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  1. My understanding is that Ducati issues are really engine compartment heat issues - there are lots of LSAs ( including mine ) that are on the original rectifier without any problems ...
  2. Ha .... metric vs imperial , tell me about it .. I had an oil tank go bad ( a mechanic installed a quick oil release valve with not enough clearance between the valve and the exhaust below so the valve kept banging on the exhaust during engine startup , and eventually the oil tank bottom bolt gave out ) so I had to get a new tank - trouble is they my original tank and fittings were European and I could only get the imperial version here so I kept the European top of the tank ( so it fits the oil lines ) and used imperial bottom of the tank since that’s the only one I could get here heheh - it works fine since the only difference is at the top related to pipe fitting but what a pain ...
  3. There is a certain serene charm to flying with that white stuff all around you ... and the density altitude makes it feel like you are almost flying a Cirrus ( almost ..)
  4. Well, I guess the only thing left to do is move Oshkosh down to Florida somewhere ...if that happens , I am out of here .. I guess the only thing keeping me here is that negative 2000 density altitude we get here at times - makes for some fine flying.
  5. It seems like everybody is either based in Florida or heading there ... what’s up with that ?
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