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  1. JDevoy

    canopy handle

    Yeah I’m coming to that conclusion. Doesn’t really add much. Guides are great, aligns every time.
  2. JDevoy

    canopy handle

    Brilliant as always Shawn. Yup got an 8.5mm yesterday. Fitting today. Did the canopy guides yesterday. Simple but immense solution. Canopy glides closed now. No more juggling it side to side. The imperial/metric thing is a bummer. USA bits on a European design. Need two sets of tools!
  3. JDevoy

    canopy handle

    Hi SC, do you know which size drill bit I need for the canopy handle rivnuts. Cheers
  4. Sorry shawn for taking so long to respond. I didnt realise I had responses! Yeah I am going to redo the console over the next winter break. In retrospect as you said the switches take up way to much space. Going to remove the iPad holder, impossible to see the screen in the sun. Planning on another HDX there, with a G5 in the centre console section. The 'carbon fibre' is 3M stick on. It looks good but am also going to change it as well, maybe do grey as you said. Ideally I would like to get an actua carbon fibre custom panel with teh copilot side slightly angled towards pilot side. Only problem is Im not capable of doing that myself so have to find someone and just dont' know where to start. Teh Jabiru runs well. There is lots of talk about them overheating but TBH mine is fine. I was thinking of doing the watercooled option but I have no real need. CHTs get a bit high on No 3 cylinder on climb out put go back down as soon as you take some power off.
  5. Thanks Dave, Sorry so long in responding. For some reason couldn't get back into the site. Im a reasonably new private pilot and loved the look of the CRUZ. In the UK there are around 20 Jabiru 3300 powered versions. There is a lot of talk about them overheating easily but not sure if that's not just scaremongering. On climb out I will get a CHT Overheat warning but a stepped climb will negate that. Yes Dynon AOA, Static port again is the Dynon Kit. Simple to fit, basically a couple holes drilled near to the hair intake scoops. No idea about the cowlings, getting any documents on the Jabiru version build has been pretty difficult. Will be changing the panel again in the 2019/20 winter break. The iPad is pretty useless, just cant see the screen in any decent sunshine. Also teh switches take up way to much space. GOing back to the originals. Putting another 10@ HDX is where the iPad is and the G5 will replace the MGL but in the centre console (as will be room without the big switches)
  6. Hi I’m a UK (West of Scotland) PPL. 57 years old and achieved dream of my PPL 2 years ago. I bought a Jabiru 3300 engined 2012 home built SC just over a year ago. Recently updraded the steam gauges and Dynon D100/120 to the Skyview HDX, with integrated Transponder, radio, AP and intercom. Also a Guardian Avionics iPad mini powered mount. Reasonably pleased with result but going to rebuild panel again later this year. Don’t like the layout and the big switches I fitted. Planning on a second HDX, putting standard toggle switches and CB’s. Freeing up some space then in centre console as under UK LAA (similar to USA EAA) I must have backup primary instruments from alternative power/manufacturer. So a Garmin G5 is my thinking. Also looking to fit the Rotec water cooled heads https://www.rotecaerosport.com/lch to alleviate the overheating potential of the Jab. Im currently resident in Atlanta GA on a 3 yr business visa. So would love to meet SC owners in Georgia or surrounding states. Some pictures attached James
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