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  4. Congratulations! I knew that when I saw the 299 number you would be closely monitoring for that magical number 300. I've relied on this forum when the PiperSport I was a partner on would decide to act up on me and always found sound advise and other owners willing to share their experiences and suggestions. For being the great resource that the forum is to ALL SC owners...Thank you! Izzy
  5. EXCITING NEWS ! as of today, 11/7/2017, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now 300 SCFLIER Forum Members !!! Awesome ! D
  6. Lots of interest in joining the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum this week. Two new members already activated today, and four more are in “validating “, expected to be activated soon. With six new SCFLIER members this week, , that would push the total Count of Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum to 299 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 11/3/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members ! Please join in the fun, and please Participate !!! In the SportCruiser Forum because Participation Is the Best Way to Learn More about the Awesome CRUZ TYPE SportCruiser PiperSport PS-28 LSA ! Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at scflieradm@yahoo.com regards and enjoy the SCFLIER Forum Dave Admin
  7. NACA Submerged Inlet Low Drag Cooling Air Ducts

    Some comparisons of NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, formed in 1915, the predecessor to NASA) Submerged Inlet Ducts for Airplanes, designed to provide maximum smooth air flow into new (1945) buried fuselage Jet Engines (and Later Cooling Air for a multitude of purposes) with Minimum aircraft Drag. Both the existing "NACA Ducts" on the CRUZ LSA and also "NACA Ducts" on other airplanes, Cessna 210, Mooney M20, Cirrus, more.. are shown for comparison.
  8. This is a great event. We generally get well over 100 aircraft.
  9. You are all invited to our annual Fly-In on the 4th of November 2017. There will be lots of BBQ and fun. See the attached flyer. Flying in Flyer.pdf
  10. i wonder if you could tell me the prop settings for a woodkomp classic prop for my sport cruiser to max  out cruise and provide safe wot attakeoff rpm.




  11. Today's Count of Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is now 293 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 10/14/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members ! Please join in the fun, and Participate in your SportCruiser Forum, the best way to Learn More about the SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 CRUZ Type of Awesome Light Sport Aircraft ! Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at scflieradm@yahoo.com regards and enjoy the SCFLIER Forum Dave Admin
  12. I did just that this morning. Beautiful morning for a local flight. Thanks for looking into this Dave.
  13. We are currently experiencing some "Gateway Timeout" and "Forum Access Unavailable" SCFLIER Forum Website problems emanating from the IPS Website Developer/Maintainer's Software house. I have been issuing IPS Support Requests and getting feedback of "We (IPS) Are Working On it" so, to all SCFLIER Forum Members, Please standby or, maybe even go fly your SPORTCRUISER ! and enjoy the freedom to fly an Airplane !!! while IPS works through their SW issues thanks Dave SCFLIER Forum Admin and Keeper of the Complaint File
  14. To All SCFLIERS IPS has fixed the Unable to Download Files Problem Dave
  15. Thanks Dave for looking into this. I'm sure it's a simple fix but wanted to make you aware. The download link may be pointing to an old location since the latest upgrade we had.
  16. Shawn and All SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members I duplicated the download files problem noted by Shawn above and got a Cryptic Error Message, File Not Found, ...., and I have contacted IPS Technical Support. The initial IPS Tech Support response was a suggestion to remove CACHE packing errors, which was performed, but this action did not solve the download problem. Their Next response was that they would get back to me via email within 48 hours. Might be a bug related to one of the new Security Upgrades recently installed ? or ........ ? If the problem can be duplicated, it can be fixed. Stay Tuned Dave Sorry, there is a problem File not found Error code: 3D161/G
  17. I'm having an issue today, 9/25/17, with downloading files from the forum. Can anyone else download any of the files or do you get an error? I need to update two of my files and wanted to download the version I have online but can't. In fact I can't download ANY of the files online. I sent a message to Dave to let him know.
  18. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is now 289 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 9/19/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members !!! Please feel free to join in the fun, and PARTICIPATE, which is the best way to LEARN More about the SportCruiser line of Awesome Light Sport Aircraft : Post information about your SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 LSA Aircraft, or ask questions about the CRUZ Aircraft, Rotax Engine, Avionics, Maintenance Issues or Tips, or post pictures of your airplane and flying adventures in the "Members Gallery". Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at SCFLIERADM@yahoo.com Enjoy Dave, SCFLIER Admin
  19. Sport Expo 2015

    Some shots of the Bristell TDO and a flush rivet version. 2015 Sport Cruiser detail shots. Metal fuel caps replace plastic ones, nice but non-locking. Interior headset holder and night light. No performance changes.
  20. FYI to all SCFLIER Forum Members the IPS Forum Website Maintainer Company SW Upgrade to the latest version, 4.2.3 with new Features and important Security Checks and Hacker Attack prevention code is NOW INSTALLED AND COMPLETE. My initial checks verify everything is there and operation appears normal, so far. I am sure there will be some new Features that folks Like and some that Folks Dis-Like. Such is Life with an Internet Forum. Please notify me via email at scflieradm@yahoo.com with any Comments, Complaints, or Concerns your Friendly Admin Dave
  21. WmInce Great. Thanks for your patience. email me anytime with questions or complaints. and, we may find Interesting, Wonderful, Unexpected, Exciting New Functional Differences in how IPS SW Version 4.2.3 works TOMORROW !!! New Software Versions - "......Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never Know What You are Gonna Get......." HUMOR D
  22. WmInce Also, and I have offered this before on the Forum, the Admin can Delete Any Posts Any Where by Any Member on the Forum. The intent of course is for the Admin to be able to delete Highly Objectionable or Offensive Posts. We NEVER have had that problem on the SCFLIER Forum, and all our participating members post "Non-Objectionable" Material. So Far So Good. If any SCFLIER Wants, one of their Own Individual original SCFLIER Posts to be deleted, please send me an email at scflieradm@yahoo.com and I will be glad to manually go thru the Admin process to delete your old, No Longer Wanted Posts. And, although the "edit out all of your post material except for (at least) one individual typed character remaining" may be tiresome, it will work for each and every SCFLIER Member. My apologies for forgetting that at least ONE Typed character must remain in the Member Edited Post. Regards D PS - edited - All Forums by IPS are NOT the same. MANY Settings and Different Software Versions. I do know that IPS is moving towards more and more "Internet Security" checks and balances, and that may be driving some of "our" Forum's responses vs "other" forums.....
  23. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. And also, thanks for all you do for us (Karen too!). The same vender (Envision Power Services) provides service to the CT Flier Forum (http://ctflier.com/). This forum looks very much like their forum. With a few exceptions. Over there, they provide the ability to delete posts with a simple "Options" then "delete" button. I just find it odd it is not available to us here.
  24. WmInce you are correct sir you will need at least ONE character in the final Edited Post. try entering a Period symbol, a . and that is all that will show in the final Edited (Almost totally deleted) Post. One more Click. D
  25. The above is not true, at least, that has been my experience. After following your directions, when I attempt to delete text in a previous post I made, I am presented with a dialog box that says, "You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again." That is contrary to what you stated above.
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