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  1. I did just that this morning. Beautiful morning for a local flight. Thanks for looking into this Dave.
  2. Thanks Dave for looking into this. I'm sure it's a simple fix but wanted to make you aware. The download link may be pointing to an old location since the latest upgrade we had.
  3. I'm having an issue today, 9/25/17, with downloading files from the forum. Can anyone else download any of the files or do you get an error? I need to update two of my files and wanted to download the version I have online but can't. In fact I can't download ANY of the files online. I sent a message to Dave to let him know.
  4. I guess I didn't read the "fine" print that stated that you had to be a resident of Texas to win the raffle. Congrats Beachcomber. You'll love the GDL unit and what it can do. Having weather while in route is the best!.
  5. Awesome gesture Bob, this is a great device and hopefully someone who doesn't have one will win this.
  6. 6 months ago I would have been jealous but not anymore. 1 week, that's incredible! Kudos to you and FD. So glad to hear that some LSA manufacturers actually provide service AFTER the sale.
  7. Thanks Bob for all your info and updates. I hope you had a great time there. Safe travels home.
  8. If I got this now you dont even own a SportCruiser but at CT. I'll bet you have 3 LOA's because there are not from CSA but CT. I hear they actually listen and take care of their owners. Care to confirm this?
  9. what are your LOA's? Care to share? Are they blanket LOA's from CZAW?
  10. You'd have to come over to the dark side Wmlnce.... and someone once told me it'll narrow your buyers pool , not to mention kill your resale value. The 660 is incredible, I won't miss my 396 ever. You did see my side by side photo of old and new, yes?
  11. Aren't you glad I told you to BREATHE Bob? I'm glad you did and you're still with us. You'd be a distant memory by now if you had waited for "the big announcement" from CSA. I really dont want to say I told you so............but..........I TOLD YOU SO! No worries, when you come pick up the plane I'll fly there with you if you like. It's a small grass strip just north of Orlando. $400 and an hour or so of your time (since you'll have just had you annual done) and you too will be free of "the man".
  12. Yes Wmlnce, the US aviation and obstacle data is free courtesy of Dynon. I was referring to the chart data subscription from Seattle Avionics. We're on the same page here. I also agree that a second GPS is overkill (and more clutter) when just about all of us travel with a phone and a tablet with foreflight.
  13. This topic was covered in another post about USB ports found here. Those usb ports are not meant to charge ANYTHING. Here's a quote from Dynon from the other post: SkyView is a multi-thousand dollar piece of flight critical avionics. Putting a load on the USB port makes it work harder and get hotter. It's unlikely, but possible that a USB device could act up and make SkyView shut down. Since it's only a .5A capable port, I would ask if it's supplying enough power to actually "increase" the battery percentage or just keep it steady and keep it from dying. Maybe contact Dynon and confirm this. I'm not sure I'd use those ports to power an iPad or iphone given the amount of current it needs to actually charge. A proper USB port supplies around 2.1 amps for your devices charging circuit. Just wanted to share this with you. It's your plane so of course you can do whatever you like.
  14. This doesn't sound like "optimist dave" to me. My opinion is that less clutter is better. Have portables suctioned cupped everywhere is distracting. I have a phone and tablet as a backup that are out of sight but available if needed. I know Dynon has an agreement with Seattle Avionics, my point was about pricing. It's less than Garmin. Correct, they are not charging ports, they are for the EFIS and EMS. My point was why not locate 2 ports for powering our portable devices in the center console where the cigarette lighter use to be. Having the cigarette lighter high up in the right corner as in the photo of the new plane leads to cords in the way. Do the "designers" ever fly the planes? Very funny!