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  2. Here's a link to the UK SportCruiser group on Yahoo. Two very knowledgeable members over there are Farry Sayyah and Graham Smith. I haven't been on their site in a while but I think it's still pretty active. They have 356 members when I checked. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sportcruiser/info
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  4. Haha 😄 thanks very much mimeomaha.
  5. Thanks rtk, will try to video shoot my training.
  6. Hi Shawn, Thanks for your message. Would you be able to point me to the UK group? I tried Google it but can't track it down. Cheers
  7. Hi Deltafox, I am in London, UK.
  8. Yes, welcome to the forum Agis. There is a great group of owners in the UK and many are also members here. I wish you the best of luck with your LAPL. Shawn
  9. Hi Agis, welcome to the forum. Where are you located?
  10. Welcome to the SCFlier Forum, Agis!
  11. Welcome aboard, Agis! Lots of great forum members here with broad knowledge on the Sportcruiser! I look forward to reading about your journey on the Light Aircraft Pilot’s License!
  12. welcome aboard. no such thing as a stupid question on this forum ( unless i ask one)
  13. Hi all, Thank you for accepting my application to join the forum. I am going to start the LAPL training on the Sport Cruiser. I look forward to learning from the group. Thanks, Agis
  14. Congratulations, Bob. That’s a good looking airplane.
  15. Thanks Shawn and all others for the comments.
  16. Hi Bob and welcome to the forum. That's the second best looking SportCruiser I've ever seen. This one in my hangar being the best looking of course. Your new plane looks just like my 2007. I see yours was built right after mine as our serial numbers are sequential. But yours has the taxi light in the cowling where mine is in the wing. I also see that yours still has the original NLG (nose landing gear). Glad you found this group and congrats on the purchase of a beautiful SportCruiser.
  17. Beautiful plane. Quick question, how did you find the plane? Controller? Trade a plane? Barnstormers?
  18. Sweeeet. I’m a newbie myself and I hope to join you in SC ownership in the not to distant future. Enjoy.
  19. Welcome to the group. You have a beautiful plane. Ownership of a aircraft comes with a need for information, and there are members here with a great deal of experience and knowledge. I hope you enjoy your experience. Duane
  20. She’s a beauty, Bob! Welcome aboard!
  21. welcome aboard. no such thing as a stupid question on this forum. ask away
  22. Hello All, just picked up a 2007, one owner, 400 hour SC 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to learning from this group. Thanks, Bob 52F
  23. Update ! as of 4/30/19  the number of  Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now  402  SCFLIER Forum Members !
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