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  1. Update ! as of 1/29/2019  the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  387 SCFLIER Forum Members !
  2. Update ! as of 12/27/2018,   the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  379 SCFLIER Forum Members !
  3. This is a new topic area for SCFLIER Members to propose “the best place in the world to own and fly a SportCruiser is....” Because..... have fun D note - new members in the last few months have been based in Florida, USA Spain Portugal Texas, USA the United Kingdom South Australia Pennsylvania, USA Wisconsin, USA many more locations worldwide ... who has the BEST place to own and fly a SportCruiser ? and Why ? ”there is no place like home....”
  4. From Tim, a new SCFLIER Forum member, located in England just north of London. “My home base, North Weald Airfield, NWA (ICAO Ref:- EGSX) - is about 20 miles north of London, and is one of the oldest airfields in the UK. It opened in 1916 as an RFC (Royal Flying Corps) fighter station during the first World War, only 13 years after the Wright Brothers made the World's first powered flight, to help combat the German Zeppelin raids on London. The RFC become the RAF in 1918 towards the end of World War I by merging the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service. During World War Two, NWA was a front line RAF fighter station, and many US pilots joined the RAF to gain "dog fight" experience long before the USA entered the war. A lot of information is on-line but a useful link here:- http://www.northwealdairfield.org/History/history.html North Weald's finest hour came in the summer of 1940, when it served as a frontline airfield in the Battle of Britain. During the Second World War, North Weald played host to Squadrons made up of many foreign nationals, including Americans, Czechs, Poles and also Norwegians, to which the airfield and village maintain special links to this day. Hurricanes, Spitfires and Blenheims were the most common types to be seen at North Weald. Some may be able to identify the airfield from WWII movies… the NWA Control Tower has “Listed” status, which means it’s of historic or architectural significance and effectively has a building preservation order on it. NWA has been featured as a backdrop in various WWII films · Battle of Britain (1968) · Memphis Belle (1990) · Band of Brothers (2001)” Four fun Videos from Tim https://vimeo.com/97911676 https://vimeo.com/23116613 https://vimeo.com/18330816 https://vimeo.com/23234078 And a picture from the UK Civil Aviation Authority CAA website showing Tim’s aircraft near landing https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/applicationmodules/ginfo/ginfo_photo.aspx?regmark=G-CGIL&imgname=G-CGIL002&imgtype=JPG See below for more pictures at North Weald Airfield, including a flyby of famous WWII British and USA Fighter Aircraft “Two Eagle Squadrons of American RAF volunteers – 71 and 121 – were based at North Weald during 1941, so it was fitting that a special formation of four aircraft representing these squadrons included the Airfield in a commemorative flypast over their former bases around the east of England… The formation, which started out at Duxford and had the callsign ‘Eagle Squadron’, was led by a Hawker Hurricane in 601 (County of London) Squadron markings, representing the aircraft flown by the American volunteer Billy Fiske during the Battle of Britain. The second aircraft was a Spitfire painted in Bill Dunn’s colours. He was the first US pilot to become an ace while he was based at North Weald with 71 (Eagle) Squadron in August 1941. They were accompanied by a P-47G Thunderbolt ‘Snafu’ and P-51C Mustang ‘Princess Elizabeth,’ representing the later units of the US Eighth Air Force, which flew from airfields in Essex and East Anglia escorting the B-17 and B-24 bombers as their ‘Little Friends’.” Edited April 20, 2017
  5. From new SCFLIER Forum Member GrahamGRG “ Hi from the UK Thought you'd like to see this unusual angle of the SportCruiser taken by a spotter at Birmingham Airport as I flew overhead at 1,000ft. Lots of other great aircraft images on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/85308148@N05/  Graham “ 
  6. From new SCFLIER Member Hwick2000, March 2018 “ Thank you for allowing me to become a member of the forum... l would like to introduce myself. The name is Harold Wickham, first off No I do not have a Sport Cruiser... I wanted one for years... I fly a very similar aircraft, built in the Czech Republic by Milan Briselta... it is a 2016 Bristell S-LSA (see photos) it has the full Garmin suite G3x touch. It is an incredible plane and a true joy to fly. I live in Dayton Nevada at Dayton Valley Airpark A-34 just a 10 minute flight to beautiful South Lake Tahoe airport. I have a really big hanger with a Pilots apartment, lounge and courtesy vehicle. If your ever in the area feel free to stop in and stay over if you like. We are a pretty friendly Airpark. There are many airports very close by and fantastic place to fly here. Although keep in mind this is the Sierras and the weather can change rapidly and the altitude comes up quickly. Again thank you for allowing me in the forum without a Sport Cruiser... “
  7. From new SCFLIER Forum Member TTABS, May 2, 2018 “ Hello everybody! Newbie here! I go by the name ttabs on these things and I look forward to sharing my passion of flying with you! I'm really thrilled to be a new owner of a SportCruiser and to be flying it around the pacific NW. I'm an LSA pilot currently based near Spokane WA and have been spending my last 8 years flying Trikes all over the place out here. Now - if you just said "What's a Trike?!?" .... I have over a hundred vids posted on youtube. If you're interested in having a peek - just click on this link ' TTABBS' You'll get an idea of my playground out here and the type of flying I enjoy. So I felt it's time to get into fixed wings to accent my trike flying and what better way to learn than in a SC. Eventually my flying's going to take me out into the backcountry of Idaho so stay tuned as I'm sure I'll be posting vids of my SC experience in the area I call home. There are similarities between my trike and the SC - for instance both run a 100 hp Rotax and I've been very involved with maintenance of this engine type. Perhaps I can bring a little something to the table here on my experience with this engine and things I've done with them. As for flying 3-axis, there are some totally reversed things I need to 'un-screw' in my head. For instance foot steering a Trike is 180 degrees out of sync with rudder control. And in a trike, we push the bar forward to go up and swing it left .... to go right! This is going to be a challenge! And speaking of aircraft problems - right out of the gate I already have issues with my SC from it's flight from Houston trip, so I'll use this thread to post problems, fixes, thoughts, suggestions, or pose questions for you to comment. Also who knows - you may see a video or two on here. I bought this beauty a month ago where it was located in Houston TX. “
  8. Update ! as of 11/29/2018,   the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  369  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  9. This is a posting location for any of our SportCruiser SCFLIER Forum members who plan to attend OSHKOSH 2018 to add their Oshkosh 2018 “What’s New” information related to the Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 S-LSA aircraft. please use this location for Oshkosh 2018 NEWS from the EAA AirVenture show that may be applicable to Pilots/Owners of the SportCruiser line of Light Sport Aircraft ! Pictures of the Czech Sport Aircraft Oshkosh 2018 booth, new technology seen at OSHKOSH that may be applicable to the SportCruiser, Czech Sport Aircraft (CSA) Oshkosh 2018 Announcements, .... thank you Dave SCFLIER Admin
  10. To potential new SCFLIER SportCruiser forum members : please read the instructions above on how to join the SCFLIER Forum. This “FORUM INFORMATION & NEWS” section of the forum is accessible to ANYONE on the internet even without an SCFLIER LogIn Display Name and Password. SCFLIER “Sign Up” and New Member Activation is really quite simple and doesn’t take much time. however, if you mistype your email address during the “sign up” process, and you enter an invalid email address, I (the SCFLIER ADMIN) have no way to contact you for the required quick “two way communication” exchange during sign up and new Member Activation. I will never reveal anyone’s email address or their personal information on the SCFLIER Forum. However, If an SCFLIER Forum member CHOOSES to publically reveal their email address, their phone number, home address, or other personal information on SCFLIER, that is, of course, their choice. Please be aware that SCFLIER is a public UNSECURE forum, and any postings made by Members may be seen by “anyone” including hackers on the World Wide Web, As well as of course our over 300 SCFLIER Members .... But, very important to potential NEW SCFLIER MEMBERS, your email address must be entered correctly by you during “sign up“ for me to ACTIVATE your NEW SCFLIER account. I have successfully “guessed” a typo in a new member’s email address on a couple occasions, allowing me to establish successful “two way communication” during sign up and New Member Activation, but on other times, the email address is typed wrong by the potential new member, and I get a response of “no known email address with that name”. Please Type carefully during SCFLIER “sign Up”... thanks Dave SCFLIER Admin
  11. Shawn there are SEVERAL Cruiser Aircraft folks right here on the SCFLIER Forum. It is their choice, of course, whether they respond to my “clarification” questions or not. D
  12. A simple request for confirmation and explanation from Cruiser Aircraft: Question: Are the statements quoted above on “No CSA Letters of Authorization” allowed in the future for all SportCruiser (and PiperSport) S-LSA aircraft manufactured by BOTH Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW, 2006-2009 SportCruisers) and Czech Sport Aircraft (CSA, 2010 - present PiperSport and SportCruisers) accurate statements of the Czech Sport Aircraft company philosophy, future plans, and business strategy ? In the FAA Regulated USA Airspace, Safety Enhancing ADS-B OUT equipment is REQUIRED 1/1/2020 to fly in certain ADS-B OUT “Rule” airspace. For Non SKYVIEW Equipped “Legacy” CZAW SportCruiser S-LSA aircraft, especially with the smaller vertical dash height, and all Non SKYVIEW equipped CRUZ S-LSA aircraft, without a CSA Letter Of Authorization (or a CSA Service Bulletin), equipping a CZAW/CSA factory built S-LSA with FAA Required ADS-B OUT Safety Enhancing equipment becomes illegal in the USA, forcing the aircraft owner to convert from S-LSA to Experimental E-LSA in order to comply with the USA FAA ADS-B OUT Safety Requirement. Question: Is converting from S-LSA to Experimental E-LSA the Czech Sport Aircraft / Cruiser Aircraft recommended approach for these CRUZ S-LSA aircraft owners to maintain the ability to legally fly in FAA ADS-B OUT “Rule” airspace in the USA after 12/31/2019 ? Question: Does the CSA Company Strategy Of “No Letters of Authorization” also mean “No Service Bulletins” are allowed or planned by CSA for S-LSA CRUZ Non-SkyView equipped SportCruiser / PiperSport aircraft compliance with the USA FAA ADS-B OUT Safety Enhancing Requirement ? Question: In the future, if the USA FAA requires installation of an ADDITIONAL safety enhancing aircraft modification, for example, installation of proven Dynon Angle of Attack (AOA) sensing equipment to interface with existing SportCruiser Dynon SkyView or SportCruiser Dynon D100 installed Avionics equipment hardware & software, is it Czech Sport Aircraft’s business plan and strategy to refuse issuance of aircraft Tail Number specific S-LSA Letter of Authorizations or SportCruiser/PiperSport USA S-LSA aircraft fleet wide Service Bulletins to comply with a future FAA required Safety Enhancing upgrade (in this example AOA Sensing & Display) for their CZAW/CSA S-LSA CRUZ aircraft ? While “today’s topic” of ADS-B OUT Compliance only affects USA aircraft flying in ADS-B OUT “Rule” airspace (even though this airspace is, in fact, where many current USA SportCruiser and PiperSport S-LSA aircraft owners are based today and fly daily), a potential new future FAA safety requirement (for example, Angle of Attack sensing & display) and a potential response of the CRUZ S-LSA Czech Sport Aircraft manufacturer again refusing issuance of aircraft Tail Number specific Letters of Authorization or CRUZ Fleet Wide Service Bulletins on any possible FUTURE USA FAA Safety Requirements for their CRUZ S-LSA aircraft may significantly reduce the resale value, USA LSA market share, or desirability of even considering purchasing the latest production 2018 CSA SportCruiser SKYVIEW equipped aircraft. The lack of Czech Sport Aircraft factory Support to USA CRUZ S-LSA aircraft owners would force MORE CRUZ S-LSA aircraft owners to convert from S-LSA to Experimental E-LSA in order to legally comply with any TBD Future USA FAA Safety Enhancing directives, and is a serious concern to potential new SportCruiser aircraft owners. Question: Is Czech Sport Aircraft aware that Paid CFI Instruction Of potential new SportCruiser aircraft owner Student Pilots is ILLEGAL in the USA FAA regulated airspace using Experimental E-LSA aircraft ? Many USA Student Pilots learn to fly today in S-LSA PiperSport and SportCruiser aircraft and these Student Pilots eventually buy new (and used) SportCruiser aircraft when issued a Pilot License. Learning to fly in a SportCruiser S-LSA directly feeds new SportCruiser sales. However, this pipeline of potential new SportCruiser aircraft owners would STOP when the CFIs are unable to instruct new student Pilots in an Experimental E-LSA SportCruiser or E-LSA PiperSport aircraft. Question: What is the Czech Sport Aircraft company plan and strategy to “shore up” and IMPROVE existing SportCruiser & PiperSport S-LSA aircraft owner’s confidence in the long term viability of CRUZ S-LSA aircraft USA ownership and also clarify understanding of the CSA manufacturer’s strategy Re Long Term CUSTOMER SUPPORT - After the Sale - of USA CRUZ S-LSA aircraft ? There are many existing CZAW SportCruiser and CSA factory built PiperSport & SportCruiser aircraft owners on this SCFLIER SportCruiser forum who absolutely LOVE flying their excellent SportCruiser/PiperSport S-LSA CRUZ aircraft, but these aircraft owners are understandably disturbed and very concerned for the long term viability of the SportCruiser S-LSA aircraft line here in the USA, due to actions apparently in work now at Czech Sport Aircraft. Thank you to Cruiser Aircraft for interpreting, clarifying, and explaining the Letter of Authorization (LOA) Actions (and ADS-B OUT Service Bulletin Actions ?) and also explaining USA S-LSA CRUZ aircraft CSA factory Customer Support strategy being taken now by the Czech Sport Aircraft S-LSA aircraft manufacturer.
  13. to All SCFLIER Forum Members "Forum Information & News from the Admin" is generally used only by me, the Admin, to provide "New Topics" specifically related to Forum Info and also News about the SCFLIER Forum: New Software Versions and Forum Features from our Website Supplier Problems with the forum, and Service Tickets written by me to get our Website Supplier to solve them NEWs about your Forum - new features coming soon HOW TO Operate the Forum, Tips on Using the Forum Current Number of Activated SCFLIER Forum Members Data on Members Accessing the Forum per day, New Postings Each Month, ... Forum Statistics more Of course all Forum Members are welcome to comment on my postings here. However, even though there have been a couple GREAT Exciting New Postings with Cool Pictures posted to the "Forum Information & News" area lately, this Area is (usually) NOT the place for an Individual Forum Member to "Start A New Topic", for example, pictures of XYZ, or asking SCFLIER Forum Members about how to Change the Oil in their SportCruiser or Use the Dynon AutoPilot, etc. Please Don't Misunderstand, we all LOVE Great Postings, Pictures, and More about your SportCruiser adventures and Maintenance Tips, Rotax ideas, and Thoughts on how to land on a grass strip with a SportCruiser, but Please use the existing topics and the existing Outline structure of the forum, and IF your topic area is not already covered, then feel free to "Start A New Topic" under ANY of those existing Forum Outline Areas. (But Not Forum Information & News). For example, if you have a question or problem with your Throttle or Choke Cables feeding the Rotax 912 engine, FIRST, Check to see if that Topic has already been covered. The Forum Search (Magnifying Glass ICON top right) feature can speed this process. If your Topic of Interest is NOT already Covered, then please "Start New Topic" and post your "New Topic" - in a logical place in the Forum Outline. for this example of Throttle and Choke cables feeding control of the Rotax Engine, Start your New Topic under the MAINTENANCE ISSUES & ANSWERS area of the forum, Subtopic ROTAX ENGINE Another Example, if you HAVE Useful Information or need a question answered on SportCruiser Avionics, please use one of the several Subtopic areas in the "AVIONICS": area of our Forum: General Avionics Discussions GPS Conversations Electronic Flight Bags (iPads and such) Accessories Software Updates - to SportCruiser Avionics boxes and iPad/iPhone Applications Another example, Nose Landing Gear Issues and Discussions can be found under the main outline MAINTENANCE ISSUES & ANSWERS area of the forum subtopic "AIRFRAME/EXTERIOR/INTERIOR" . If you simply cannot find a Forum Outline area that "includes" your topic, for example, (ha ha - it's a joke.....) how to add JATO Rocket Powered STOL Assist to your Experimental Sport Cruiser, please "Start New Topic" under "SPORTCRUISER GENERAL DISCUSSION" subtopic "RANDOM THOUGHTS" then START (your) NEW Topic "JATO Rocket Assist for STOL SportCruiser Aircraft".....there, under Random (probably not a good idea in this case) Thoughts. it takes a little more time and effort to keep our SCFLIER Forum organized, but posting your "question or topic of the day" under the first available area, "Forum Information & News" will not help other Forum Members FIND Topics that they may be looking for.... Please take a moment to look thru the Forum Outline, and/or use the "SEARCH" Icon, top right Magnifying Glass ICON, to find an appropriate place to put your new topic discussion or additional comments on an already existing posting. Everyone on the FORUM WELCOMES New Discussion Topics and Your Inputs AWESOME !!! But keeping the SCFLIER Forum Organized is Also IMPORTANT. THANK YOU Dave SCFLIER Admin
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