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  1. You hit the nail on the head with this statement Gary. Maybe one day CSA will support existing customers and improve those relations. This is me "dreaming BIG". Just glad to help and hear that you and Chris have cleared the last hurdle to LSA freedom. Hope you can make it to the LSA show in Deland next week. Would love to see your new E-LSA SportCruiser in person. You are very welcome for any support and advice I may have provided and once again welcome to the E-LSA SportCruiser family.
  2. So glad everything went very smooth Gary, congratulations. The sky's the limit now, dream BIG !!!
  3. Glad you finally got it home Bryan. Not all DAR's are created equal as we've all experienced. There's a lot of documentation as you now know on the props that are "standard equipment" on the SportCruiser, 4 of them in fact. One of which is a constant speed and is not allowed on LSA in the US. Keep us posted on what you have in store for the "new to you" SportCruiser. Again, congrats.
  4. Yes, thanks Bryan and it was great to talk with you as well. Good luck this week and please post when you get your new plane home. Hope everything goes smooth with the DAR as well. Great job Steven, glad to see her flying again. As RTK stated, the pitch won’t be an issue in a few hours, you’ll see.
  5. As RTK stated, there are no "cons" to converting to E-LSA regardless of what the naysayers might tell you. It doesn't devalue the plane and your insurance isn't going to go up either. It's the best thing you can do to your SportCruiser since there is no cooperation with the factory for changes that will make the aircraft better, safer and to make the pilot workload less. Ask me how I know. A word of advice, make sure the aircraft is EXACTLY like it came from the factory back in the day and the previous owner didn't do any changes or upgrades to it that wasn't allowed by the factory. I've seen owners slip in subtle changes and items that are not allowed and try to pass those on to the next owner and hope they are not educated enough to know the difference. The DAR who does the conversion will look for these things. There's a fellow member here who bought a legacy SportCruiser with two fairly major changes to the plane that he has to "un-do" in order to convert to E-LSA and then "re-do" those changes. They were VERY OBVIOUS to me but the new owner didn't catch these during the purchase. Some owners seem to think they can do whatever they like to their S-LSA aircraft and you simply can't. A word of advice, do your homework and a thorough pre buy when purchasing an aircraft. Good luck with everything.
  6. So you dont NEED to have ADS-B by the 1st of 2020 so you have time. I see Grand Rapids class c just north of you but you dont NEED to have it right away. Some owners like myself had no choice because of airspace issues. With the other changes you want to do there's no reason to stay S-LSA, there's no advantage unless you want to lease back your plane for instruction which is a bad idea anyway. Getting one LOA would be near impossible and now you want two? Now we are looking for Bigfoot riding a Unicorn. And it has nothing to do with liability, it's still the same company, they just restructured after a scandal and bankruptcy with one of the original owners. This is a longer story but well documented on the web. Keep us up to date on your purchase.
  7. Welcome Bryan and congrats on your soon to be SportCruiser purchase. Welcome to the forum. As RTK stated, good luck with the LOA process. To date it's never happened for an owner that we know of. LOA's are as elusive as Bigfoot. They finally put the LOA process in place after years of complaints and it's the most complicated and most expensive LOA process in the LSA industry. Why? They simply dont want to help owners with changes. And it may never even happen. Sorry to be a "negative nancy" on your first post but it's the ugly truth with CSA. Maybe you'll be the first. You can certainly try to get this LOA but here's a question. Do you have to have ADS-B by January 1st? Meaning are you based at an airport inside a mode c veil like I am? Can you fly in and around your airspace even if you dont have it? Will you be grounded if you dont have ADS-B by 1/1/2020? Reason I ask is that the mandate is 2 months away, it's gonna take far longer than that to even get CSA to acknowledge your LOA application if they even do. If the answer is yes, you'll be grounded without ADS-B then you might as well go with the 335 and get a portable ADS-B in solution. It'll save you tons of aggravation and headaches not to mention money and time. The other option is also what RTK stated, convert to E-LSA and then you can install any avionics you want and dont have to ask anyone. It's the best thing I ever did for my SportCruiser. To the rest of your post, sound like they are taking care of many things. Also make sure you check the logbooks for the gearbox overhaul and carb overhauls. Do a thorough main landing gear inspection and prop inspection. Does it have the Woodcomp or Sensenich? The Woodcomp has time/overhaul limits where the Sensenich does not. I'm also confused by your "both return lines" comment. Do you mean both fuel lines to the tanks have been replaced? Does it have the fuel return line to the left tank? This is an expensive SB if it's not installed. Here's a link to the safety alert so you can verify. https://www.czechsportaircraft.com/wp-content/uploads/SA-SC-006.pdf There's a 25 page service bulletin on the process as well. Good luck with everything.
  8. Steven, follow this link over to ONE OF THE MANY NLG discussions. Click on the shaded arrow in the upper right corner of the pic below. Start at the top if you want and I just added a new post at the bottom with more info and pics for you. Also, a link to the SB that references the NLG inspections. Hope it helps and please let me know what your NLG looks like. Glad to help if I can.
  9. I'll post pics in another thread I started so as not to muddy the waters between topics. It'll show you what to look for. I dont want to turn this topic into ANOTHER NLG topic, god knows we have too many of those already. If you still have the first generation spindle housing I have the upgraded version if you want it. It's a CSA part so no LOA needed. He's extremely knowledgeable and dont doubt his talents at all. If one doesn't know specifically what to look for in regards to SportCruiser landing gear, both nose and main gear, this can be overlooked even by the best LSRM's. (an A&P would never see it )
  10. Thanks Skip, the housing is in my hangar if he needs/wants it. Here's the listing for his plane on trade-a-plane for those who want more details: https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=CZECH+SPORT+AIRCRAFT&model=SPORTCRUISER&listing_id=2288935&s-type=aircraft
  11. Great looking plane Steven, thanks for posting. And now I see, that's the 2007 SportCruiser that Bristell owned that they gave demo rides in and then took you up in a NEW Bristell to show you the difference so try and sell you a Bristell. Not exactly a fair fight but that's Bristell. The SportCruiser is still a better looking plane. Steven, please make sure you THOROUGHLY inspect the NLG, spindle and spindle housing for cracks. And check to make sure the spindle isn't bent. Mine had cracks when I bought it and a bent spindle. I can share pics with you if you like so you know what to look for. CZAW beefed up the spindle housing in later production but looking at your serial number your plane was made before my 2007 was. I have a spare, stronger, stiffer housing if you want it.
  12. Congrats and welcome to the forum Steven. Tell us, or even show us what you bought.
  13. Welcome Gary and Chris, there used to be another member who was based at Craig but he has since sold his PiperSport. I'm down in Clearwater. There is another PiperSport owner/member in the Tampa area and a couple of other members in the Tampa are who we hope are "soon-to-be" owners. There are many owners all over Florida. Glad you are liking the PiperSport, all the issues you speak of are minor and part of the fun of ownership. Also glad you are getting all the other little issues worked out as well. I also have that infamous "flap damage" from the previous owners knees and/or feet. I wrapped the step with 3M grip tape so it doesn't happen again. The Florida SportCruiser family is growing again. We need to plan a meet up this fall when it cools down. Welcome aboard.
  14. I agree 100%. Maintenance can ba be a large chunk of your annual operating costs depending on the aircraft and model year.
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