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  1. Amazing numbers !! Maybe I'll look into volunteering next year so my reason to go is two fold and to be able to give back to something I'm so passionate about..
  2. Me three. Were there ANY announcements at Oshkosh or on Facebook? I know they finally made an ADS-B decision to this forum but was this announced anywhere other than here? Next is the LOA announcement and hopefully another ADS-B solution using the GDL-82.
  3. Good morning Izzy. Sorry I missed the Josh episode on Facebook. I do fully understand the idea behind Facebook and how it helps people and companies alike and it can be utilized as a powerful marketing tool. If it helps my dog has a Facebook account that my girlfriend started for him but I dont use it nor would I know how to. He's a rescued Greyhound and that's how my girlfriend finds playdates and dog sitters when we travel. So it does help my dog. It actually helps my retirement also as I bought Facebook stock at the IPO some 5 years ago. It's now up over 500% for me, so all you Facebook users dont stop using it as I'd like to retire sooner than later. Back to airplanes........ Seeing who sold what would be interesting. I dont care about "large" purchases per se but rather all purchases from the aircraft manufacturers. As you stated I'm sure many, many checks changed hands at the show. That's why many people go. I for one love seeing and touching items that I consider "large purchases". I'm a visual person and it helps relieve tension as I release the check from my hands. But I consider my last purchase of my ADS-B box a "large purchase". Did I mention before I'm thrifty? There is still a lot of news to come out of Oshkosh since it just wrapped up and hopefully manufacturers will share their show experience online. I hope anyone from our forum who went enjoyed their trip. I know MikeOhaha was there and I think I read that Ronin5573 went aslo.
  4. To each his own I guess, I dont care for the color as it's just way too flashy for me. Maybe this was painted just for the show. Did they know it was a WEEK long show? I tend to like the white with the cool stripes and/or graphics like days gone by. When planes get too flashy they give the impression of a homebuilt to me as the sky's the limit with paint then and I've seen some go WAY overboard. A "little" flash with nice clean lines works for me but then again I'm just a simple creature. I haven't seen any pics or news on the website since the show started. I guess they assume EVERYONE has a Facebook account and will see it there. That's not the case but what do I know, I'm still one of the 5 people on the planet WITHOUT a facebook account, remember, I'm still a simple creature. If would be great info to see how many sales for ALL manufacturers happened at AirVenture.
  5. Those are the drain lines for the carbs, airbox and the oil canister vent lines. Every plane has them they are just trimmed so as not to hang down that far. They were photoshopped out in the photo posted by Ronin5573 which is not a real picture either. They photoshopped in the background because if you look through the canopy you see green, not a gray hangar. Where are the wheel pants? Planes without pants are NAKED. Not the best way to show off your best plane but what do you expect when they show up on the last day. The inlet shape for the radiator is different also.
  6. Thanks Izzy, I've been scouring the web reading news and watching videos for all the latest updates. Lots of great news coming out of AirVenture this year.
  7. Yeah, what Izzy said. It's summertime and we have all the storms and humidity we could ever handle right now. No need to travel thousands of miles for the same thing. Where do I start?
  8. Just going to Oshkosh is on my bucket list, never been yet.
  9. Look at the line of traffic into KOSH !!!! This is a live tracker so it'll change all the time. https://www.flightradar24.com/43.88,-88.72/11 Don't forget to check out the live webcams they have on the grounds.
  10. On that same note Garmin is also hosting seminars all week and they have daily seminars on "ADS-B solutions". Maybe one of you forum members that are attending can personally invite ANYONE from the CSA tent over to listen to the seminar. It will likely fall on deaf ears but you can say you made an attempt. Hey CSA or Josh (since I know you lurk here ), do you think you'll actually make an announcement this year for a solution to the fast approaching 2020 ADS-B deadline??? Your PAYING AND SO FAR STILL LOYAL customers would like answers and they dont wish to see the the proverbial can kicked down the road yet again. Just so the CSA group is aware, Garmin offers an ADS-B "out" solutions for every "flavor" of legacy SportCruiser no matter what transponder configuration they have, it's called the GDL-82. You should have a look at it while you are at Air Venture.
  11. Just got an email from Dynon and their new products that they will be showcasing at Oshkosh. They have a new D3 Pocket Panel that is touch screen with synthetic vision and and new, dual band portable ADS-B traffic and weather receiver. Be sure you stop by their booth and check them out. They also have forums going all week for those interested.
  12. For those of us who are not lucky enough to get to attend Oshkosh 2018 we can at least have the next best thing........Live Webcams and LiveATC! The live webcams at Oshkosh are now up and running and we can also listen to the communications live all from the comfort of our favorite chair, WITH air conditioning. Here's the link, https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/eaa-airventure-news-and-multimedia/eaa-airventure-webcams
  13. Let's plan a SportCruiser gathering at Deland this year. It's November 1st thru the 3rd. I'll start another topic for that show about a month and a half out to give everyone time to fit it in their schedule.
  14. Maybe one day I'll make it up to this great gathering of airplanes but for now I'll have to settle for the three great gatherings right here in my backyard in Florida, all of which are less than a 40 minute flight away. (Deland, Sebring & Sun-N-Fun) For all those who may be going to Oshkosh, enjoy the trip and be safe.
  15. Hence, the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Poking the hornet's nest from time to time also helps. We will just have to "wait and see" how this plays out. Remember, they've been promising a SB for ADS-B for what, two years now. If this ever happens please dont expect it to happen anytime soon. Better late than never right? Palle, this is just the word on the street from one of my sources and besides a girl doesn't kiss and tell. Let's see if we can get a response, if any, from Cruiser Aircraft.