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  1. Cruise Speeds

    For xcountry I use 5350 - 5450, TAS ~ 118 with burn at < 6.0 gal/hr. When bouncing in the local area for fun I set fuel flow at 5 gal/hr and use whatever she gives me. Skyview.mp4
  2. Just curious, is there any restriction on the ROTAX engine flying in IFR conditions? "The 912ULS and its certified sibling, the 912S, are built on the same Austrian factory floor, by the same technicians, to the same standards and specifications, out of the same parts bins. The main differences are the data plate (red vs. black), and of course the price."
  3. Thanks I'll look into it. I've wrapped some "no slip" tape around the step to reduce the possibility of slipping.
  4. My student had a hard time finding the step when exiting the aircraft. Another student slipped on the step and planted his knee in my flap.