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  2. Thanks Dave for looking into this. I'm sure it's a simple fix but wanted to make you aware. The download link may be pointing to an old location since the latest upgrade we had.
  3. Shawn and All SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members I duplicated the download files problem noted by Shawn above and got a Cryptic Error Message, File Not Found, ...., and I have contacted IPS Technical Support. The initial IPS Tech Support response was a suggesting to remove CACHE packing errors, which was performed, but this action did not solve the problem. Their Next response was that they would get back to me via email within 48 hours. Might be a bug related to one of the new Security Upgrades recently installed ? or ........ ? If the problem can be duplicated, it can be fixed. Stay Tuned Dave Sorry, there is a problem File not found Error code: 3D161/G
  4. I'm having an issue today, 9/25/17, with downloading files from the forum. Can anyone else download any of the files or do you get an error? I need to update two of my files and wanted to download the version I have online but can't. In fact I can't download ANY of the files online. I sent a message to Dave to let him know.
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  6. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is now 289 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 9/19/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members !!! Please feel free to join in the fun, and PARTICIPATE, which is the best way to LEARN More about the SportCruiser line of Awesome Light Sport Aircraft : Post information about your SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 LSA Aircraft, or ask questions about the CRUZ Aircraft, Rotax Engine, Avionics, Maintenance Issues or Tips, or post pictures of your airplane and flying adventures in the "Members Gallery". Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at SCFLIERADM@yahoo.com Enjoy Dave, SCFLIER Admin
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  8. Sport Expo 2015

    Some shots of the Bristell TDO and a flush rivet version. 2015 Sport Cruiser detail shots. Metal fuel caps replace plastic ones, nice but non-locking. Interior headset holder and night light. No performance changes.
  9. FYI to all SCFLIER Forum Members the IPS Forum Website Maintainer Company SW Upgrade to the latest version, 4.2.3 with new Features and important Security Checks and Hacker Attack prevention code is NOW INSTALLED AND COMPLETE. My initial checks verify everything is there and operation appears normal, so far. I am sure there will be some new Features that folks Like and some that Folks Dis-Like. Such is Life with an Internet Forum. Please notify me via email at scflieradm@yahoo.com with any Comments, Complaints, or Concerns your Friendly Admin Dave
  10. WmInce Great. Thanks for your patience. email me anytime with questions or complaints. and, we may find Interesting, Wonderful, Unexpected, Exciting New Functional Differences in how IPS SW Version 4.2.3 works TOMORROW !!! New Software Versions - "......Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never Know What You are Gonna Get......." HUMOR D
  11. WmInce Also, and I have offered this before on the Forum, the Admin can Delete Any Posts Any Where by Any Member on the Forum. The intent of course is for the Admin to be able to delete Highly Objectionable or Offensive Posts. We NEVER have had that problem on the SCFLIER Forum, and all our participating members post "Non-Objectionable" Material. So Far So Good. If any SCFLIER Wants, one of their Own Individual original SCFLIER Posts to be deleted, please send me an email at scflieradm@yahoo.com and I will be glad to manually go thru the Admin process to delete your old, No Longer Wanted Posts. And, although the "edit out all of your post material except for (at least) one individual typed character remaining" may be tiresome, it will work for each and every SCFLIER Member. My apologies for forgetting that at least ONE Typed character must remain in the Member Edited Post. Regards D PS - edited - All Forums by IPS are NOT the same. MANY Settings and Different Software Versions. I do know that IPS is moving towards more and more "Internet Security" checks and balances, and that may be driving some of "our" Forum's responses vs "other" forums.....
  12. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. And also, thanks for all you do for us (Karen too!). The same vender (Envision Power Services) provides service to the CT Flier Forum (http://ctflier.com/). This forum looks very much like their forum. With a few exceptions. Over there, they provide the ability to delete posts with a simple "Options" then "delete" button. I just find it odd it is not available to us here.
  13. WmInce you are correct sir you will need at least ONE character in the final Edited Post. try entering a Period symbol, a . and that is all that will show in the final Edited (Almost totally deleted) Post. One more Click. D
  14. The above is not true, at least, that has been my experience. After following your directions, when I attempt to delete text in a previous post I made, I am presented with a dialog box that says, "You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again." That is contrary to what you stated above.
  15. WmInce i understand the request, but the last time I checked with our Website supplier DELETION of a prior Member's post was not included in the new Version 4.2.3. However, EVERYONE can EDIT their own existing "OLD" posts, and one way to "Delete" the post is to Edit your old Post so that there is ZERO Material left in the post remaining. "select all", "cut" (delete) the typing selected, and delete any attached pictures you no longer like (click the little "trash can" Icon on top of the picture list at the bottom of the EDIT area) and EVERYTHING -- all typing and images and links, etc., in that post can be simply removed by the original SCFLIER who generated the post. This takes a few more clicks, but it removes the essence of a prior post. Same effect as a "one click Delete". Of course SCFLIER "Sally Jones" can NOT EDIT the post That was originally entered by SCFLIER "James Smith".... An example with fictitious names of course...apologies to any Real SCFLIER Members with the last names "Jones" and "Smith". The SCFLIER POSTS "belong" to the SCFLIER Member that generated them and they can be Edited ONLY by the original Member person who entered that particular post. Of course the Admin can delete any posts that may be objectionable in some way but we never have had that problem here.... Any SCFLIER Member can EDIT their old posts if you want to correct an error or delete all comments you entered, or if you change your mind about what you may have typed, or if you want to add new information later....it is also YOUR CHOICE if you want to click the "Show that the message has been edited" choice box - this will flag the Edited post as NEW to all Members, or a Member can just manually type into the original post during your Post EDIT, some words like ".....I edited this post on June 5, 2017 because of ......" this way avoids boring everyone with some detail editing that you may want to do, perhaps to correct a spelling error ??? or change something perhaps not worth NOTIFYING ALL SCFLIER Members about, via their "Blue dots and Blue stars symbols" the next time they log in ...... Lots of choices..... Regards D
  16. Don't know if it will be included, but sure would like to see the ability to delete our own posts.
  17. FYI and for your "preparation" to all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members I will be upgrading the SCFLIER Forum IPS Software to the latest Version 4.2.3 which is now available as of yesterday, and advertised by our Website Software Support Company to provide new features, fix additional small issues and repair security issues found by other IPS forum customers. If you have any Material on the SCFLIER Forum that is NOT Backed up somewhere by you in a Personal Backup Drive, you may want to take action today to protect that material as you may see fit. I expect minimal problems with this 4.2.3 SCFLIER Website Software Upgrade, but being Prepared may be wise. The 4.2.3 Upgrade should occur tomorrow, Thursday Afternoon, about 20:00 Zulu time, on 8/31/2017. There may be some downtime with the SCFLIER Forum not accessible during the Upgrade. Enjoy Dave
  18. Experimental CRUZ E-LSA Rotax Engine Exhaust Wrap

    This gallery includes examples of Wrapping the four Rotax 912ULS Engine's exhaust pipes with Temperature Insulating Wrap in order to REDUCE the temperatures seen under the Engine Cowling for potentially improved, More Reliable, Cooler Under Engine Cowling Operation, especially in Hot Climate Areas. Note - Installing Rotax Exhaust Pipe Wrap on a S-LSA CRUZ production SportCruiser/PiperSport may invalidate your S-LSA Special Airworthiness Certificate in the USA FAA Regulated airspace. A Czech Sport Aircraft Letter of Authorization (LOA) may be required for your specific Tail Number Aircraft. Consult your particular aircraft's Operating Limitations (issued by the FAA DAR along with the Special Airworthiness Certificate), and consult your A&P, LSRM, and Aviation Attorney for details and legality specific to YOUR Aircraft.
  19. SCFLIER Forum Activated Members Count

    The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is now 280 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 8/24/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members !!! Please feel free to join in the fun, Post information about your SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 LSA Aircraft, or ask questions about the aircraft, Rotax Engine, or post pictures of your airplane and flying adventures in the "Members Gallery". For our Newest SCFLIER Members, there are only THREE Rules: 1) Respect other Forum Members Opinions. It's OK to Disagree, and sometimes very informative and useful to Disagree, or to post a Different Opposing Opinion, but it is NOT OK to be Rude or Offensive or Judgmental about one individual's opinion. On the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum, we have Women and Men, Pilots at all levels from USA Sport Pilots to Airline ATP Pilots to Military Combat Experienced Pilots, SportCruiser/PS-28/PiperSport Aircraft Owners, Prospective new SportCruiser Owners, a few "competing LSA Aircraft owners" like the Flight Design CT and Van's Aircraft RV-12 LSA who are interested in our Rotax engine experiences, and maybe ??? UPGRADING ??? Someday ??? to a SportCruiser...., and we have USA Certified A&P Airframe and PowerPlant Mechanics, Light Sport LSRM-A Rotax Trained Instructors and Repairmen, FAA Designated Pilot Examiners, FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives, Certified Flight Instructors, Business Men and Women, Math Majors, Engineers, History Majors, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Software Engineers, Dentists, Business Consultants, Aircraft SalesPeople, Business Owners of All Types, Acrobatic (not in the SportCruiser) Pilots, Glider Pilots, Pilots that operate off of 9000 ft long 150 ft wide concrete paved runways, Pilots that operate out of narrow 2000 ft grass airstrips and even a few that fly their SportCruiser from a short dirt airstrip, Pilots that live in Cool Climates, Hot Climates, England, Brazil, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the USA from California to Texas to Georgia to Wisconsin to Florida to Massachusetts to New Hampshire, and more Countries WorldWide, all interested in the Awesome SportCruiser line of Light Sport Aircraft. A Wide Range of backgrounds, flying skills, and experiences. 2) Most Forum Members want to remain "ANONYMOUS" on this Internet Forum available "anywhere by anybody" via Google and other Internet Search Tools. So unless you know for a fact ahead of time that another member is OK with you posting their personal information such as their full name, home address, aircraft tail number, home airport, family member names, etc., please Don't Post Other Forum Member's Personal Information on this Forum. Some Members are perfectly OK with any and all Information about them being available on the World Wide Web, and some Members Post all kinds of Personal Information here, and that is a choice for everyone to make, but MOST ALL other Members are NOT Comfortable with their Personal Information being posted on the Web. So, Please Respect Everyone's Privacy. Remember, Every time you place a Post on the SCFLIER Forum, it is immediately available to 280 WorldWide SCFLIER Forum Members..... 3) Have Fun !- it's all about Information Exchange and LEARNING new information on our Favorite Awesome SportCruiser Line of Light Sport Aircraft, and we all learn from more members "Participating" in the Information Exchange. If we all follow Rules 1) and 2) above, More Members can feel comfortable about Rule Number 3), Posting THEIR Opinions, New Ideas, Suggestions for SportCruiser LSA Aircraft Improvements, and pictures/videos/posting stories of their Awesome SportCruiser Flying Experiences. any questions, suggestions, complaints - Forum Members can email me direct at scflieradm@yahoo.com Enjoy the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum ! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  20. FYI and for your "preparation" the IPS company that handles our SCFLIER Forum Website has been working on some upgrades to our latest April 2017 "version 4" software. My attitude on software upgrades is that they are a good thing, and can provide new features and security protection enhancements. Good to "keep up" with the software upgrades. However, I do not like to "jump" and Upgrade ANY software on the FIRST VERSION of a new Major release, instead waiting a while for the bugs to get worked out to keep from messing up the forum with not totally "ready" Software Upgrades. About a month ago, version 4.2 came out. Then, about two weeks ago, 4.2.1 was advertised to fix "bugs and problems" with 4.2. And, this week, version 4.2.2 was advertised to fix additional small issues and repair security issues found by IPS forum customers. So, we are getting close to Upgrading our software soon - probably in the next few weeks if no more "bug fix iterations" come out.... for those interested in the "What's New " coming with SCFLIER Forum Website software upgrade "4.2.X", here is a teaser YouTube video... https://youtu.be/FIX9QuyZsxc stay tuned Dave your friendly, but cautious with software upgrades until the always expected SW bugs get fixed.... SCFLIER Admin
  21. FYI - no action required As many know, the SCFLIER Forum is maintained and supported, protected from viruses/spam attacks, backed up Monthly, Members' Individual LogIn (Display Name) and Password data kept, etc. by a company called IPS in Virginia. This company was selected by the Prior Admin "SierraCharlie", and continued by me, the Second and Current Admin of SCFLIER. A small monthly fee (paid by the Admin) is required from IPS to keep our SCFLIER Forum Website running and up to date. There are MANY different plans and support options available from Website Suppliers. Our Original Plan, called "Standard25", is one of the "smaller" support packages, and included A Maximum Number of 25 Total SCFLIER Forum members on-line accessing the Website at any one time A Maximum Amount (2 gig in GigaBytes) of Media and Storage space on the IPS Computer servers An UNLIMITED Number of total SCFLIER Forum Members who have log-in privileges and access to SCFLIER In the past year, we have added many new SCFLIER Members, a very good thing for Information Exchange about the awesome CRUZ type Light Sport Aircraft, called SportCruiser, PiperSport, or PS-28 in different countries and depending on when the aircraft was built and by whom (CZAW or CSA). Our IPS Support plan was upgraded from the "Standard 25" plan to a "25 Member / 5 Gigabyte Storage Plan" last year. Recently, we have been "approaching" our current Maximum Storage Limit of 5 gigabytes, which is primarily driven by User Uploaded Images (High Resolution Pictures). We have NOT typically approached the limit of our "low level" IPS Website "Standard25" plan of 25 Total Members on-line at any one time. No problem here. This 25 member limit is much larger than our typical daily "at any one time" Log-Ins of approximately 5-6 SCFLIER Members. Today, to make sure that our SCFLIER Forum continues to operate smoothly for all members, your friendly Admin (me) Upgraded our IPS Website Support plan from the "25 member / 5gig storage" Plan 25 maximum members on-line at any one time 5 gigabytes Media & Storage limit Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges to a new, slightly larger Website Support Plan called "Super 65" which will allow us room to grow in the future: 65 maximum members on-line at any one time 8 gigabytes Media & Storage limit Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges One way that individual SCFLIER Forum members can help is to reduce the overall size and quantity of Very High Resolution photos that may be uploaded to the SCFLIER Forum. Choosing "medium or low" resolution on JPEG files to be uploaded can help reduce our total storage requirements. It is up to the individual SCFLIER Member to choose Uploaded Image Storage requirements and Resolution - sometimes, High Resolution photos are needed to get a point across. There are also ways that I can take to "compress" (Reduce displayed resolution of) some especially large uploaded images, but I have not taken that (editing images) step at this time. Details of the IPS Website Support plan upgrade are included in the attached (low resolution) Pictures below. The SCFLIER Forum continues to be free to all members, with the monthly charges paid by the Admin. Enjoy regards Dave SCFLIER Admin
  22. ADS-B IN WEATHER with Comparisons to XM Weather

    pictures showing ADS-B "IN" weather examples, received In-Flight via a Stratus II ADS-B IN Receiver, and displaying the ADS-B IN Weather data on an iPAD running ForeFlight. Also, some 696 display comparisons of ADS-B IN weather (GDL-39) to XM Satellite Weather, both displayed on a Garmin 696. The latest images in this album are ADS-B IN Weather provided from a Garmin GDL-39R ADS-B IN DataLink Receiver, connected to a Garmin 696 GPS Map display. E-LSA.
  23. I sure will, picking up the gear today and weather permitting, will be testing it this Saturday in route to KCXO!
  24. Congratulations Beachcomber! Let us know how you enjoy the GDL-39! And class act, Crusader16! Positive Karma credits!
  25. SCFLIER Forum Activated Members Count

    FYI Some data on where the current " Participating* " SCFLIER Members are from: Texas, USA: 16, 27 % Not Publicly Telling: 13, 22 % Florida, USA: 7, 12 % California, USA: 4, 7 % United Kingdom: 3, 5 % Arizona, USA: 2, 3.4 % Australia: 2 Georgia, USA: 2 Ohio, USA: 2 New Jersey, USA: 2 Connecticut, USA: 1, 1.7 % Massachusetts, USA: 1 "East Coast", USA: 1 New Hampshire, USA: 1 The Netherlands: 1 Canada: 1 59 SCFLIER Members are "Participating" out of a total of 274 Active Members as of 7/31/2017 * A SCFLIER Forum Member is "Participating" if they have entered at least 4 total Posts on SCFLIER as of 7/31/2017. Dave
  26. Thanks Shawn, looking forward to using it! - Tex
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