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  1. Glad you like it, there's nothing simpler in my opinion.
  2. It appears whatever you did worked. Where's Sally's raincoat?
  3. The quickest and easiest way to just resize pictures (not edit pictures) is to use "Image Resizer for Windows". This is a free program that integrates into the windows shell. Once installed you simply right click on ANY image and select "resize pictures" from the pop up shell menu and you are presented with a few size options. There's nothing to learn or programs to worry about. It is by far the simplest way to resize any image, bar none. It works with all windows versions. https://www.intowindows.com/resize-images-from-context-menu-in-windows-10/
  4. What size are the images you are trying to post? I dont think there is a setting for you other than the server limits the max size you can upload. I always resize my images for faster uploads and not to take up a ton of space on the server.
  5. C'mon Tony, that's a silly question, the short answer is "it doesn't", the Lightning can't hold a candle to the SportCruiser. Have you yourself taken a demo flight in either airplane yet Tony? You've been "stalking" both for a while now. I'd love to hear what you think as to how the Lightning measures up to the SportCruiser. Good luck in your search.
  6. Even with a brush Richard the Corrosion X gets on some of the hotter items and burns off after a few minutes. Don’t forget to spray a little in all the camloc fasteners for the cowling. The worst part is after I brush it all over the prop flange and spacer it goes all over the windscreen after the first start for the test run after the plugs and oil are changed. But I don’t worry about that too much because my mechanic gives Ginger a sponge bath AND waxes her when he’s finished. Does anybody else have a mechanic this good?
  7. I second the Corrosion X, the stuff is amazing and really works. Our humidity can wreak havoc on anything metal. I just bathed by engine in it last month for my annual condition inspection. I spray it on a brush and coat anything I can under the cowling. As for the voltage regulator, take care of this as well. The Ducati is known to fail and fail often when it gets hot or has a loose connection. Make sure the spade connectors are crimped close tightly and use dielectric grease on the connections. Like this: I squeeze dielectric grease in every connector and slip it on and make sure it's snug. I do the same for my spark plug boots. Take care of your plane and it'll take care of you. I also agree that opening the oil access door immediately after you land is a great idea. I unbuckle my seat belt, sit up on the canopy frame and reach around and open the oil door before I even get out of the plane. Helps release that heat that is bad for everything. The exhaust wrap can help with heat but it is not legal on a S-LSA SportCruiser. Call down to Cruiser Aircraft for the required LOA for that mod. Damn, I was laughing just typing that.
  8. Hey Bruce you made it on, welcome. Can’t wait to do some local breakfast runs in a flight of 3 SportCruisers.
  9. Happy holidays to all and I hope everyone has a "compliant" and happy 2020.
  10. You hit the nail on the head with this statement Gary. Maybe one day CSA will support existing customers and improve those relations. This is me "dreaming BIG". Just glad to help and hear that you and Chris have cleared the last hurdle to LSA freedom. Hope you can make it to the LSA show in Deland next week. Would love to see your new E-LSA SportCruiser in person. You are very welcome for any support and advice I may have provided and once again welcome to the E-LSA SportCruiser family.
  11. So glad everything went very smooth Gary, congratulations. The sky's the limit now, dream BIG !!!
  12. Glad you finally got it home Bryan. Not all DAR's are created equal as we've all experienced. There's a lot of documentation as you now know on the props that are "standard equipment" on the SportCruiser, 4 of them in fact. One of which is a constant speed and is not allowed on LSA in the US. Keep us posted on what you have in store for the "new to you" SportCruiser. Again, congrats.
  13. Yes, thanks Bryan and it was great to talk with you as well. Good luck this week and please post when you get your new plane home. Hope everything goes smooth with the DAR as well. Great job Steven, glad to see her flying again. As RTK stated, the pitch won’t be an issue in a few hours, you’ll see.
  14. As RTK stated, there are no "cons" to converting to E-LSA regardless of what the naysayers might tell you. It doesn't devalue the plane and your insurance isn't going to go up either. It's the best thing you can do to your SportCruiser since there is no cooperation with the factory for changes that will make the aircraft better, safer and to make the pilot workload less. Ask me how I know. A word of advice, make sure the aircraft is EXACTLY like it came from the factory back in the day and the previous owner didn't do any changes or upgrades to it that wasn't allowed by the factory. I've seen owners slip in subtle changes and items that are not allowed and try to pass those on to the next owner and hope they are not educated enough to know the difference. The DAR who does the conversion will look for these things. There's a fellow member here who bought a legacy SportCruiser with two fairly major changes to the plane that he has to "un-do" in order to convert to E-LSA and then "re-do" those changes. They were VERY OBVIOUS to me but the new owner didn't catch these during the purchase. Some owners seem to think they can do whatever they like to their S-LSA aircraft and you simply can't. A word of advice, do your homework and a thorough pre buy when purchasing an aircraft. Good luck with everything.
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