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  1. Hi Crusader16. I am one of the pilots that flew into Sulphur Springs.

    My plane is the one closest to the FBO.

    My buddies and I fly together a lot ( weather permitting) of you give me your contact info, I will be happy to contact you.

  2. I usually top off about an inch and a half short of the top. Then I manually adjust the fuel setting to 14 gal per side. Probably having closer to 14.75 gal in each tank. This has worked well for me.
  3. Dave Sierra Charlie- thank you very much for all the work and time (and money) you have put in to SCFLIER.COM I wish you lots of happy times with your family in Florida. We will miss you. I would like to say how happy I am that Dave is taking over the running of the site. He will do a very good job. Good luck Dave !!
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