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  1. Shawn is right, common courtesy would dictate one introduces himself before shooting "one's mouth off". This forum has been in existence longer than he has been flying SCs. He works for Izzy at Cruiser and by the looks of his interview, he hasn't done many of those either.
  2. Dave has graciously volunteered to take on the Admin duties of the SCFlier Forum. I will 'aid and assist' where needed but feel comfortable that we are in good hands with Dave at the helm. We've come a long way in 2 years; approaching almost 200 members. I'd like to thank all the contributors that have made input - making us all a 'better group' of SC Fliers. Clear Skies, Dave Fleming aka Sierra Charlie
  3. Thanks to all, but Dave has stepped up and contacted me and he'll take over the reigns in the coming weeks. We will keep everyone posted. Shawn, the host is Invision Power Systems and I used them because I modeled the SC Flier Forum after a Flight Design Forum they started several years ago. Invision takes a lot of the 'admin' out of the situation; hence it's been worth the $20/month and doesn't increase unless we have over 50 members on at a time. US Sport Aircraft has not been much of a contributor over the years, not because they don't care, more because they are busy selling airplanes. It think it best that the owner or "admin" of our forum be an owner or third party rather than the actual importer. Not sure what you mean about charging a lower fee for membership ... membership now is free, so not sure how we lower that! Charging a membership fee would be too difficult; hence I made the membership free. Anyway, will keep everyone posted on how Dave and I proceed. Dave
  4. I've come to a cross roads, of sorts, in that I've got my SC up for sale and plan to relocate to Florida to be closer to our grandkids. I would like to transition from the blog and find someone willing to take on the responsibility. Financially, it is $20/month to keep it operating and the 'system' basically keeps track of spammers. Only a few times have I ever had to intervene as the "Admin". Practically speaking, I get on the site about 3 times a week to check on what the traffic is, so the burden of being the Admin is about as difficult as a no flap landing. Anyway, if anyone is interested in taking on the responsibility, please contact me. Invision Power Services provides great support. SC Flier Forum is hosted in their cloud so transfer of ownership is relatively easy. Regardless, it’s been a great 2 years and today we have almost 180 members. I’ll continue to operate the site through June 30; after which I will cancel it, if we can’t find a new owner. Clear Skies, Dave Sierra Charlie
  5. Go to a folder and ask your question ... we'll all see it
  6. Nice pic, Steve. Where are you? Do you live on a lake or near one?
  7. Dave, is that just an antenna 'cover' or is it the actual antenna itself? Looks good Dave
  8. 132 downloads

    My personalized checklist for the SVAP+. Probably a little more than 'required' but something I like to have. Used a similar version with my 2008 SportCruiser.
  9. Sierra Charlie

    Nose To nose

    Pretty cool pic ... Steve always gets the luck ... well sometimes ...
  10. Sierra Charlie

    Steve Posner

    Guess which one gets better gas mileage
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