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  1. Hi I’m a UK (West of Scotland) PPL. 57 years old and achieved dream of my PPL 2 years ago. I bought a Jabiru 3300 engined 2012 home built SC just over a year ago. Recently updraded the steam gauges and Dynon D100/120 to the Skyview HDX, with integrated Transponder, radio, AP and intercom. Also a Guardian Avionics iPad mini powered mount. Reasonably pleased with result but going to rebuild panel again later this year. Don’t like the layout and the big switches I fitted. Planning on a second HDX, putting standard toggle switches and CB’s. Freeing up some space then in centre console as under UK LAA (similar to USA EAA) I must have backup primary instruments from alternative power/manufacturer. So a Garmin G5 is my thinking. Also looking to fit the Rotec water cooled heads https://www.rotecaerosport.com/lch to alleviate the overheating potential of the Jab. Im currently resident in Atlanta GA on a 3 yr business visa. So would love to meet SC owners in Georgia or surrounding states. Some pictures attached James
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