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  1. We've discussed all this previously. E-LSA flight conditions IFR in VMC or IMC does NOT require a certified engine or prop. Nav equipment (VOR/LOC, ILS glideslope, GPS enroute, GPS non-precision approach, GPS WAAS approach) must be certified. Garmin 496/696 units are not certified. But you can still have them switched on as "advisory" provided not the primary source of navigation. .
  2. If the aircraft is properly equipped and the pilot is qualified, an E-LSA may be flown IFR. Part 91.205 specifies equipment required. Cheapest solution is probably Garmin SL-30. Your primary navigational/approach capability would be VOR/LOC/ILS using the SL-30 with Dynon/SV's non-IFR-approved GPS as "advisory". You could spend more and get an IFR-approved WAAS GPS such as the Garmin 430W and then be IFR GPS navigation and approach capable. A certified engine and prop are NOT required for IFR on an uncertified E-LSA. A backup AI is NOT required, but it would make sense if flying IFR in IMC to have a portable battery Dynon D1 or D2.
  3. 31 October posting on CSA facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Czech-Sport-Aircraft-PS28-Cruiser/308000072545216 "ADS-B for SportCruiser/PiperSport aircraft existing fleet Following the requirement applicable for the entire General Aviation fleet in the USA as of January 1, 2020 and calling for the ADS-B-out upgrade of all GA aircraft operated in the USA, Czech Sport Aircraft a.s. hereby informs all current users and owners of SportCruiser/ PiperSport aircraft operated in the USA that works on applicable and affordable solution of that requirement have been already started. We are analyzing the various systems available on the market with the objective to find the most suitable product for the SportCruiser/PiperSport aircraft We will develop and present corresponding solution within such time frame that will provide and guarantee that all SportCruiser/PiperSport aircraft can be upgraded before January 1, 2020."
  4. CSA is now a small operation selling around 20 aircraft per year at US$150K each.Some of those are to new dealers. Few full-time staff - maybe two admin and two engineers, who have to deal with certification papers, SB/SAs, and also LOAs. So somewhat under-resourced.Most production staff have other jobs who do "evenings and weekends" when an order comes in. Sadly LSA manufacturers are likely "dead in the water" with changing medical regulation (FAA, UK CAA and more to follow quickly). The majority of LSA (in the US) were sold to light sport pilots (without medicals) who very soon will be able to fly C152/C172/PA28 etc. The survivors (Tecnam, Remos?) will probably be those players that diversified into alternative certification types. Not sure about CSA.
  5. "2nd place -what exactly are you expecting for a LOA to "improve cruise and climb performance"? File down the rivets? You could change the fixed pitch of the prop but that will improve either cruise OR climb performance, not both.
  6. I've already mentioned that "7. armrests" are already available as retrofits, albeit at c. $400 per armrest. Pointless voting on it?
  7. cynamonb 4. armrestsAlready available to order. Not cheap though - around $400 each side. Cheaper to make one.
  8. Very well done to Dave for his leadership over the past two years.
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