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  2. First, why would I post information to SCFLIER Members who are having trouble logging in, at this particular Forum location ? Answer - because there ARE areas of the SCFLIER Forum where NON-Members, or those SCFLIER Members that have lost their password, can SEE postings without logging in. This is one of those “free access” locations. Second, if you are an Activated SCFLIER Member who can no longer Log-In - i.e., forgot their password to the SCFLIER Forum in the flurry of passwords required everywhere, the “automatic” SCFLIER Website password resets do NOT work. Fact.
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  4. Dave, thank you for pushing on the forum software team to get the changes made. Hopefully we won't need to resurrect any topics after 12 years!
  5. Update on our Website SW folk’s plans to “Archive” And then impose a penalty preventing specific backups if the Admin (me) “Un-Archives” said posts: i pushed back hard on the plan from our website SW folks to start “Archiving” some of our older Posts, and then to Disallow any further posting to that topic. While I was able to “unarchive” this example Post discussed here on “bolts for rivets”, this step then added the “Penalty” which prevented the “recently archived and then Un-archived by the Admin (me)” posts from being regularly backed up. Not Good, but it got us g
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  7. Thanks again for looking into this Dave. If/when it's "un-archived" I'll post in that topic otherwise I'll start another one with the same title. Let us know what happens please.
  8. I was notified by Shawn (thanks) that an old Topic from 2014, related to Service Bulletin SB-CR-017 requiring replacing RIVETS with stronger BOLTS, has been "Archived" and "No Further Posts are Allowed". I believe this to be a result of our new "Improved" Website SW required to be installed earlier in September. I have requested details on this issue and will get the problem fixed. I suspect that the new software is attempting to save memory allocation for all of our total SCFLIER Posts - perhaps a way to force us to upgrade to a more expensive monthly subscription charge f
  9. I logged this is AM and it was the old look. Just logged in now and got the new look! Liking it, and very much appreciate all the hard work to keep this forum going, Dave! 😁
  10. Thanks for the update on the backend Dave, I like the new look.
  11. As y’all may have noticed, the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum has a new “look” to it, with some changes. My comments: I, as your Admin did not ask for this. Some of the changes are Security Updates, and these are always good to activate. Other changes affect functionality and are driven by Upgrades devised by the Website SW Engineers. Some Upgrades are, indeed, “way cool”. The Company that maintains our website operating software, all your posts, pictures, links to stuff, ... , is CONSTANTLY Updating the software that runs our (and many other’s) forum. Someti
  12. Outstanding - good to try and fly aircraft before you buy. But Shawn summed it up very well... early (CZAW) built aircraft are a little different than the 2010+ Sportcruisers. Main thing is weight. I have an early 2008 Sportcruiser without the parachute, but I have a good amount of useful load. I'm based out of KFUL. I'll drop you a line if I ever get out to KGEU. Summer and Monsoon season isn't the time to fly cross country to Arizona, but I may try to do it over the winter. Or in February for the Copper State Fly-In (https://www.copperstate.org)
  13. I’m at GEU here in Arizona. Currently at Fly Eagle Sport. The three Sport Cruisers on the field are part of a bigger school there.
  14. Yes, welcome to the forum. Like RTK I also started my training in a Remos and bought my SportCruiser about a third or so way in to my training and took my checkride in my SportCruiser. It's a great plane and a joy to fly, I love my SportCruiser. 😍 As for purchasing one, there's a lot to learn on that subject. Are you looking to buy a legacy SportCruiser, pre 2010, or a newer one? They have different handling characteristics and the legacy planes are lighter and faster than the newer ones. Is BEW a concern for you? Please do your homework when looking at a used SportCruiser, S-LSA or E-LSA
  15. Welcome to the forum! You'll learn LOTS about the Sportcruiser here. I too trained in a Remos GX. Pretty docile plane and a good training platform. I enjoyed flying it, but the Sportcruiser is just more fun in my opinion. And it certainly has better endurance (carries more fuel) and has much more useful baggage compartment (but make sure you check the Service Bulletin on revised W&B) That discovery flight will be a deal clincher. Well, maybe sitting in one was the deal clincher. But most certainly flying one will be. I loved how responsive the Sportcruiser was over the Re
  16. Thanks for the addition. Currently a 27hr LS student. Forced to take off a year, right after my dual XC. So behind a bit now, but just now starting back up and hope to finish by end of October. I’m flying the Remos GX in training. Looking at buying a Sport Cruiser by end of the year. Found you guys, and will absolutely be leaning on everyone here while I look for my perfect plane in a few months. Have to take care of some rather big wifey projects first. Last week and I finally got to see a SC in person and sit in one. There’s a couple of them at a different school on the field. I
  17. RTK while I like the idea - that we may have a high percentage of the total worldwide SportCruiser aircraft OWNERS as Members of SCFLIER - that may not be the case for the following reasons: A high percentage, typically > 60 % of new SCFLIER Members join the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum to LEARN about the PS-28/ SportCruiser/PiperSport aircraft BEFORE they actually BUY one. while we do, in fact, today have 509 Activated SCFLIER Members, only about 5-10 % of Members ever participate. Even Once. Many new members contact me via email one to six months after “joining” t
  18. Outstanding!!! Considering there's about 600 Sportcruisers, we've got (hopefully) most of the owners on this forum! Way to go!
  19. As of 8/31/2020  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   509  SCFLIER Forum Members ! AWESOME !
  20. Almost doubled since I joined. Congratulations to SCFLIER FORUM and staff!
  21. As of 7/31/2020  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   495  SCFLIER Forum Members ! We may reach 500 SCFLIER Members in August ? 2020
  22. dbonnar


    Dave Bonnar's album. Mostly N642JB. I'll try to add maintenance tips & tricks (or disasters) as the spirit moves.
  23. Just make sure going forward that you resize all your attachments/images to keep this number down. I resize to small or medium using the image resizer program I posted a link to in that topic. See below for your PC images and Bob posted a link for an app for your phone.
  24. There is a trick to resizing images for iPhone, and it's free. Here's a link on how to do that: https://macmost.com/how-to-resize-photos-with-a-shortcut-on-your-iphone-or-ipad.html I too ran into a limit, so I deleted my large images by going to each post I made that had an image. That gave me some breathing room. I then setup this shortcut to "Resize Image" as part of my shortcuts. It puts the resized image into a folder on iCloud Drive (where I wanted to put it, you can pick where you put yours) and that made resizing and uploading photos much easier to the forum.
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