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  4. Izzy and Sierra Charlie: thanks for the kind words however, I believe the credit for the SCFLIER Forum growth is due to the awesome input from ALL our members who provide great, useful information to other CRUZ LSA owners and Pilots. I am especially pleased with the Forum membership growth "outside the USA", .....England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, ... more....since a LARGE number of the SportCruiser/PS-28 Cruiser aircraft fly in many other countries worldwide, not just the USA. We all benefit from the input and discussion from ALL our members ! as an example of the benefit of increased "World Wide" SportCruiser participation and discussion, there was a video posted recently here on SCFLIER of a very interesting SportCruiser based in the Netherlands (aircraft PH-NOS) with an in-flight adjustable propeller system. The Dutch Pilot has not "posted" any information on SCFLIER about the system, but the video led to other websites explaining how the propeller is adjustable in flight. While not legal to be installed in USA FAA regulated Light Sport Aircraft, this system IS legal and flying on SportCruisers in other countries. The discussion of benefits/tradeoffs/pros/cons of such a fascinating technology in the CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft benefits all SCFLIER Forum members - to me, more input from more members provides more opportunities for learning. Please Keep the postings and pictures and videos and INFORMATION about our fine Light Sport Aircraft coming ! Dave
  5. Great work, Dave! I KNEW I left the Forum in good hands!
  6. Great news! Thank you for your time and efforts in keeping this forum not only going but growing as well. Izzy
  7. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is 268 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 6/28/2017. Our newest SCFLIER SportCruiser Members are located in: Tennessee, USA England the Netherlands Scotland (re-activated Membership) Minnesota, USA Florida, USA WELCOME ! looking forward to some great SCFLIER postings and pictures from a large world wide range of locations where our CRUZ SportCruiser LSAs are flown ! Dave SCFLIER Forum Admin
  8. Nothing, it's one in the same. It's how Dave identifies the plane on the forum. CRUZ is the ICAO "type designator" for our aircraft. It's actually the "type designator" for all 4 versions. CSA SportCruiser CSA PiperSport CZAW SportCruiser Piper PiperSport Hope this explains things without adding yet more confusion.
  9. Jpcbank In the USA, the CRUZ is the "type" of aircraft that corresponds with a "SportCruiser" and a "PiperSport". when Air traffic Control (ATC) asks for our aircraft type over the radio, we respond Charlie Romeo Uniform Zulu - CRUZ We don't have any PS-28 aircraft in the USA, but they would also be "CRUZ" type LSA's, just the name PS-28 Is used for the "same" LSA line of CSA aircraft sold in Europe. I use the terms CRUZ, SportCruiser, PiperSport, and PS-28 all to refer to the same line of very nice Light Sport Aircraft built by CZAW (the earlier "Legacy" SportCruisers) or currently CSA Czech Sport Aircraft for the PiperSport and latest production SportCruiser LSA's. Dave
  10. What is the difference between a "Sport Cruiser " and a "CRUZ" aircraft ?
  11. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is 263 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 6/13/2017 ! In June, we added New Members from the UK, Ireland and the USA ! We would love to hear from all the new Members ! Pictures of your SportCruiser aircraft Pictures and comments about the airport that you are based at Cool ideas on Maintenance, Flying Techniques, new Avionics, .... SportCruiser flying adventure stories and pictures and of course Questions that anyone may have on the awesome SportCruiser line of aircraft.... Welcome to all the New Members ! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  12. Great write up Dave. When I bought my GDL-39 3D (gently used and with the battery) the only thing I couldn't swallow was the $70 Garmin was asking for a simple data cable. I ordered the connector and made my own. There are of course a few ways to wire up the GDL-39 depending on your avionics. However you do this, the GDL-39 is an AWESOME and simple device for ADS-B in. I love Garmin stuff.
  13. Some additional details and "Before/After" wiring diagrams for interfacing the portable Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receiver to a Garmin 696 GPS Map display with the 696 remaining in communication with other existing CRUZ S-LSA Avionics (and wiring): Garmin SL30 Nav/Com radio, Dynon HS-34 Expansion Module and Dynon AP-74 Autopilot (via the Dynon DSAB Smart Avionics Bus) using the GDL-39 "Serial Data Pass Thru" feature. See pics below. Note that currently, in the USA FAA regulated airspace, an S-LSA CRUZ aircraft owner can not "hard wire" a GDL-39 ADS-B IN receiver into the CRUZ S-LSA avionics without a tail number specific Letter of Authorization from CSA, the airplane manufacturer. For a USA Experimental E-LSA, the GDL-39 modification can be performed directly, with no CSA LOA required. The Garmin GDL-39 family of ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receivers provides AWESOME USA FAA Traffic and Weather data products sent up by the FAA Ground Radio Towers to all aircraft, a complete local traffic picture to "participating" ADS-B OUT Equipped aircraft, and the benefits of a Dual Band (978 MHz and 1090 Mhz) Traffic receiver. D
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