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  1. Izzy and Sierra Charlie: thanks for the kind words however, I believe the credit for the SCFLIER Forum growth is due to the awesome input from ALL our members who provide great, useful information to other CRUZ LSA owners and Pilots. I am especially pleased with the Forum membership growth "outside the USA", .....England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, ... more....since a LARGE number of the SportCruiser/PS-28 Cruiser aircraft fly in many other countries worldwide, not just the USA. We all benefit from the input and discussion from ALL our members ! as an example of the benefit of increased "World Wide" SportCruiser participation and discussion, there was a video posted recently here on SCFLIER of a very interesting SportCruiser based in the Netherlands (aircraft PH-NOS) with an in-flight adjustable propeller system. The Dutch Pilot has not "posted" any information on SCFLIER about the system, but the video led to other websites explaining how the propeller is adjustable in flight. While not legal to be installed in USA FAA regulated Light Sport Aircraft, this system IS legal and flying on SportCruisers in other countries. The discussion of benefits/tradeoffs/pros/cons of such a fascinating technology in the CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft benefits all SCFLIER Forum members - to me, more input from more members provides more opportunities for learning. Please Keep the postings and pictures and videos and INFORMATION about our fine Light Sport Aircraft coming ! Dave
  2. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is 268 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 6/28/2017. Our newest SCFLIER SportCruiser Members are located in: Tennessee, USA England the Netherlands Scotland (re-activated Membership) Minnesota, USA Florida, USA WELCOME ! looking forward to some great SCFLIER postings and pictures from a large world wide range of locations where our CRUZ SportCruiser LSAs are flown ! Dave SCFLIER Forum Admin
  3. WmInce Thanks much for pointing out the smaller SCFLIER Forum banner image "overlap" problem in an iPad operating in Landscape Mode. I duplicated the problem on an iPad in Landscape mode, and believe I have it fixed now. Please advise Thanks Dave
  4. FYI to all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members I deleted the IPS SW version 4.X "original default choice" of the SCFLIER Theme Logo showing "IPS Community Suite" today. Now there are only two Member Selectable Theme Logos available: The SCFLIER Forum banner with a large picture of a new model CRUZ LSA flying in the Bravo Airspace near Dallas Love Field (this is the new DEFAULT Theme Logo). Use this Theme (or select it) if you love looking at an Awesome SportCruiser aircraft flying in some of the busiest airspace in the USA. The "Minimalist" SCFLIER Forum banner with a much Smaller picture of the same CRUZ LSA over Downtown Dallas. Select this Theme if you want a very small banner and CRUZ LSA Picture up at the top of every page. Enjoy your SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Theme Logos. Soon, I would like to add three new choices for the SCFLIER Forum Theme Logo for Members living in the following three countries: Ireland Australia United Kingdom If any of our SCFLIER Forum Members from these three countries have images that they may want used in a third, fourth, and fifth Member selectable Theme Logo to appear at the top of all the SCFLIER Pages for their use, please send me your Ireland, Australia, or UK SportCruiser images to Thanks ! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  5. Available with the new IPS Software version 4.X, since late April 2017.... For those that may want to display a different "THEME" (Logo) up at the top of every page on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum, here is how to do it. See pics below for where to click on the SCFLIER Forum page... After you log in with your "Display Name" and "Password", Look Down at the very bottom of the SCFLIER Forum page Find the "THEME" choice button in the center left of the bottom of the page Click the Down Arrow to the right of "Theme", and three choices (today) of Logo "Themes" come up available for you to select: The boring, default, "IPS Community Suite" Theme A large, SCFLIER Forum banner with a nice picture of a new SportCruiser flying over downtown Dallas, in the Bravo Airspace near KDAL Love Field A "Minimalist" SCFLIER Forum banner with a small picture of the SportCruiser in choice 2 above Once you have your choice selected with your mouse, CLICK on it, and the new "Theme" will be used on your SCFLIER Pages until you decide to change it That's It. Enjoy Dave
  6. Thank you Shawn for an AMEN from the choir ! ONWARD and Upward ! LOL D
  7. A brief description and product history of the GARMIN GDL-39 family of portable (battery powered, or with a cable, aircraft powered) --GDL-39 and GDL-39 3D or aircraft powered only -- GDL-39 R "remote mount" ADSB IN Dual Band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) Traffic and FIS-B Weather DataLink receivers: 1) Garmin product information on the "top of the line" GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADSB IN Receiver with built in AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System: 2) GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver product history The GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver was first introduced at Oshkosh in July of 2012 3) GDL-39 adds the AHRS "3D" sensors in summer of 2014 The GDL-39 3D was an upgrade portable model to the base GDL-39 model and the GDL-39 R Remote mount model. Oshkosh, July 2014 4) GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver software update history: Comment and Opinion: The Garmin GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver combines a WAAS GPS, subscription-free ADS-B weather and dual band ADS-B traffic in a single unit, and with the top of the line GDL-39 3D, adds an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for Backup attitude information and input to synthetic vision (SVX) displays on the Garmin 796 and 660 GPS display maps as well as the Garmin Pilot iPad/Android and ForeFlight application. The Garmin GDL-39 is a reliable, well known, proven product, designed and built by GARMIN who also makes the CRUZ S-LSA GPS Map cockpit display units (396, 496, 696, 796) for our fine CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft. The GDL-39 and GDL-39 3D portable models can be powered by a rechargeable battery, or by aircraft power via the available power/data hard wire interface cable. The GDL-39 R is only powered by 10-32 volt DC aircraft power. The GDL-39 has a proven, simple way to interface with a Garmin portable GPS Map display either by an inexpensive hard wire power/data interface cable (purchased separately for the 396, 496, 696, 796, or 660), or in the case of the Aera 796 GPS and Aera 660 GPS, the data interface from GDL-39 to GPS Map display can be performed directly by wireless Bluetooth interface, or if desired, alternately using the hard wire power/data cable if purchased separately. It puzzles me why CSA Letters of Authorization and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) documentation and installation instructions are NOT yet available for "hard wired interface use", installed in the CRUZ S-LSA aircraft, five years after this fine Garmin Data Link GDL-39 ADSB-IN receiver product was introduced. Especially for the Garmin 696 GPS Map, where the only data interface possible is with the hard wire cable, and portable battery powered GDL-39 use and data interface using wireless Bluetooth like the Garmin 796 and 660 is NOT possible (nor planned to be available) on the 696. There is no better way than to use a Garmin designed product to interface ADSB - IN Traffic and Weather datalink information to a Garmin GPS Map display. Proven. Reliable. Supportable. Available for Years. The GDL-39 ADSB IN Free Traffic and Weather receiver is easy to use, simple to install, and provides --directly on the center of the CRUZ cockpit panel on the GPS Map display --impressive SAFETY benefits to Pilots for safe separation from other airborne targets and useful information about potentially serious weather risks. D
  8. Some ADSB-IN Traffic examples, using a Garmin GDL-39 R (Remote mount), identical in data product features to the portable GDL-39 3D, but without the AHRS or portable battery powered operation. The ADSB-IN Datalink information was displayed using a hard wired connection from the GDL-39R to a Garmin 696 GPS Map installed in an Experimental E-LSA CRUZ. A CSA Letter of Authorization or documentation of the hard wire hookup to the 696 and installation instructions for the GDL-39R and external ADSB IN antenna (perhaps included in a future update to the CSA CRUZ IPC) would be required to install and operate this equipment setup in a factory CRUZ S-LSA. An external belly mount ADSB IN antenna improved range performance over the stock "stubby" portable GDL-39 ADSB IN antenna and was able to receive FIS-B Weather data from DFW's ADSB Radio towers - about 10-12 miles away, while on the ground. Airborne Traffic targets were received in "Air to Air" (actually Air to "on the Ground") mode, as the subject aircraft was not airborne, nor was it transmitting any ADSB OUT position data while sitting parked, engine off, in the Non-Movement area. GDL-39R ADSB DataLink information displayed on the Garmin 696 include simultaneous landing and takeoff at DFW airport (multiple runways) DFW Takeoff and Landing Traffic at DFW and one aircraft taking off at KDAL Love Field SportCruiser landing at KADS, exiting the runway to the taxiway Alpha (note color change of aircraft symbol when on the ground) SportCruiser TRAFFIC Alert near the parking area Unrestricted 696 "TRF" dedicated Traffic page on the 696 showing many airborne targets FIS-B WX transmitted active permanent TFR at ex President "W"'s house south of Addison The Garmin GDL DataLink Information page, showing specific time delays for various FIS-B Weather products The Garmin GDL DataLink ADSB Ground Stations being used to generate data to display on the 696 Map. Very useful Datalink of USA FAA ADSB IN Information and Airborne Traffic Data from the Garmin GDL-39 receiver, hard wired to the Garmin 696 Map unit for display in the center of the CRUZ Panel. D
  9. All good comments above. Agree. And, since I have already converted from a Special factory built S-LSA CRUZ to a USA FAA Experimental E-LSA, please forgive me for discussing simple, elegant, effective, proven ways to improve the SportCruiser S-LSA line of aircraft that CSA could issue individual tail number specific Letters of Authorization for installation of GARMIN GDL-39 ADSB-IN receivers in a CRUZ S-LSA, and/or that CSA could include the GARMIN GDL-39 line of ADS-B IN receivers in their "manufacturer's Instruction for S-LSA installation", AKA documenting allowed use of INSTALLED GARMIN GDL-39 ADSB IN receivers with external ADSB IN belly antennas and hard wired to 396/496/696/796 GARMIN GPS map displays in the CSA CRUZ S-LSA IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog. Portable use of battery powered, not installed hard wired, GDL-39 ADSB IN receivers operating on a CRUZ S-LSA ? YES. HardWired use of GDL-39 ADSB IN receivers with installed external antennas in a CRUZ S-LSA ? NOT ALLOWED Without a CSA S-LSA LOA or IPC documentation. I've gotten so used to implementing "Minor" but very effective, existing, proven, readily available Garmin and Dynon hardware/software improvements to our Experimental E-LSA CRUZ that I did not add a disclaimer in the post directly above about "needing a CSA S-LSA LOA for installation of XYZ improvement to production CRUZ S-LSA aircraft operating in the USA.....". But, the "GDL-39 3D raffle" instructions in another SCFLIER post DO include a note stating "ADSB IN Equipment Installation and Compliance with the USA FAA (or your country’s regulating authority) and LightSportAircraft S-LSA and E-LSA rules and regulations are the responsibility of the winner." Today, the hardwired GDL-39 3D ADSB IN receiver (and External GPS & ADS-B IN antennas) and the way cool GARMIN Aera 660 GPS Map display are NOT USA FAA Legal ( to use INSTALLED, hard wired interfaced in a CRUZ S-LSA without a CSA Letter of Authorization and/or CSA IPC installation documentation. In a USA E-LSA (S-LSA CRUZ converted to an Experimental E-LSA), all of the "raffle items" (GDL-39 3D powered by aircraft +12V DC wiring, hard wired to a Garmin GPS Map and operating with two external antennas) and also the Aera 660 for those CRUZ E-LSA owners currently with a 396 or 496, would of course be legal to install in an E-LSA without an LOA from CSA, assuming that the proper installation documentation was recorded in the aircraft logs by the E-LSA owner. However, note that in some current production S-LSA CRUZ aircraft, for example a later model CRUZ S-LSA with a 796 Garmin GPS Map display, the portable (battery powered) GDL-39 3D can effectively interface wirelessly to the 796 for display of ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather right there on the 796 GPS Map display, and also the "3D" backup AHRS feature of a GDL-39 3D portable battery powered unit will function on a 796 without any "hard wires" attached to the GDL-39 required. The (S-LSA CSA LOA required for use) external ADSB IN belly mount antenna provides benefits in low altitude or remote, mountainous area situations where the USA FAA ADSB ground radio towers are more difficult to be "seen" and where greater ADSB IN antenna reception performance is needed, but the GDL-39 3D will work in most "normal altitude" flatlander scenarios just fine at medium to high altitude receiving data link traffic and weather from USA FAA ground radio towers using only its internal GPS antenna and stubby (portable) ADSB IN antenna. However, even in "flat" terrain areas, the external ADSB-IN antenna provides performance advantages over the stubby (portable) stock GDL-39 ADSB IN antenna. For example, with our GDL-39 R using an external RAMI AV-74 ADSB IN belly mount antenna, we can receive and display on our Garmin 696 Map display ADSB IN datalink FIS-B Weather information ON THE GROUND, !!!, when parked 10 Nmiles away from the DFW ADSB FAA radio towers. This long range reception of ADSB IN weather data was not possible testing a GDL-39 with only the portable stubby ADSB IN Antenna when pre-flighting equipment On the Ground. The larger metal aircraft belly ground plane for the external RAMI AV-74 antenna improves antenna performance, as well as no metal structure inbetween the ADSB IN external antenna and the FAA radio towers in flight.. Having an "all Garmin" ADS-B OUT and IN solution provides advantages, especially in display of the ADSB IN Traffic on a Garmin GPS Map. With Garmin ADSB IN Traffic data, select Garmin GPS display Maps provides the Traffic "Target Trend" feature, a more sophisticated prediction of where an airborne traffic target WILL be in 5 minutes/2 minutes/1 minute/30 seconds (time outlook depends on Traffic display range selected), and the Target Trend green arrow symbols are displayed right there on select Garmin GPS Map cockpit panel screens. Also, the "Unrestricted", "Normal", "Below", and "Above" Traffic filtering choices are available on select Garmin GPS Map displays when interfaced with a Garmin GDL-39. Of course having ADS-B OUT operating on one's aircraft "triggers" the USA FAA Ground stations to provide ALL airborne traffic in the +- 3500 ft altitude, 30 Nmile "hockey puck" that follows YOUR aircraft, assuming that the aircraft is in range of the FAA ADSB ground radio towers. And ALL the Garmin GDL-39 units (GDL-39 "base", GDL-39 R --Remote mount, and GDL-39 3D with AHRS) are Dual Band Traffic receivers (both 978 Mhz and 1090 Mhz), an advantage over early Navworx UAT 978 Mhz only ADSB IN Traffic receivers and also early model SkyView single band (978 Mhz Only) ADSB IN traffic receivers, especially when out of range of the FAA ADSB ground radio towers or flying "too low" or blocked by terrain and the ADSB-R Rebroadcast of 1090 Mhz targets can NOT be received on the 978 Mhz UAT frequency, EVEN IF your aircraft is compliant and PARTICIPATING with a USA FAA approved ADSB OUT transceiver. Finally, using the GDL-39 3D unit as a portable battery powered ADSB IN receiver, without hard wiring to your (for example) 696 GPS Map display still can provide useful ADSB IN Traffic and Weather to your portable iPad or Android device, running Garmin Pilot, or also the ForeFlight application. But especially with a 696 Garmin GPS Map display, common on MANY of the Non-SkyView equipped SportCruisers and PiperSports with Garmin 696 Map displays, hard wiring the GDL-39 to the 696 is the only way to get the full benefits of free GDL-39 ADSB IN Traffic and Weather displayed right there on the GARMIN 696 Cockpit Display Map. It is anyone's guess what CSA may announce as their preferred ADSB OUT (and In ??) approved solution(s) for older Non-SkyView equipped CRUZ S-LSAs. SkyView equipped CRUZ S-LSA can easily upgrade to "2020" ADSB OUT and Dual Band Traffic ADSB IN with very economical SkyView upgrades announced recently and flying today in the latest SportCruisers. Awesome. For the non-SkyView equipped CRUZ aircraft, my opinion is that an "all Garmin" ADSB OUT and IN solution, for example using a Garmin GTX335 ADSB OUT "all in one" transponder with internal WAAS GPS to fulfill the ADSB OUT USA FAA Mandate would be a great choice coupled with a (proven for many years) GARMIN GDL-39 ADSB IN Receiver (base model, Remote, or 3D) hard wired to any of the early CRUZ S-LSA Garmin GPS Map units (396/496 Traffic only, and 696 Full Traffic and Weather) to provide an awesome ADSB OUT and IN CRUZ S-LSA Upgrade path. Who knows what CSA has in their plans for ADSB Out and IN LOA's or CSA IPC documentation for the Non-SkyView USA CRUZ S-LSAs. Perhaps CSA will only supply an ADSB OUT USA solution ?. But an ADSB OUT only solution misses entirely the HUGE safety advantages of free ADSB IN Traffic and Weather displayed on the cockpit panel GPS Map display. Letters of Authorization from CSA seem to be a very rare thing. Without an S-LSA LOA, going Experimental E-LSA opens up a world of choices, including INSTALLING in the PANEL the new portable Garmin GPS Map Display device called the Aera 660, an excellent choice, as Shawn and others have noted, the Aera 660 GPS Map unit will fit just fine in the older "Legacy" CZAW SportCruisers in place of a 396 or 496 in the smaller vertical dash height. And the Aera 660 will interface wirelessly to a GDL-39, no Hard (installed) Wiring required. The Aera 660 and GDL-39 coupled with a suitable ADSB OUT unit could be an Awesome CSA approved ? TBD ? CRUZ S-LSA ADSB OUT and IN solution. especially for the Legacy CZAW SportCruisers. For today, in an S-LSA CRUZ, the "GDL-39 3D ADSB IN / AHRS Raffle Unit" must remain battery powered, PORTABLE (without external antennas or hard -installed - wiring to a Garmin GPS map) -----in the current state of operating CSA S-LSA in the USA FAA Regulated S-LSA world. And, if the Raffle Winner's aircraft remains S-LSA, and CSA does not provide an LOA for the "non portable" INSTALLED, WIRED use of a Garmin GDL-39 ADSB IN solution, the raffle winner could always SELL the 2 External Antennas and wiring/adapters and operate the GDL-39 portable -- battery powered -- the GDL-39 3D still has awesome capabilities in the portable configuration... but wow what a capability the proven GARMIN GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver can provide to the SportCruiser/PiperSport Light Sport Aircraft when INSTALLED, fully integrated with an installed Garmin GPS Map Cockpit display (and Garmin Radio, and Dynon AutoPilot, ....and.....) coupled with an ADSB OUT USA FAA compliant solution. The GARMIN GDL-39 line of ADSB IN receivers are not new. They have been in use with GARMIN GPS Map displays for years on other aircraft.... Dave
  10. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is 251 Members as of May 14, 2017. We also have two potential new members in the "Validating" email exchange process which helps to weed out SPAMMERs, Robot Computers, and other Internet Forum problem sources... for a potential total SCFLIER SportCruiser Member count of 253 Members later this week ! to all New Members, and those already activated SCFLIER Forum Members who simply "Lurk" on the forum, reading material and viewing images and interesting CRUZ LSA related links, but not actually Partcipating by posting material, there is a "Participation Raffle" on the SCFLIER Forum where your raffle ticket gets ACTIVATED with the completion of at least 4 SCFLIER Forum posts of cool pictures, flying trips, maintenance questions or solutions, ..., pictures of your home airport, ....and on and on..... of your SportCruiser, PS-28, or Piper Sport LSA adventures ! See GDL-39 3D ADSB In Receiver SCFLIER "Participation" Raffle here on SCFLIER for more details of the Participation Raffle where one lucky winner will receive a Garmin GDL-39 3D ADSB IN Traffic and Weather receiver with AHRS on July 31, 2017, right after OSHKOSH AirVenture 2017 ! Also included for the one lucky winner are two external mount antennas (GPS top mount and ADSB-IN belly mount low drag blade antenna with all required cabling and GDL-39 3D adapters for maximum range reception from the USA FAA ADSB ground Radio Towers of the way cool ADSB IN free traffic and weather information provided in the USA). Simply add the "hard wire" cable to feed Traffic and Weather information to your CRUZ LSA specific Garmin GPS Map display device (696, 796, 660, ....) and start enjoying Traffic and Weather right there on your cockpit GPS Map ! And, for those located outside the USA, the Garmin GDL-39 3D ADSB IN Receiver with AHRS can receive 1090 Mhz airborne ADSB OUT equipped aircraft traffic and provide a backup attitude source for your cockpit with the GDL-39 3D AHRS ! Compatible with GPS Garmin Portable Map Displays and iPad/Android Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight applications.... Welcome to all our new SCFLIER Forum Members ! Dave
  11. To Existing SCFLIER Forum members and potential New Members to the SCFLIER Forum with our new IPS "4.X" Software upgrade, most all of our SCFLIER Forum is now working and fully operational. Lots of great improvements and awesome features. However, the "automatic link" of folks "Contacting the Forum" is NOT currently sending me, the Admin, any messages on my SCFLIER Forum email address The problem appears to be a rejection from the yahoo folks for third party email forwarding from our SCFLIER Forum. So, if you think that you have "Contacted The Forum" OnLine, in actuality, this feature may not be working, and I may NOT have received any emails from potential new member requests. a simpler, better way to get a personal message to me for Potential New SCFLIER Forum Members, is to email me directly (from your email account) to my Admin Address of Thanks Dave SCFLIER Admin
  12. To Existing SCFLIER Forum members and potential New Members to the Forum with our new IPS "4.X" Software upgrade, most all of our SCFLIER Forum is now working and fully operational. Lots of great improvements and awesome features. However, the "automatic link" of folks "Contacting the Forum" is NOT currently sending me, the Admin, any messages on my SCFLIER Forum email address The problem appears to be a rejection from the yahoo folks for third party email forwarding from our SCFLIER Forum. So, if you think that you have "Contacted The Forum" OnLine, in actuality, this feature may not be working, and I may NOT have received any emails. a simpler, better way to get a personal message to me is to email me directly (from your email account) to my Admin Address of Thanks Dave
  13. Graham Awesome thanks for sharing ! Birmingham UK looks like a BUSY Airport ! Dave
  14. Here is some info from our friends at IPS who developed the new software we are now using the IPS developers suggest: "On the forum index, if you click the last topic it will bring you to the last unread post. In forum view, if you click the dot next to the topic title it will bring you to the last unread post. In activity streams, it should automatically bring you to the last read post. Unfortunately, the posts themselves cannot be re-ordered to last unread being first." however, I (your friendly admin)will request that change be made to the software via ADMIN feedback keep the questions and ideas coming -lots of new features to learn how to use best.... Dave
  15. WmInce 1) Custom Streams are a feature that allows a member to filter displayed content based on their preferences. On the front end, the nav bar tab titled "Activity" -> My activity Streams shows any custom Stream a Member may have created, as well as offers the option to create a new one. 2) Related to the above, and your question, to Delete a "Custom Stream" one would need to open that Custom Stream, then at the top, to the right of the Stream title, is a red trashcan icon. Click that trashcan icon to delete the custom Stream let me know if that works for you Dave