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  3. Update ! as of today, 3/27/2018, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now 329 SCFLIER Forum Members !!!
  4. A new member

    To all friendly SCFLIER Forum members As the SCFLIER Admin, it is my decision whether to “Approve” (or DisApprove) all new member requests. I believe that an OPEN Forum is a better Forum, and can provide MORE USEFUL Information to the obvious FOCUS of the WORLDWIDE SCFLIER Forum: SportCruiser Aircraft owners and Pilots PiperSport aircraft owners and Pilots PS-28 aircraft owners and Pilots It is is extremely RARE that I reject a new member request and the VAST Majority of SCFLIER members fit one of the three categories above. I DID Approve our new SCFLIER Forum Member HWICK2000, based on a standard, quick, “two way communication” via email. I knew that HWICK2000 owned a Bristell, and I thought this to be an ADVANTAGE for existing SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 Members for the following reasons: Milan Bristella LEFT CSA to design a “3rd Generation” LSA. Milan is a superb aircraft designer and it seems he may have had ideas which he chose to implement on the newer Bristell LSA to IMPROVE on his previous AWESOME design, the SportCruiser LSA. Existing SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 Pilots, Owners, and even CSA and Cruiser Aircraft might learn something (pro or con) about the Bristell changes compared to the SportCruiser. An open mind would be interested in new information. the Bristell shares our Rotax engine and has improved on it with higher horsepower engine option choices. The 914 Turbo and (in Europe) the 915 iS. While CSA may not want to sell SportCruisers with higher horsepower (heavier) engines, existing SportCruiser or PiperSport and PS-28 owners may be allowed (for example going E-LSA in the FAA regulated USA) to change engines for increased Climb performance, Cruise speed, or both. Why not LEARN about new 912, 912iS, 914, 915iS .... Rotax engine technology (Pro and Con) that might someday apply to our favorite SportCruiser airplane ? If we close our eyes and don’t look at what the competition is doing, the SportCruiser line will NOT survive long term. An example - while I do like many new features of the Vans Aircraft RV-12iS LSA, I DON’T like the RV-12’s design choice (just one example) of putting the fuel tank INSIDE the cockpit. Ouch. To me, fuel tanks in the wing mean better survivability in a crash. The trade off is that the RV-12 has more easily removable wings for transport and garage storage for the airplane. Life is about choices. More Knowledge helps make better choices. I will continue to APPROVE “MOST ALL” new SCFLIER member requests unless they are Spammers, Salespeople intent on turning our forum into a SPAM AD site, Robot Computers, etc. I ask that we RESPECT and WELCOME all new members, regardless of what particular aircraft they may fly. The “aircraft type” joining SCFLIER is self regulating. There are NOT going to be many V Tail Bonanza Pilot / Owners asking to join the SCFLIER Forum. But another TYPE LSA aircraft owner that uses a Rotax 912 / 912iS / 914 / 915 engine ? This owner may have VERY useful information for a SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 aircraft owner. Please RESPECT other people's varying opinions and backgrounds. Disagreeing Respectfully is perfectly fine. A good way to learn more. We all have OPINIONS and that’s what On Line Forums are about. Friendly, USEFUL, NEW Information related to our favorite LSA aircraft, the SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 is what THIS SCFLIER forum is about. Dave
  5. as of today, 2/27/2018, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now 321 SCFLIER Forum Members !!! Awesome !!! Participation is a great way to LEARN MORE about the SportCruiser, PS-28, & PiperSport LSA !
  6. Since it appears that there is IMPROVED COMMUNICATION NOW between SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 Aircraft owners who are SCFLIER forum members with Cruiser Aircraft Inc (thanks IZZY !!!) and a Communications Link appears to be open now leading all the way to the Czech Republic CSA (Czech Sport Aircraft) Management, I am Posting this item to inform new SCFLIER Forum members of the extensive work and discussion on the SCFLIER Forum during Spring and Summer of 2016 to answer the question ”What Improvements Do Pilots/Owners Want in the SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 aircraft ?” when we last generated a Ranked Improvement List in June and July of 2016, the results were: The "Top 5" Improvements desired by SCFLIER Forum Voters for the CRUZ S-LSA Aircraft are: Letter of Authorization(s) from CSA to allow incorporation of the Dynon Angle of Attack Probe to feed AOA sensing for display with existing software in D-100/120 and SkyView Displays. (Angle of Attack Sensing and Display is a USA FAA Recommended Safety Improvement for all General Aviation Aircraft) Improved Cruise Speed and Climb Performance. (Sure, the CRUZ is only a 100 Hp LSA, but the RV-12 LSA is faster and many LSA are lighter weight) Improved Engine Cooling on the Ground especially in Hot Climates. (Get some more cooling air directed to the SportCruiser’s Rotax Cylinder Heat Sink Fins, especially on the Ground during extended taxi) Improved Reliability of the Ducati Rectifier/Regulator, especially in Hot Conditions. (Get some cooling air to the SportCruiser’s Ducati mounting location) Improved Inside Cockpit Canopy Release Handle. (the canopy release handle and latching system continues to play a role in CRUZ Accidents) Also, at the top of the list in the summer of 2016 was CSA Letter Of Authorizations for USA CRUZ S-LSA owners to add ADS-B OUT and IN equipment to older Non SKYVIEW equipped S-LSA aircraft operating in the USA. THE 2016 RESULT ? ZERO RESPONSE from Czech Sport Aircraft. Of course the CRUZ S-LSA Improvements Desired list and Ranking of items can change over time. Evolving Pilot/Owner input is important and may be revised with new input. And, there have been significant top Management changes at both Czech Sport Aircraft and Cruiser Aircraft after Oshkosh 2017. And, CSA did add "Sizzling Exterior Ramp Appeal" to the latest 2017/2018 SportCruiser aircraft with exciting new paint schemes, and "Sizzling Interior Ramp Appeal" with the New Seats and Headrests, Item 11 on our Ranked List. Now — what about items 1 through 10 ? (There are 13 total SportCruiser LSA Improvement Ideas with three ties at Ranked Items 6, 8, and 9). It is apparent to me that (just one example, Tecnam LSA is another) VANS AIRCRAFT LISTENS and RESPONDS with aircraft upgrades to their Pilot community and Vans Aircraft IMPROVES the design and safety and operational characteristics of their RV-12 LSA in response to Pilot Owner input. Will Czech Sport Aircraft step up to the competition and do the same for CRUZ S-LSA Pilot Owners ? The alternative course of action for CSA is awesome looking new CRUZ S-LSA paint schemes, but no significant design changes affecting aircraft Performance, Safety, Reliability, ....more....to the aircraft underneath the new paint other than better seats and headrests. D
  7. as of today, 1/27/2018, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now 314 SCFLIER Forum Members !!! We keep growing in members and in SCFLIER participation every month ! THANKS to all our SCFLIER Members who PARTICIPATE in the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum and work to increase EVERY MEMBER’s knowledge of the INCREDIBLE SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 Light Sport Aircraft ! Dave SCFLIER Admin

    DenverTom Great Idea ! going Experimental E-LSA has many advantages, but is not for everyone. As I expect you may already know, Experimental aircraft may NOT be used for hire, and they may (or may not, depending on the aircraft equipment and Maintenance logs and practices), experience a potential decrease in Market Value - to SOME Pilots who don't "like" Experimental aircraft. Many Pilots, however, prefer Experimental Aircraft for the flexibility and freedom of equipping the aircraft with the latest FAA recommended safety equipment, such as ADS-B OUT and IN, Angle of Attack measurement and Display, State of the Art NAV/COM equipment, more... In the USA FAA Regulated Airspace, an E-LSA must always REMAIN a Light Sport Aircraft (1320 lbs limit, 120 Knots CAS limit, Fixed Ground Adjustable propeller, more) but, an E-LSA may be equipped for IFR flight and flown in IMC, assuming of course that the Pilot In Command has an Instrument Rating, and an E-LSA Owner may make "Minor" and "Major" changes to the aircraft (within the USA LSA boundaries) without requiring a Letter of Authorization from the manufacturer, Czech Sport Aircraft. The USA E-LSA FAA Operating limitations are quite different from S-LSA Operating Limitations. see for more ideas on the Pros and Cons of converting your S-LSA to E-LSA Dave
  9. as of today, 12/29/2017, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now 307 SCFLIER Forum Members !!! Awesome ! PARTICIPATION From ALL SCFLIER Forum Members is key to knowledge transfer about our aircraft and Learning more about the incredible PS-28/SportCruiser/PiperSport Light Sport Aircraft ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  10. From the SCFLIER Admin to any potential new SCFLIER Members : Joining the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is easy, but it does require a short “two way communication” email exchange between potential New SCFLIER Members and me, the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Admin. Some potential new SCFLIER Members may have a Spam Filter Running that rejects emails from “unknown” senders. Please add my Admin email address scflieradm@yahoo.com to your “known good email addresses” to avoid having my response to your initial “Sign Up” request from being filtered out by your “SPAM” email rejection system. Your email address or any personal information that you may provide to me (the SCFLIER Admin) will NOT be shared On the Forum with anyone by me. Of course if YOU chose to share your Personal Information on-line via the SCFLIER Forum, that is your choice. Thanks ! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  11. NACA Submerged Inlet Low Drag Cooling Air Ducts

    Some comparisons of NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, formed in 1915, the predecessor to NASA) Submerged Inlet Ducts for Airplanes, designed to provide maximum smooth air flow into new (1945) buried fuselage Jet Engines (and Later Cooling Air for a multitude of purposes) with Minimum aircraft Drag. Both the existing "NACA Ducts" on the CRUZ LSA and also "NACA Ducts" on other airplanes, Cessna 210, Mooney M20, Cirrus, more.. are shown for comparison.
  12. EXCITING NEWS ! as of today, 11/7/2017, the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now 300 SCFLIER Forum Members !!! Awesome ! D
  13. Lots of interest in joining the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum this week. Two new members already activated today, and four more are in “validating “, expected to be activated soon. With six new SCFLIER members this week, , that would push the total Count of Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum to 299 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 11/3/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members ! Please join in the fun, and please Participate !!! In the SportCruiser Forum because Participation Is the Best Way to Learn More about the Awesome CRUZ TYPE SportCruiser PiperSport PS-28 LSA ! Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at scflieradm@yahoo.com regards and enjoy the SCFLIER Forum Dave Admin
  14. We are currently experiencing some "Gateway Timeout" and "Forum Access Unavailable" SCFLIER Forum Website problems emanating from the IPS Website Developer/Maintainer's Software house. I have been issuing IPS Support Requests and getting feedback of "We (IPS) Are Working On it" so, to all SCFLIER Forum Members, Please standby or, maybe even go fly your SPORTCRUISER ! and enjoy the freedom to fly an Airplane !!! while IPS works through their SW issues thanks Dave SCFLIER Forum Admin and Keeper of the Complaint File
  15. To All SCFLIERS IPS has fixed the Unable to Download Files Problem Dave