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  1. ...at my age, I get to choose who I fly with. You are NOT the student from hell, you are "a chosen one". Welcome to the group.
  2. I may have mentioned it here but didn't change it out. I was hoping a LOA would allow me to upgrade. I'm averaging just under 200 hours per unit. I agree with the heat/cooling issue.
  3. As I announced my exit from the runway, I was alerted to low voltage. I ordered a new Ducati voltage rectifier from Certus. It would be my 5th replacement since new.
  4. Welcome, Scott. Flying and instructing in a SportCruiser is just so much more fun than flying a Cessna. What would you consider a "good deal"?
  5. Hi Agis, welcome to the forum. Where are you located?
  6. Thank you for your service. I hope you get to fly soon. I fly out of Tampa Exec. https://lsaeronaut.weebly.com/
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