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  1. This little one - 2014 Classic PS-28 cruiser. Purchased to train in and was attracted by the style, ease and low cost of ownership (apart from certification! Argh) and overall enjoyable flyability; even with less than ten hours of experience (and only three in the last year or two) I was able happily to control in all phases of flight and do numerous circuits. Not a bad testament. A confession though - having been a glider pilot back aged 16 I was significantly attracted by stick and bubble canopy combo. My more recent training in PA-28 was enjoyable - I like low wing - but all I remembered after flying was seeing flashes of green and blue between large amounts of plane structure. More like driving a car...which was Cessna and Piper’s intent, I guess. Still a very new owner so getting to grips. But looking forward to it!
  2. Speaking as one of those new members - and a UK based one, at that - it’s great to be here and there are some wonderful resources. Especially for a new SC owner, which I also am, so expect lots of stupid questions
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