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  1. Hey Everyone, My name is Johnathan Smith but I am in the news as LightSport Man (https://www.lightsportman.com/lightsport-man-story/). I would like to say hello to everyone.. I am now working as a CFI going all my flying in a SC so I would love to network and talk with other pilots. I am in Arizona but my main airport is Glendale (KGEU). Also some good reading is: The sky's the limit for pilot who overcame stuttering to fly https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/glendale-contributor/2016/12/15/skys-limit-pilot-who-overcame-stuttering-fly/94361014/ I would love it if everyone can please read my story and maybe following on the internet.. thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone.. Email: LightSportMan@Gmail.com

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