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  1. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. And also, thanks for all you do for us (Karen too!). The same vender (Envision Power Services) provides service to the CT Flier Forum (http://ctflier.com/). This forum looks very much like their forum. With a few exceptions. Over there, they provide the ability to delete posts with a simple "Options" then "delete" button. I just find it odd it is not available to us here.
  2. The above is not true, at least, that has been my experience. After following your directions, when I attempt to delete text in a previous post I made, I am presented with a dialog box that says, "You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again." That is contrary to what you stated above.
  3. Don't know if it will be included, but sure would like to see the ability to delete our own posts.
  4. Correct Shawn, on both of your assertions. 3 LOA's; Dynon Skyview D-700's, Matco brakes + wheels, and an Artex ELT. Flight Design has been really good in working with us. Very reasonable and very prompt. After submitting MRA's (manufacture request for alteration), the LOA's were approved and sent back in a week. So far for me, support has been good.
  5. Not so. I already have 3 LOA's, with my S-LSA. Whoever passed that on to you must have been pretty wise, eh? You won't know how true that claim is . . . until you sell your aircraft. Seriously, good luck with that.
  6. One upgrade I wouldn't mind having though, is replacing my G396 with the Garmin Aera 660. That''s a great little unit that fits nicely in the same spot where the G396 sits. It seems like it is just a smaller version of the G796, at about half the cost. All that withstanding, the only thing I really use my G396 for is backup GPS position and a constant page displaying NST airports. It works very well.
  7. Shawn, Unless I am missing something or things at Dynon have changed, when you presently purchase Skyview, the database subscription is included in the purchase price of the unit, for life. For my Skyview database subscription (FAA aviation and obstacle), I pay nothing. Now, if I want to add Seattle Avionics charts to Skyview, that is $99/yr or $199/3 yrs. I let my Seattle Avionics subscription expire, because Skyview and/or Foreflight/WngX suffice just fine (VFR). That withstanding, the G796 and Aera 660 units are awesome. But at this point, adding either one would be somewhat overkill. As you implied, I also use my iPad for additional information and Skyview backup.
  8. Bingo Dave! That looks great. Thank you for all your effort.
  9. Thank you Dave, for the feedback. I like the new site. I guess it's kinda' like me . . . a work in progress.
  10. Why does the user ID extend past the header graphic? Is anybody else seeing that with their display?
  11. In landscape viewing mode, with an iPad, when "SmallerCTFLIERLogoImage" theme is selected, the top/right of the splash page does not display correctly. There appears to be frame overlap. Is there any way users can correct this?
  12. It's not so much that, but I do think by going E-LSA, you reduce the size of your market, when it's time to sell the airplane. Here's why: I have talked to some perspective buyers (especially 1st time buyers) who would not even consider an E-AB or E-LSA aircraft, for fear that shortcuts or shoddy maintenance may have been signed off by individuals, who have not received sufficient maintenance training to ensure a high degree of quality. In some cases, based upon some airplanes I've considered purchasing, I think that is valid concern. Of course, one could argue, the same could be said for aircraft that have been maintained by 'not so good' A&P's. We all know there are some out there. As for the resale, you will never know the true value of your E-LSA . . . until the day you sell it. IMHO, attention to detail and good documentation is key to selling any aircraft.
  13. Thanks a lot Dave . . . that did the trick!