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  1. Really? There was a Sportcruiser gathering in Fresno? Dang, I missed out!
  2. CSA posted more photos up on Facebook. I saw the photos and am wondering... what are those hoses on the bottom left (right in the photo) of the cowling, and what’s that other thing dangling down on the right side of the cowling?
  3. That Draco is AMAZING! Check out this video from Trent Palmer - forward to 7:20 mark and you can see how slow Draco can approach and land. MIND BLOWN!
  4. Oops! Sorry guys! Didn’t mean to burst any bubbles. And remember, I’m a West Coast guy, so “dry heat” is what I’m used to. People obviously camp under the wings, and they seem to do OK. I’m just old enough that creature comforts matter to me. For example, sleeping on the ground with no other padding other than a blanket doesn’t work for me anymore. Heck, sleeping in a truck bed doesn’t work either. It’s an RV or a hotel for me anymore. And I want that AC and hot shower at the end of a long, sweaty day. Yeah, I’ve become high maintenance in my older age. On the flip side, there’s deep fried cheese curds... and they’re GOOD! And there’s Culver’s for burgers and custards, and they’re good too! And gosh if the people aren’t just really nice out in Wisconsin. I think next year, I’ll attend again. I’ll likely fly commercial and stay in Green Bay like I did a couple years back.
  5. Oooh... with the storms that roll through there and the humidity at night? I'll pass on the tent camping. But getting a hotel room right next to Airventure IS on my bucket list (if ever that will happen.) Failing that, driving in with a trailer to a full hookup camp site is my next best "bucket list" option.
  6. LOL - well, not quite the "same week I bought it", but I am following your lead into E-LSA. It truly is the only avenue to follow given the factory's lack of response. But as I posted in the NLG thread, I think there's enough admiration for the aircraft and overall design that people will come up with solutions to improve the weaknesses in this design. I believe you have the improved fork that folks on the EU version of this forum have created, and if you devise a shock for the NLG, I suspect people will be beating a path to your door. I'll be first in line. ?
  7. Izzy, thanks for all you did for us. And I appreciate all the great support I got from the staff from a Cruiser Aircraft. But the factory... My mom taught me that if I had nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. So there is nothing to add here.
  8. I wonder if this was the primary reason that Milan left CSA and opened Bristell? If only the Bristel had an older fleet that would be in my price range. Regardless at this point since I'm well on my way to going E-LSA.
  9. Lol! I once had a girlfriend that made me chose between her and my 1970 Mustang Mach 1. I chose poorly and still miss that car! (Girlfriend I kicked to the curb years later when she made me choose between my dying father and her.) Luckily my wife is amazing and understanding. Ttabs, assuming you are S-LSA, you can use the Aera 660 as a stand alone unit that is not permanently installed in the panel. As others has indicated, the G5 will not be acceptable if you had to go through any kind of annual or conversion.
  10. Ah! Thanks Shawn! I wonder if the prior owner got an LOA for that? ? Sorry TTabs - just an ongoing joke we have on the forum about LOAs. But certainly good to have one on board to ensure the fuel pump and pressure is where it’s intended.
  11. rtk

    Fuel caps

    I got the SPRL fuel caps with lock (for peace of mind) for my CRUZ Aircraft. But at the time, I ordered the less expensive locking fuel cap with the red “universal ring.” Innhindsight, if anyone is ordering the fuel cap, you’ll want the threaded ring and locking cap that Shawn refers to (about $75 each) as our CRUZ aircraft come with those threaded rings that screw into our fuel tank.
  12. Congratulations on your Sportcruiser! And welcome to the forum! Lots of great members and information shared here. Looks like you have an extra gauge on the right seat under the ELT test button port. Is that an hour timer for the engine? (I can’t quite make it out.) Looking forward to reading more about your bird and flights/adventures you have with it!
  13. rtk

    Fuel caps

    I don’t know if the aluminum caps offered at Aircraft Spruce (for Vans aircraft) will work, but they seem to offer the SPRL caps for the Vans aircraft as well. Would use of a different fuel cap require a LOA? (Serious question as I don’t know, but I would hope not as I would consider this a “service part.’)
  14. rtk

    A new member

    Thanks for the kind invite, Hwick2000! Will let you know when I plan to head up there!
  15. rtk

    A new member

    Great photos, Hwick2000! Did you bring oxygen to fly at those flight levels? If so, was it the bottle with inhaler mask, or did you have a cannula? There's another LSA pilot not far from you in Mammoth Lakes: Ed Cessnalis. He flies a yellow CTsw and flies over the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges to take amazing photographs. Here's his website, if interested in his photography: http://www.edcesnalis.com He frequents to CT Flier forum in case you have any interest in chatting with a nearby LSA pilot. I have a desire to fly up your way since (as I think I mentioned before) I have a friend in the Carson City area. But I'd probably fly along the valley (avoid the cinder cone volcano!) and maybe land in Lone Pine or Bishop for breaks - possibly Lee Vining. I am interested in fuel injection and have been following Edge Performance's offerings pretty closely. Once I become E-LSA, I'll look a little closer.