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  1. Bing 64 issues

    Sounds like debris in the carburetors. Suggest you drop the bowls and inspect for foreign objects. Very simple to do. See the YouTube video on how to do that. If carbs are free of debris, then perhaps they need to be resynchronized. There is a Rotax video on that also.
  2. A new member

    Correct. My feeble attempt at a little humor failed miserably. i just hate that about me.
  3. A new member

    Wow! . . . . somebody really needs to re-arrange their priorities.
  4. A new member

    For a Bristell, that empty weight is actually pretty good. Throw in BRS and fuel injection and that makes a big difference in weight. Think fuel. I love the Bristell. 51 inches of shoulder room can't be beat, by any other LSA. My CT has is close, with 49 inches.
  5. A new member

    Is your Bristell equipped with a BRS? Can you share with us the published "empty weight" of your airplane? Some of us may want to buy one.
  6. Again, that does not sound right. Regardsing S-LSA, there has to be fleet accountability. In the above scenario, who submits the LOA, and who is the receiver of the LOA? Once an alteration is initially installed by BRM, how does the factory track which S-LSA's, in their fleet, have which alterations? If no accurate (and up to date) records are tracked, on individual airframes, how would the NTSB determine, if an S-LSA had proper and approved equipment installed, during an accident investigation?
  7. And so would uAvionix echoUAT+SkyFYX-EXT. Thus far, that is my first choice. Will probably install this year.
  8. That does not seem right. LOA's are serial number specific to each airplane in a manufacturers fleet. If there is a "blanket" LOA, an MRA (Manufacturer Request for Alteration) still has to be submitted for each indvidual airplane. If approved by the manufacturer, then an LOA is issued, with approval and installation instructions/limitations.
  9. Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply. And also, thanks for all you do for us (Karen too!). The same vender (Envision Power Services) provides service to the CT Flier Forum (http://ctflier.com/). This forum looks very much like their forum. With a few exceptions. Over there, they provide the ability to delete posts with a simple "Options" then "delete" button. I just find it odd it is not available to us here.
  10. The above is not true, at least, that has been my experience. After following your directions, when I attempt to delete text in a previous post I made, I am presented with a dialog box that says, "You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again." That is contrary to what you stated above.
  11. Don't know if it will be included, but sure would like to see the ability to delete our own posts.
  12. Correct Shawn, on both of your assertions. 3 LOA's; Dynon Skyview D-700's, Matco brakes + wheels, and an Artex ELT. Flight Design has been really good in working with us. Very reasonable and very prompt. After submitting MRA's (manufacture request for alteration), the LOA's were approved and sent back in a week. So far for me, support has been good.