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  1. Welcome TTABS to the flight and congrats on your new “old” SportCruiser. When you have time, tell us a little about your plane; year, hours, etc. This helps us answer some of your questions. I’ll start off with the cushion issue you had. Your Wally World solution is a good one and if comfortable keep using it. I bought a seat cushion from Oregon Aero years ago and have been very happy with it. Makes flying long x-country’s more comfortable. My problem with the cushion is catching the top of my headset on the sunshade. I’m still playing with that one and it has to do with adjusting the shade more than anything. Anyway, welcome and have fun with your SC!
  2. Hi Crusader16. I am one of the pilots that flew into Sulphur Springs.

    My plane is the one closest to the FBO.

    My buddies and I fly together a lot ( weather permitting) of you give me your contact info, I will be happy to contact you.

  3. Congrats "Beachcomber" on winning the -39. You will have lots of fun with it in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Fly safe and we'll see ya in the air! Bob
  4. I like your plan Dave. Let us know who the new winner is! Bob
  5. Dave, I'm certainly not worthy of picking the next winner, although I appreciate the offer. I feel it best if we let the computer pick the next raffle winner. That only seems fair for all. Or if there was a runner-up in the selection, perhaps they would be next in line for the prize. Sorry to make this so complicated. I'm sure there is some SportCruiser pilot out there that could use this GDL-39. Bob
  6. Thanks Dave for this GREAT piece of equipment! I've never won anything before, not even the elusive airplane give always from EAA and AOPA. But I've got a problem and it's a good problem. I already have a GDL39 and I don't really need two. So with your blessing, I'd like to donate the 39 back into the forum to go to someone who really needs one. These things are quite expensive as you now so hopefully this will go to someone more in need of a -39. Thanks again and we all appreciate the wonderful job you are doing with this forum! Bob
  7. Heading back home to Dallas today. Catching the silver bird out of MKE this afternoon. Anybody going to the fly-in this week-end, keep bugging CSA for more information on the ADS-B Out equippage for 2020. Maybe find Tom Schrade as recommended earlier for more details. See you guys in the air later! Bob
  8. Okay you guys don't shoot me because I'm just the messager. Talked to the Sales Manager from CSA because Tom was off giving demo rides. The word now is CSA is going to issue a Service Bulletin in the fourth quarter of this year that will cover legacy SportCruisers for ADS-B Out equippage for 2020. Asked what type of equipment was going to be involved, he did not know as yet. So stay turned. Hope this helps out. If anyone else finds out anything else about this, please give us an update. Thanks, Bob
  9. I will. Thought about going out again tomorrow to see Tom or someone else higher up who might know something. Hard to think of spending another $33 bucks just to get in the door. Will see if anyone else gets the same answer I did. I think that Garmin GDL82 would look mighty pretty in my experimental SportCruiser! ? Bob
  10. Yes Dave, I was out there yesterday anxiously awaiting their big announcement for the LOA on any ADS-B out equipment. Apparently I talked to the wrong person because they didn't know what I was referring too. Still holding my breath! ? Bob
  11. Crusader16

    Cruise Speeds

    Hi John and welcome to the Flight. I typically cruise around 5200 rpm between 3000 and 4500 feet. On the average I see about 110 kts indicated. Your mileage may vary with how your prop is setup. Congrats of being a new SportCruiser owner. Have fun flying! Bob
  12. Thanks Dave for the excellent clarification. The combination of Garmin 660 GPS and GDL39 antenna used as portable devises in our aircraft are excellent aids to navigation, traffic, and weather. I'm sure the raffle winner will be quite pleased with the utility of the 39. Thanks again Dave for your input. Bob
  13. Thanks Shawn! Yes, I have seen pictures of your ADS-B set-up, which is totally awesome by the way, and will probably end up going your route if CSA doesn't come through with an upgrade for us. We will hold off until early 2019 on the conversion from Special LSA to Experimental LSA then do the ADS-B upgrade unless CSA approves something earlier. Tired of keeping my fingers crossed though! Bob
  14. Dave, Question, is the Garmin 660 approved to be hard wired in the SportCruiser? Need explained as I have a portable 660 but not installed in instrument panel because I don't think it is part of the equipment list. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks, Bob