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  1. This is a great event. We generally get well over 100 aircraft.
  2. Shawn Flying Monkey is correct. If you put an in flight adjustable prop on an aircraft that previously met the light sport requirements it can never again be flown by a sport pilot even if the propeller is changed back.
  3. Dave Thanks for the great upgrade and for provide this valuable resource for the "cruiser" Community.
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    Blowing off steam after the fly in with some barstool racing.
  5. I agree that US Sport has had a lot to do with the success of the marque and that direct entry by a foreign manufacturer is a tough road. Based on what little information is available its a little unclear as to whether that is in fact what CSA has in mind or if what they are actually doing is entering into a marketing and support arrangement with a new US representative.
  6. I would imagine that the heat in Dallas in the summertime is even worse than Florida. We are headed for the Western North Carolina mountains to try and beat the heat.
  7. Just saw that the AOPA Sweepstakes Aircraft will have new windows that are supposed to block UV and lower cockpit temps, that would be a nice upgrade. See below; The winner of our 172 Sweepstakes won’t have that issue–at least, not unless he or she lives in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s because the technicians at Yingling Aviation in Wichita have installed a complete PolyOne SC15 UV/infrared blocking solar gray window set. The window set was provided by LP Aero Plastics Inc. of Jeannette, Pennsylvania.What do all those numbers and letters mean? The windows include an acrylic material that is said to decrease cockpit temperatures 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The material provides protection from ultraviolet rays that can harm you.
  8. 1. Move the headphone jacks, possibly to the panel. The location next to the canopy latch is messy and can lead to the canopy becoming unlatched in flight. 2. Some means for securing the canopy partially open, say 2" or so during ground ops, I current use a piece of foam pool noodle. 3. Better ventilation with the canopy closed that can be retrofit to the existing fleet 4. Armrests as available in the newer models that can be retrofit to the existing fleet 5. A library of previously issued LOA's to be used as a reference resource.
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