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  1. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is now 289 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 9/19/2017 !!! WELCOME to all the new SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members !!! Please feel free to join in the fun, and PARTICIPATE, which is the best way to LEARN More about the SportCruiser line of Awesome Light Sport Aircraft : Post information about your SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 LSA Aircraft, or ask questions about the CRUZ Aircraft, Rotax Engine, Avionics, Maintenance Issues or Tips, or post pictures of your airplane and flying adventures in the "Members Gallery". Any comments, complaints, suggestions, ...... please email me direct at SCFLIERADM@yahoo.com Enjoy Dave, SCFLIER Admin
  2. FYI to all SCFLIER Forum Members the IPS Forum Website Maintainer Company SW Upgrade to the latest version, 4.2.3 with new Features and important Security Checks and Hacker Attack prevention code is NOW INSTALLED AND COMPLETE. My initial checks verify everything is there and operation appears normal, so far. I am sure there will be some new Features that folks Like and some that Folks Dis-Like. Such is Life with an Internet Forum. Please notify me via email at scflieradm@yahoo.com with any Comments, Complaints, or Concerns your Friendly Admin Dave
  3. WmInce Great. Thanks for your patience. email me anytime with questions or complaints. and, we may find Interesting, Wonderful, Unexpected, Exciting New Functional Differences in how IPS SW Version 4.2.3 works TOMORROW !!! New Software Versions - "......Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never Know What You are Gonna Get......." HUMOR D
  4. WmInce Also, and I have offered this before on the Forum, the Admin can Delete Any Posts Any Where by Any Member on the Forum. The intent of course is for the Admin to be able to delete Highly Objectionable or Offensive Posts. We NEVER have had that problem on the SCFLIER Forum, and all our participating members post "Non-Objectionable" Material. So Far So Good. If any SCFLIER Wants, one of their Own Individual original SCFLIER Posts to be deleted, please send me an email at scflieradm@yahoo.com and I will be glad to manually go thru the Admin process to delete your old, No Longer Wanted Posts. And, although the "edit out all of your post material except for (at least) one individual typed character remaining" may be tiresome, it will work for each and every SCFLIER Member. My apologies for forgetting that at least ONE Typed character must remain in the Member Edited Post. Regards D PS - edited - All Forums by IPS are NOT the same. MANY Settings and Different Software Versions. I do know that IPS is moving towards more and more "Internet Security" checks and balances, and that may be driving some of "our" Forum's responses vs "other" forums.....
  5. FYI and for your "preparation" the IPS company that handles our SCFLIER Forum Website has been working on some upgrades to our latest April 2017 "version 4" software. My attitude on software upgrades is that they are a good thing, and can provide new features and security protection enhancements. Good to "keep up" with the software upgrades. However, I do not like to "jump" and Upgrade ANY software on the FIRST VERSION of a new Major release, instead waiting a while for the bugs to get worked out to keep from messing up the forum with not totally "ready" Software Upgrades. About a month ago, version 4.2 came out. Then, about two weeks ago, 4.2.1 was advertised to fix "bugs and problems" with 4.2. And, this week, version 4.2.2 was advertised to fix additional small issues and repair security issues found by IPS forum customers. So, we are getting close to Upgrading our software soon - probably in the next few weeks if no more "bug fix iterations" come out.... for those interested in the "What's New " coming with SCFLIER Forum Website software upgrade "4.2.X", here is a teaser YouTube video... https://youtu.be/FIX9QuyZsxc stay tuned Dave your friendly, but cautious with software upgrades until the always expected SW bugs get fixed.... SCFLIER Admin
  6. FYI - no action required As many know, the SCFLIER Forum is maintained and supported, protected from viruses/spam attacks, backed up Monthly, Members' Individual LogIn (Display Name) and Password data kept, etc. by a company called IPS in Virginia. This company was selected by the Prior Admin "SierraCharlie", and continued by me, the Second and Current Admin of SCFLIER. A small monthly fee (paid by the Admin) is required from IPS to keep our SCFLIER Forum Website running and up to date. There are MANY different plans and support options available from Website Suppliers. Our Original Plan, called "Standard25", is one of the "smaller" support packages, and included A Maximum Number of 25 Total SCFLIER Forum members on-line accessing the Website at any one time A Maximum Amount (2 gig in GigaBytes) of Media and Storage space on the IPS Computer servers An UNLIMITED Number of total SCFLIER Forum Members who have log-in privileges and access to SCFLIER In the past year, we have added many new SCFLIER Members, a very good thing for Information Exchange about the awesome CRUZ type Light Sport Aircraft, called SportCruiser, PiperSport, or PS-28 in different countries and depending on when the aircraft was built and by whom (CZAW or CSA). Our IPS Support plan was upgraded from the "Standard 25" plan to a "25 Member / 5 Gigabyte Storage Plan" last year. Recently, we have been "approaching" our current Maximum Storage Limit of 5 gigabytes, which is primarily driven by User Uploaded Images (High Resolution Pictures). We have NOT typically approached the limit of our "low level" IPS Website "Standard25" plan of 25 Total Members on-line at any one time. No problem here. This 25 member limit is much larger than our typical daily "at any one time" Log-Ins of approximately 5-6 SCFLIER Members. Today, to make sure that our SCFLIER Forum continues to operate smoothly for all members, your friendly Admin (me) Upgraded our IPS Website Support plan from the "25 member / 5gig storage" Plan 25 maximum members on-line at any one time 5 gigabytes Media & Storage limit Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges to a new, slightly larger Website Support Plan called "Super 65" which will allow us room to grow in the future: 65 maximum members on-line at any one time 8 gigabytes Media & Storage limit Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges One way that individual SCFLIER Forum members can help is to reduce the overall size and quantity of Very High Resolution photos that may be uploaded to the SCFLIER Forum. Choosing "medium or low" resolution on JPEG files to be uploaded can help reduce our total storage requirements. It is up to the individual SCFLIER Member to choose Uploaded Image Storage requirements and Resolution - sometimes, High Resolution photos are needed to get a point across. There are also ways that I can take to "compress" (Reduce displayed resolution of) some especially large uploaded images, but I have not taken that (editing images) step at this time. Details of the IPS Website Support plan upgrade are included in the attached (low resolution) Pictures below. The SCFLIER Forum continues to be free to all members, with the monthly charges paid by the Admin. Enjoy regards Dave SCFLIER Admin
  7. WOW. That was QUICK ! We have a NEW Winner of the SCFLIER "Participation Raffle" Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receiver with accessories. "BeachComber". our First "Runner Up" in the original Random Number generated Raffle List has been contacted, and per Crusader16's very generous "Donate Back" stipulations, BeachComber does NOT already have a Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver, and is now our NEW WINNER. Congratulations BeachComber ! Dave
  8. Bob No worries I like your idea of using the "Runner Up" on my original random number generated list of 1-N "Participating" SCFLIERS. How about I send an email to the "next in line Runner Up" and ask that person "Do you already own a GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN receiver?" if the next person in line says No, then they are your "donated back" Re-WINNER. Done. if, however, they already OWN a GDL-39, then I continue working my way down the original Random Number generated list in order until I find someone withOUT a GDL-39. This is easier and quicker than asking ALL the "Participating SCFLIERS" in the 1-N List if they already own a GDL-39, and I believe achieves your objective. Does this plan sound good to you ? I believe YOU, Bob Crusader16 should decide since right now you OWN the GDL-39 3D equipment... please advise thanks Dave
  9. Bob Crusader16 that is a very generous gesture to donate back the GDL-39 3D I see two choices: 1) you can select, and please let us know who is the new SCFLIER GDL-39 3D "re-winner"... ...I can deliver the box with GDL-39 3D, battery, cables, antennas, etc to you and you can send it direct to the "re-winner" of your choice. or 2) I can attempt to determine via email who among our "participating" (at least 4 Total SCFLIER posts) SCFLIER forum members does NOT currently own a GARMIN GDL-39, and then I can use my "random number generator raffle winner selection process" to randomly pick the new "re-winner" out of that smaller ? subset of SCFLIERs. please let me know your choice thanks for your very generous "donate back" of the GDL-39 3D and accessories to SCFLIER ! Dave
  10. Izzy and Sierra Charlie: thanks for the kind words however, I believe the credit for the SCFLIER Forum growth is due to the awesome input from ALL our members who provide great, useful information to other CRUZ LSA owners and Pilots. I am especially pleased with the Forum membership growth "outside the USA", .....England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, ... more....since a LARGE number of the SportCruiser/PS-28 Cruiser aircraft fly in many other countries worldwide, not just the USA. We all benefit from the input and discussion from ALL our members ! as an example of the benefit of increased "World Wide" SportCruiser participation and discussion, there was a video posted recently here on SCFLIER of a very interesting SportCruiser based in the Netherlands (aircraft PH-NOS) with an in-flight adjustable propeller system. The Dutch Pilot has not "posted" any information on SCFLIER about the system, but the video led to other websites explaining how the propeller is adjustable in flight. While not legal to be installed in USA FAA regulated Light Sport Aircraft, this system IS legal and flying on SportCruisers in other countries. The discussion of benefits/tradeoffs/pros/cons of such a fascinating technology in the CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft benefits all SCFLIER Forum members - to me, more input from more members provides more opportunities for learning. Please Keep the postings and pictures and videos and INFORMATION about our fine Light Sport Aircraft coming ! Dave https://youtu.be/tSzo5LtxooM http://www.airmasterpropellers.com/sportcruiser
  11. The Current Active, Validated Members with Log-In Privileges on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum is 268 SCFLIER Forum Members as of 6/28/2017. Our newest SCFLIER SportCruiser Members are located in: Tennessee, USA England the Netherlands Scotland (re-activated Membership) Minnesota, USA Florida, USA WELCOME ! looking forward to some great SCFLIER postings and pictures from a large world wide range of locations where our CRUZ SportCruiser LSAs are flown ! Dave SCFLIER Forum Admin
  12. WmInce Thanks much for pointing out the smaller SCFLIER Forum banner image "overlap" problem in an iPad operating in Landscape Mode. I duplicated the problem on an iPad in Landscape mode, and believe I have it fixed now. Please advise Thanks Dave
  13. FYI to all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members I deleted the IPS SW version 4.X "original default choice" of the SCFLIER Theme Logo showing "IPS Community Suite" today. Now there are only two Member Selectable Theme Logos available: The SCFLIER Forum banner with a large picture of a new model CRUZ LSA flying in the Bravo Airspace near Dallas Love Field (this is the new DEFAULT Theme Logo). Use this Theme (or select it) if you love looking at an Awesome SportCruiser aircraft flying in some of the busiest airspace in the USA. The "Minimalist" SCFLIER Forum banner with a much Smaller picture of the same CRUZ LSA over Downtown Dallas. Select this Theme if you want a very small banner and CRUZ LSA Picture up at the top of every page. Enjoy your SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Theme Logos. Soon, I would like to add three new choices for the SCFLIER Forum Theme Logo for Members living in the following three countries: Ireland Australia United Kingdom If any of our SCFLIER Forum Members from these three countries have images that they may want used in a third, fourth, and fifth Member selectable Theme Logo to appear at the top of all the SCFLIER Pages for their use, please send me your Ireland, Australia, or UK SportCruiser images to scflieradm@yahoo.com Thanks ! Dave SCFLIER Admin
  14. Available with the new IPS Software version 4.X, since late April 2017.... For those that may want to display a different "THEME" (Logo) up at the top of every page on the SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum, here is how to do it. See pics below for where to click on the SCFLIER Forum page... After you log in with your "Display Name" and "Password", Look Down at the very bottom of the SCFLIER Forum page Find the "THEME" choice button in the center left of the bottom of the page Click the Down Arrow to the right of "Theme", and three choices (today) of Logo "Themes" come up available for you to select: The boring, default, "IPS Community Suite" Theme A large, SCFLIER Forum banner with a nice picture of a new SportCruiser flying over downtown Dallas, in the Bravo Airspace near KDAL Love Field A "Minimalist" SCFLIER Forum banner with a small picture of the SportCruiser in choice 2 above Once you have your choice selected with your mouse, CLICK on it, and the new "Theme" will be used on your SCFLIER Pages until you decide to change it That's It. Enjoy Dave
  15. Thank you Shawn for an AMEN from the choir ! ONWARD and Upward ! LOL D