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  1. Hence, the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Poking the hornet's nest from time to time also helps. We will just have to "wait and see" how this plays out. Remember, they've been promising a SB for ADS-B for what, two years now. If this ever happens please dont expect it to happen anytime soon. Better late than never right? Palle, this is just the word on the street from one of my sources and besides a girl doesn't kiss and tell. Let's see if we can get a response, if any, from Cruiser Aircraft.
  2. Well, seems there's another turn of events with CSA in regards to LOA's, there is now talk that MAY and I stress MAY lead to LOA's being issued by CSA. After Cruiser Aircraft told Charlie Lima "do not request LOA's, they will not be issued" there is now a renewed interest by CSA to issue LOA's/MRA's to its owners once again. Seems like the ink isn't even dry on Charlie Lima's post and there's yet another change of direction at CSA and Cruiser Aircraft. What is going on with these companies? Maybe this change will be for the better. It appears they can't ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room any longer or make up excuses about EASA certifications being the reason why they can't issue LOA's/MRA's. All 3 of the other EASA certified manufacturers, Tecnam, Flight Design and Evektor all offer LOA's/MRA's in mere weeks with little or no cost to their owners. The other manufacturers even have forms available ONLINE for their customers to fill out. What a concept. And as we now know all of the other major LSA manufacturers issue LOA's/MRS's to their customers. I've been beating this drum for years and it's been falling on deaf ears, well maybe they can finally hear now. Time will tell. There is just no way for CSA to sidestep this issue forever and maybe now they are actually seeing how their decision affects their sales, market share and their bottom line. Hit'em where it hurts they say. I know Izzy had brought this whole LOA/MRA issue to their attention while he was their salesman there and it mostly went ignored. I think he even forwarded the CubCrafter MRA form to CSA so they can see just how easy it is for their customers to simply fill out a form for "minor" changes. It's not rocket science people. When will this happen? It's anyone's guess but maybe Josh or someone at Cruiser Aircraft can elaborate more on this topic..........wait for it..........wait for it.......... Josh? Hello? Is this thing on? We can't hear you.
  3. I never got this lesson Bob, maybe it's just another one of my shortcomings. I post here, good and bad, so others are armed with the information they need to make an informed decision. Purchasing an aircraft is not for the faint at heart and you should know as much as you can before jumping in with both feet. I wish this forum was in full swing like it is now when I was looking for a LSA and at the SportCruiser specifically. There is a lot of information here as I'm sure it's the same for other owner's forums of the other LSA's. I love my SportCruiser and would still buy it then knowing what I know now but I certainly could have saved myself a lot of misery, headaches and banging my head against my desk by simply converting to E-LSA the same week I bought it.
  4. I only know of Josh but of course there may be others lurking in the shadows. He may be on reading the forum but he's not a big poster, of course his hands may be tied by CSA or CA. I dont know how often he's on so that's why my question to you. I would think a formal request direct to them would be the proper way and may even warrant a faster, if any, response from them. I'll egg them on and say that I just dont foresee them responding on this unofficial forum, even though it's the largest collaboration of owners on the web. We'll see it they respond. Izzy would have been all over it by now. We miss you Izzy. (that's me poking the hornet's nest again)
  5. Dave, did you formally send this directly to Cruiser Aircraft or just post it here on the forum? Just curious. I assume they are here lurking from time to time and Josh at Cruiser Aircraft is a member but a formal request would be the best way. Will you get answers, I'm not so sure.
  6. Well said Roger. It is a shame that no LOA's/MRA's will be issued, while every other manufacturer that I researched does, and I also feel that it will only hurt the company and their sales going forward. I also feel that this will also affect the resale value of any S-LSA SportCruiser going forward. I'm certain CSA will be happy to finally issue this ever elusive SB for ADS-B out for the legacy fleet so they can get the US market off their back. If the FAA didn't mandate this they probably would have done nothing. Since they, once again, didn't deliver on the date promised for an ADS-B out solution it's anyone's guess now when it'll happen.
  7. Oh, and PS..........from the looks of things and the, once agin, new direction of CSA, there will be even more E-LSA SportCruisers flying around.
  8. Are we gonna do this again Bill? There's nothing to fear but fear itself. I agree that an experimental may not be the best choice for some first time buyers or anyone who may be mechanically challenged. I can see they would have reservations about buying a E-AB without FULLY going through the aircraft with someone who is a known, qualified builder with good practices, an A&P with IA certification or someone who has extensive knowledge of that particular aircraft. Or as you said, having professional help. A buyer needs to know how it was built (if not a conversion) AND maintained. And many buyers, especially the ones who are not mechanically challenged, want the freedom that only an experimental can bring and therefore will due their due diligence and only look at experimental. They dont want to be held down by "the man". I have to disagree once again with your statement that the buyers pool is smaller for experimental aircraft. I just see no proof of that anywhere. There are numerous advantages only found in an experimental aircraft and yes, it's not for the faint at heart. (or those who can't discern a box wrench from a crescent wrench ) And as you stated I too have seen some magnificent examples of an experimental aircraft that rival a certified or factory built aircraft of similar type, hands down. It all comes down to a person's comfort level and abilities. Tag, you're up........
  9. I agree Roger, some can handle it and some can't. Those who can't even change their own oil attempt even more difficult maintenance. I've personally seen some pretty poor maintenance by owners at my own airport and my previous one. Instead of doing the job right they simply apply a band-aid if anything at all and keep flying. Why, because they can now. When they become free of the manufacturer the maintenance takes a back seat and suffers and this bothers me, not only does it bother me it's down right dangerous. I've even had some of these people offer to take me flying and I just have to politely say no thanks.
  10. It truly is CSA's choice not to support their customers needs with MRA/LOA's and they cannot blame the EASA or anyone else. Just a little research proved this to me. I talked personally with Lou at the Deland show and I also saw him at an AOPA event here in the Tampa area late last year. If you want a change on your Bristell aircraft, give them a week and you are free to do so and you'll have paperwork in hand, how difficult is that? He's always fun to talk to and everytime I see him now he's trying to sell me a Bristell.
  11. Well there goes a bit more of the market share out the door. I know you stated in the past Izzy that it was because of the EASA certification but the other EASA certified manufacturers such as Tecnam, Evektor and Flight Design (who are all EASA certified) issue MRA's (LOA) to customers who request to make minor changes. That can't be used for an excuse by CSA.
  12. Glad you are making this a priority, it'll save you lots of headaches in the future. I'd hate to see you get stuck in limbo or have to "undo" all your cool mods just to get it converted. Or worse, be grounded at your next annual condition inspection. Also keep in mind when hunting down a DAR is that not all DAR's are created equal. Meaning not all DAR's can do the conversion. Start with a local DAR in your area and they will point you in the right direction. The latest DAR directory, April 2018, can be found here if you dont know of one already. It lists 7 in Washington. https://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/designees_delegations/designee_types/media/DARTDirectory.pdf I understand your trike is "experimental" and I'm sure you enjoy the freedom of doing whatever mod you want to it without asking permission from the manufacturer or anyone else for that matter. Unfortunately it's just not the same with S-LSA aircraft. Let me rephrase that, it's just not the same with a Czech Sport Aircraft S-LSA aircraft. Nearly every other manufacture of light sport aircraft will allow changes. Let me say that again in case you missed it, nearly every other manufacturer of light sport aircraft allow changes. Of the 25 I researched, 2 never got back to me, the remaining 23 will allow changes to their aircraft. There's a little paperwork to fill out and sometimes you might have to pay a fee that could be up to $150. Big deal, right. At least they allow changes. CSA DOES NOT, long story short, they SUCK when it comes to changes. Sorry I got carried away there and lost my head.....again. I just have some rather strong feelings towards CSA in the LOA department if that wasn't clear. Here'a also a link on this forum to "some" of our discussion on the conversion. There is more info scattered around the forum. I looked at the G5 and it's pretty cool to slip into a steam gauge panel or use as a backup instrument. It has all the functions of an EFIS in a very small package. I have the legacy Dynon D-100 and D-120 glass in my 2007 SportCruiser and it really does the trick for a simple glass panel. I am considering upgrading to the Skyview in the future but for now what I have really fits my needs. Please keep up up to date on your DAR search and your plane. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Feel free to message me privately and I'll help in any way I can.
  13. I really do hate ALWAYS being the negative nancy in the room, I do it mainly because no one else here wants the job , and dont get me wrong converting to E-LSA will be the best thing you ever did with a legacy SportCruiser. You seem just like me, wanting to tinker and upgrade the shortcomings of the SportCruiser and some of it's outdated avionics. I just want to share with you what I experienced on my journey. Herein lies the problem Tom, unless you have a DAR in your pocket you'll be hard pressed to find one who'll switch it over AFTER you've already done the work. Is there one out there, sure, but I think he'd be crazy to risk his livelihood for a $400-$500 job? Part of the process is a thorough aircraft inspection and log book inspection looking for discrepancies. Remember, there is a photo of your OEM/STOCK instrument panel in your POH. One member here stated his inspection and conversion took 5-6 hours. This would be pretty thorough if you ask me. He wore a rubber glove and was gentle if that helps. You say you dont want to "rush the decision" but you are on a clock now and the "decision" has really already been made. You have until your next annual condition inspection, whenever that is, to convert. Because finding a LSRM-A to sign off your logbook with all your non-approved changes is yet another issue. Again, is there one out there who will, I'm sure. If you want to rip out your instrument panels and steam gauges and install the latest Dynon HDX system, that's completely legal in the SportCruiser, swapping your attitude indicator with the Garmin G5 is not. You're sliding down a slippery slope here and I wish you luck with this one. Again, it's your aircraft and your butt on the line so you can of course do whatever you like. If you're not worried I'm certainly not. And you are correct, this is an active forum and hopefully others will chime in with their input/advice. We've all "been there done that" when it comes to the SportCruiser.
  14. What? I ain't afraid of her! (But please dont tell her I said that.) Better not let YOUR wife read this either or else you'll be sleeping at the hangar tonight.
  15. Very funny Bob! I won't make that mistake, if my girlfriend ever made me choose, I think I'll miss her.