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  1. Fuel caps

    Good question Bob, I would think yes but what do I know? I don’t think the cap is a serviceable part since it actually has a CSA part number and it’s different than the Newton part number. I don’t know if the Aero series caps (aluminum) will fit into our neck on the tank. This is why I suggested he email Robin directly at Newton. Hopefully Tate will report back his findings after contacting Robin.
  2. Fuel caps

    There is a fix for this. I think the other cap I saw only had an aluminum top and the base was still plastic. Won’t solve your problem. I got your message and will call you tomorrow.
  3. Fuel caps

    The fuel caps are SPRL. Contact Robin at Newton SPRL in the UK and see if they still offer them. Website: http://www.newtonsprl.co.uk/ Robin's email is: robselby@newtonsprl.co.uk What's wrong with the plastic ones?
  4. A new member

    Those are some amazing photos Harold, thanks. You are correct, just breathtaking. I've been out that way but not in the winter months.
  5. A new member

    Looks to be a pretty nicely equipped PiperSport Harold with low hours. The only way to tell is to dive into the logbooks and have a THOROUGH pre-buy inspection done. There are going to be a few SB's that you'll need to check, some rather expensive to comply with, to really know if it's a good deal or not. The seller should be able to email you a copy of the logs. Mine did as he was about 4 hours away at the time. Bob (rtk) has a good point, send him to Sun-n-Fun to have a closer look around. Be sure the useful load will suit him for his flying needs. This is a bit premature but if he buys it and needs it ferried here my instructor/mechanic can help and he's very affordable. He has about 800+ hours in a SportCruiser. A lot of them in mine. Out of curiosity, what city does your brother live in? By "northwest" do you mean the panhandle or northwest on the peninsula? I'm in Clearwater and get up that way every now and then. I have a friend who live in Cannon Creek Airpark in Lake City which is a fly in community.
  6. A new member

    If you keep trying maybe you can get better at it, I try everyday. And don't worry Bill we still love you and welcome you as one of those "outsiders".
  7. A new member

    I agree Ronin5573, I had to figure out the VNAV feature on my legacy Dynon when I got my plane. The manual is horrible when it comes to VNAV (and a few other features). I do love the VNAV feature because I don't have to do math while trying to fly the plane. My instructor is "old school" and his plane had those round thingies in the panel, I'm not sure what they are or how to use them.
  8. A new member

    Izzy, I think Bill (WmInce) was making a joke (hence the emoji) that one should be more happy to see a 6'-1" blonde with all her sexy features than Kirk from Dynon. The Dynon Skyview is of course sexy in its own right but I've seen Kirk in some of the training videos and I'll admit I'd rather see a 6'-1" blonde. But that's just me. If you'd rather see Kirk that's your business and I won't hold that against anyone. It's not for me to judge you.
  9. A new member

    Yeah, what he said. We have open borders here!!!!! Once again, welcome to the forum Harold.
  10. A new member

    Come on, that's your excuse? That would be the most expensive hotdog in history.
  11. A new member

    Yep, one sure could. That's the beauty (and pitfall) of the internet, we can be anyone we want. I'm really a 6'-1" blonde swimsuit model with long legs, sexy eyes, firm butt and 36D boobs looking for my sugar daddy with a nice plane, I mean SportCruiser. I've had everyone here fooled for years. Typically when I join new forums I introduce myself first then start in with my antics that everyone knows AND LOVES.
  12. A new member

    Nope, dont know him and never met him in Sebring or anywhere else for that matter. You would think that a rep from the manufacturer would maybe introduce himself in his very first post instead of poking fun at another member but that's just me.
  13. A new member

    Dear "new confused member", Welcome Josh and you are correct, this is first and foremost a SportCruiser forum. In fact it's everything SportCruiser AND then some. But we also welcome the "outsiders" because we feel sorry for them that they DON'T own a SportCruiser. They had to SETTLE for something less. They are already envious that we own SportCruisers, they come here to make themselves feel better and we didn't want to kick them when they were down. It's just not right. So we let anyone join to lift their spirits. Even Bristell and CT owners. All kidding aside, this forum is for any aviation enthusiast no matter what you own but of course we generally talk about in ins and outs of SportCruisers. But there is also other info on other aircraft on this forum. It's a wealth of information that's priceless. Are you an owner, future owner or are you one of those "outsiders" that we just let in? Welcome to our forum Josh.

    Can I assume that the main reason for the conversion is to do your own maintenance and not because your worried about getting a LOA/MRA for some changes? I have talked with Lou and he tells me that getting a LOA/MRA for a Bristell is routine and takes about a week. What a concept, a LSA company that issues LOA's/MRA's in a timely fashion. Sorry, many of you know I had to throw that one in there.

    It’s not difficult at all Harold. You just have to find a DAR in your area with the specific ability to do the conversion. Not all DAR’s are created equal.. It's a thorough inspection of the plane, logbooks and some paperwork, oh and money. Once completed you need to change a few of your interior placards and add the “experimental “ placard. Be glad to talk with you more about it if you like..