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  3. Same from me, Todd... Welcome! Jump on in, water’s warm! 😉😁
  4. Yes, welcome to the forum Todd. Glad you found the plane you wanted and I certainly feel your pain in a lengthy search. I spent over a year looking for the right plane. There's lots to take in here on the forum so enjoy the journey. Do you have plans to install the GTX-335 soon?
  5. Welcome to the SportCruiser forum Todd ! feel free to “jump in” and join the discussions ! Dave
  6. I’ve been reading over the forum on ADS B and thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself. My first flight ever was in my instructors Piper sport. I was hooked. Looked for two year and eventually found the perfect fit and bought the same type I took lessons in. I look forward to hanging in the background and reading over your posts. Thanks to those who have taken the time to put all this great info out there! Todd Wichita, KS ”Air capital of the world “
  7. Welcome James and I "fourth" all that, beautiful plane and thanks for sharing. I'm in Clearwater Florida so "somewhat" close. I've been up to Douglas Georgia for lunch but that's not even close to where you are up in the north end of Georgia. The Carling switches (or similar) you have are very nice and can be custom etched for anything but they do take up a lot of real estate.The mounting panels they offer also make for a clean install. I considered them for a while but decided to stick with switch/breakers for some added safety without the need for even more circuit breakers. I like the carbon fiber look of the panel as well and also thought about doing this but with a gray color to match the interior a little more and make the instrument pop a little. Beautiful plan and great work. Are you happy with the Jabiru engine? Any issues?
  8. Welcome James! Agreed with Dave and Deltafox on what a beautiful aircraft you have there! You're not too far from Florida, and there's a lot of general aviation (and Sportcruiser) activity there.
  9. Welcome. You have a beautiful airplane.
  10. James THANK YOU for “Introducing” yourself on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum. Welcome ! very interested in the kit built, Jabiru powered SportCruiser, your new instrument panel, and also the UK Light Aircraft rules. the pictures look great ! Awesome airplane. looks like you have the Dynon Angle of Attack probe under the left wing ? How is your static port done ? I wonder if your engine cowlings would fit a USA Experimental E-LSA SportCruiser/PiperSport ? The large round cooling air holes on front look to be just the thing to cool down a Rotax 912 engine ! Do you know where the original kit builder bought these engine cowlings ? They look very useful ! looking forward to hearing more about your SportCruiser panel Upgrades and incorporation of the GARMIN G5. Dave
  11. Hi I’m a UK (West of Scotland) PPL. 57 years old and achieved dream of my PPL 2 years ago. I bought a Jabiru 3300 engined 2012 home built SC just over a year ago. Recently updraded the steam gauges and Dynon D100/120 to the Skyview HDX, with integrated Transponder, radio, AP and intercom. Also a Guardian Avionics iPad mini powered mount. Reasonably pleased with result but going to rebuild panel again later this year. Don’t like the layout and the big switches I fitted. Planning on a second HDX, putting standard toggle switches and CB’s. Freeing up some space then in centre console as under UK LAA (similar to USA EAA) I must have backup primary instruments from alternative power/manufacturer. So a Garmin G5 is my thinking. Also looking to fit the Rotec water cooled heads https://www.rotecaerosport.com/lch to alleviate the overheating potential of the Jab. Im currently resident in Atlanta GA on a 3 yr business visa. So would love to meet SC owners in Georgia or surrounding states. Some pictures attached James
  12. Welcome! That's how it all started with me....drove to Stuart, Florida (100 miles North of my home) and went up for the first time in a 2010 PiperSport N545SC, took a few lessons, soloed, completed my checkride getting my SPL in that same bird. A few months later I purchased in to a partnership in a 2010 PiperSport 588DA. All I can say is enjoy the ride. Quirks or model specific flying characteristics? You will find them and will learn through them and always know that when in doubt, you have a forum to bounce any concerns or questions you may have. Cheers!
  13. Welcome to the SportCruiser forum FlyAgain. Everything you ever wanted to know is here for the reading. Pour yourself your favorite cocktail , sit back and take it all in. The SportCruiser is an amazing LSA with as you know sexy ramp appeal compared to other LSA's. She does have her quirks (depending on the mfg year) and so does the factory so when in doubt ask any question you might have. When you fly the SportCruiser/PiperSport the first thing you'll notice is how responsive they are compared to the old jalopy 172 you might be used to. When you move the stick the plane actually responds instantly not seconds later like a 172. And if you like technology you'll be blown away by the instrumentation, even though it only has the legacy Dynon glass. It's all you'll ever need in a glass panel. Please report back after your demo flight. Would love to hear your take on it. Welcome and enjoy.
  14. Hi folks, new here. I'm a low time PP and haven't flown in years but thinking of getting back in the game. I'm in Colorado Springs, home of Density Altitude and Wind Shear here at 6,300ft. Too many medical issues to unpack from military career and don't want to risk asking. Basic med not an option my last med cert is prior to '06. If not for all that I would find an old jalopy 172. But here I am...Iove the look of the SC and Sling 2 but have never seen a used Sling so really liking the idea of the CRUZ. Will be asking some questions on the boards on best way to "transition" and any quirks to look out for. Going up to Greeley soon to take a flight in a 2010 Piper Sport.
  15. Update ! as of 12/27/2018,   the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  379 SCFLIER Forum Members !
  16. Welcome back Izzy, not being on to disappoint I just wanna be sure all our members are informed, be it for SportCruisers or STD’s. Ironically I was wondering about you yesterday and where you had gone. I almost texted you but I was getting ready to leave as we go to Savannah each year for Christmas. I was going to reach out when I got back. Hope you are doing well and I’ll want to hear about your new gig when you have time. Have a great holiday.
  17. Glad to see on my first log in to the forum since November that Shawn is still Shawn....Love it! Welcome to the future full time resident at the Villages.....BTW Shawn is spot on.
  18. South Florida, USA = Florida Keys (Key West) 50 minute flight to the South. / Bimini (Bahamas) = 30 minutes to the Southeast / Marsh Harbour (Eastern Bahamas) 1hr plus many other destinations all within a 2 hour flight.... Oh and many more VFR flight condition days than most of the country....most of all when that nasty White stuff starts falling from the sky.
  19. Ok, The Villages. Totally off the subject and before you "set that in stone" you are aware that The Villages is the STD capital of Florida, right? (just sayin') Now, back to retiring and flying. As you probably already know the closest airport to there is Leesburg, +/- 20 miles as The Villages is a massive community. There are a few scattered around The Villages but they are all private. KLEE was the airport I first soloed at when I lived in Orlando so I have fond memories of Leesburg. If you ever make it down to the Tampa/Clearwater area while vacationing in Florida BEFORE you retire let me know, I'd be glad to take you flying in my SportCruiser.
  20. I am both retiring and moving in 4 years. Currently we are looking at The Villages, but nothing is set in stone.
  21. This is a new topic area for SCFLIER Members to propose “the best place in the world to own and fly a SportCruiser is....” Because..... have fun D note - new members in the last few months have been based in Florida, USA Spain Portugal Texas, USA the United Kingdom South Australia Pennsylvania, USA Wisconsin, USA many more locations worldwide ... who has the BEST place to own and fly a SportCruiser ? and Why ? ”there is no place like home....”
  22. thanks for posting this information shawn. i think it would be really great if all members could post best place to live and fly if you own a plane here. start a new topic. no state taxes in florida and texas and weather is different too. seems like those two places would be a good start.
  23. Welcome spd2918, this is a great forum with LOTS of info here for the "reading".....which can be like drinking from a fire hose at times. Are you moving to Central Florida now or in 4 years when you retire? Where to? I lived in North Central Florida for many years and in Orlando for 20+ years but now I'm in Clearwater. There are several SportCruiser owners in the Central Florida area. I know of a few schools and individual instructors that I can recommend that can get you your SPL, even one on this forum. Let us know more specifically where you're headed if you care to share. "Central Florida" is a vast area.
  24. Welcome to central Florida! What airport will be home? I'm at VDF.
  25. SPD2918 WELCOME to the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum ! The SportCruiser / PiperSport CRUZ S-LSA airplane is PERFECT for a new Sport Pilot ! The SportCruiser is lots of fun for two, easy to fly, economical, relatively fast, has a Proven, Reliable Rotax 912 engine, and most SportCruisers are equipped with awesome Avionics. You will find lots of information on SportCruiser / PiperSport aircraft here on the SCFLIER forum. I recommend using the Forum “Search” function (little magnifying glass at the top right) to quickly find info on topics you may be interested in. If you can’t find your topic already discussed with “Search”, please post a new topic (with your questions) in the “Best Match” Forum outline area (for example Avionics equipment questions in the “General Avionics Discussion” area or a Rotax 912 engine performance question in the “Rotax Engine” area, ....many more Topic Areas in our forum Outline Structure...., ) or, if no “Matching” topic area can be found, use the “Random Thoughts” area to post an entirely NEW TOPIC question or idea. The best way to learn about the SportCruiser line of awesome Light Sport Aircraft is to PARTICIPATE in SCFLIER forum discussions ! good luck with your Pilot Training ! Dave
  26. Hi all- I'm a wannabe pilot who is retiring in 4 years and moving to central Florida. I am interested in getting my sport pilot license in an SC because I'd like to own one someday.
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