickname. "ELSA". The process was relatively painless. We've received immense help from this forum. You have all made our entry into the LSA world much easier. Thank you! We've also met some competent friendly people in the form of LSRM and DAR here in Florida. Now on to the mods to our "new" E-LSA cruiser. Chris & Gary
  11. as of 10/31/19.  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   446  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  12. Congratulations Bryan! sorry to hear of the challenges with the DAR, but glad that it's done and YOUR Sportcruiser is home!! 👍🏻🙂
  13. Sounds like you were successful in converting to ELSA. If so, congratulations! I’m in the process myself with expert assistance from this forum. Would love to hear the details of your project.
  14. Glad you finally got it home Bryan. Not all DAR's are created equal as we've all experienced. There's a lot of documentation as you now know on the props that are "standard equipment" on the SportCruiser, 4 of them in fact. One of which is a constant speed and is not allowed on LSA in the US. Keep us posted on what you have in store for the "new to you" SportCruiser. Again, congrats.
  15. Great Day! We flew the new to me SC to my home airport yesterday. This purchase has been a struggle in which I wish to thank the folks on this forum for the help as well as the former owner. The struggle was not with the former owner, It was with a DAR in regards to the propeller that had been replaced 1.5 hours into the breaking period of this plane. In short Sport Cruiser handles LOA's and or MRA's through the parts and maintenance catalog, if you want something other than what is allocated in the manual, there is an avenue for that, the success rate as I have been told is dismal at best. The illustrated parts catalog and the maintenance manual as I have argued to the DAR are signed documents from the manufacturer giving permission to change to those parts illustrated in the parts catalog, note there are given serial numbers that regulate some of the parts going to some of the planes. I hope with the help of others on this forum to write up what was learned to help others in the pursuit of great flying experiences. What we have learned hopefully will help others to inspect all aspects of a plane and documents before purchase, and to ease the possibility of going ELSA, and more. Note this is for information only. Bryan
  16. Thanks Atrosa. Have you looked at any of the vids I posted from this years run in Joseph OR? It was another fabulous location. Joseph OR
  17. Yes, thanks Bryan and it was great to talk with you as well. Good luck this week and please post when you get your new plane home. Hope everything goes smooth with the DAR as well. Great job Steven, glad to see her flying again. As RTK stated, the pitch won’t be an issue in a few hours, you’ll see.
  18. Thank you, Bryan! Very kind of you, but I’m nowhere as knowledgeable as our forum administrator (DavePilot), Necco, Shawn, or many others. I just post my mistakes a lot more often, or the panels I that I blatantly copy! 😜 Congrats on getting your bid up in the air, Steven! Don’t worry about the pitch... about the 3rd flight or so, the pitch becomes second nature. But the views out the canopy never fails to amaze! Looking forward to hearing about more flights! 🙂👍🏻
  19. Steve I'm a newbie also , so as well as I a newbie can, Welcome As for Necco and ShawnM and RTK they have been great and very helpful/knowledgeable. Thanks for the phone conversation ShwanM. Bryan
  20. Finally got it up in the air today. What a joy to fly, once you get used to the pitch.
  21. as of 10/1/19.  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   442  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  22. Wow ttabs just watched one of you videos. The knife egde one. Spectacular.
  23. As RTK stated, there are no "cons" to converting to E-LSA regardless of what the naysayers might tell you. It doesn't devalue the plane and your insurance isn't going to go up either. It's the best thing you can do to your SportCruiser since there is no cooperation with the factory for changes that will make the aircraft better, safer and to make the pilot workload less. Ask me how I know. A word of advice, make sure the aircraft is EXACTLY like it came from the factory back in the day and the previous owner didn't do any changes or upgrades to it that wasn't allowed by the factory. I've seen owners slip in subtle changes and items that are not allowed and try to pass those on to the next owner and hope they are not educated enough to know the difference. The DAR who does the conversion will look for these things. There's a fellow member here who bought a legacy SportCruiser with two fairly major changes to the plane that he has to "un-do" in order to convert to E-LSA and then "re-do" those changes. They were VERY OBVIOUS to me but the new owner didn't catch these during the purchase. Some owners seem to think they can do whatever they like to their S-LSA aircraft and you simply can't. A word of advice, do your homework and a thorough pre buy when purchasing an aircraft. Good luck with everything.
  24. Hi Bryan, I hope the weather cooperates soon so you can fly YOUR Sportcruiser home! the hardest part of converting to E-LSA was the vacillating I did weighing the pros and cons of converting. In the end, there really are no “cons”, just all sorts of positives to go E-LSA. Especially if you’re considering a panel change and better options for ADS-B compliance than the factory offers. Good luck!
  25. Welcome I am new to the forum as well as crowding 40 Hrs toward my private. The weather wont cooperate to fly out finish my purchase of an SC and fly it back. That being said The evidence is all here to convince ELSA! is the way to go. Bryan
  26. For increased security and protection against forum hackers, the new Website Provider policy on SCFLIER Passwords is: 8 or more characters mixture of letters and numbers mixture of Upper and Lower case special characters non-dictionary words If any Member has trouble with their SCFLIER password or logging in, please send me an email to scflieradm@yahoo.com with your Display Name (User Id) And Password problems / desired Password note that the “Password Reset” for individual SCFLIER Members is NOT functional. Enjoy SCFLIER ! Admin / DavePilot
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