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  1. There's plenty of blame to go around between CSA and Ducati for the poor mounting location chosen by CSA and the poor materials used by Ducati. My 2007 Ducati regulator has the green potting and was mounted high up on the firewall in a cooler area that was in direct line with cool air coming into the top NACA scoops. It STILL works today, some 12 years later, and is my backup since I upgraded to the Silent-Hektik voltage regulator. It's been soda blasted, sprayed with Corrosion X and is in a ziploc back in my hangar in case of an emergency.
  2. That's about one every two years Dave. I'd say you keep a spare on hand at this rate or put one on auto order with Amazon. I changed mine to the Silent-Hektik (E-LSA only) and still have my original Ducati in the hangar as a backup if I ever need it.
  3. I so wished we used the metric system. I do so much of my design and work with the metric system, nearly all my components come from overseas and the specs and drawings are in metric. Converting to imperial is a pain. Base 10, how easy is that? No, we have 1/16" and 1/32" and all kinds of crazy fractions, how silly. I hear the canopy guides work great and I can't see what that handle is used for at all. It's very, very rare that my canopy doesn't algin when I close it thankfully.
  4. Hi James, The 2 bolts that secure the handle to the canopy frame are M6 which of course means a M6 rivnut. A M6 rivnut uses a 9mm hole. Technically it's a 8.5mm hole if you can source that size bit across the pond in metric land. Hope this helps.
  5. Welcome Scott. I've seen a few of the SMF Youtube videos before. You'll find everything SportCruiser on this site. Enjoy.
  6. Yup and at the time of the poll the Sensenich prop was already in use so that didn't technically change either. Yes, it's a LSA, were people expecting something faster? As for number 7, the factory already had a cost effective pathway to retrofit legacy aircraft, they passed the cost on to the owner. It didn't cost CSA a dime so to them it was "cost effective" and they didn't need to address this issue, or any of the other ones. Do I really need to post what's in EVERY service bulletin.............again? COSTS: To be covered by the aircraft owner / operator.
  7. All I saw was a bunch of "NOPE" with a sprinkle of "SORT OF". Did you honestly think they were going to listen to their existing customers and make changes? You did didn't you? I know you think I sound like a broken record at times, hell, most of the time, and how I call out CSA for their complete lack of customer support and that's ok but one day you'll look back and realize that maybe, just maybe, I might have been just a little bit right. Lip service from Cruiser Aircraft at airshows is just that.
  8. Here's a link to the UK SportCruiser group on Yahoo. Two very knowledgeable members over there are Farry Sayyah and Graham Smith. I haven't been on their site in a while but I think it's still pretty active. They have 356 members when I checked. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sportcruiser/info
  9. Yes, welcome to the forum Agis. There is a great group of owners in the UK and many are also members here. I wish you the best of luck with your LAPL. Shawn
  10. Hi Bob and welcome to the forum. That's the second best looking SportCruiser I've ever seen. This one in my hangar being the best looking of course. Your new plane looks just like my 2007. I see yours was built right after mine as our serial numbers are sequential. But yours has the taxi light in the cowling where mine is in the wing. I also see that yours still has the original NLG (nose landing gear). Glad you found this group and congrats on the purchase of a beautiful SportCruiser.
  11. Yes, I can tell, the traffic is lighter here and the beaches are less crowded. Yes, there are many SportCruiser owners in Florida and not all of them are on this forum and some who are dont participate. See you this winter.
  12. Yes, welcome back Dakotaguy. Hope you are enjoying the HDX upgrade. Any panel pics? Next time you make it back to The Villages let us know. Maybe the "Florida Chapter" can plane a meetup. All the snow birds are flying north now.
  13. Hi James, no worry on the late reply, glad you were able to get back on the forum. As for the Jabiru overheating we have people here in the US with the Rotax doing the same thing in the newer SportCruisers. They crammed so much more "junk under the hood" in the later versions that they tend to overheat also in the hotter summer months. CSA came out with a "bandaid" but only for the brand new planes, go figure, no help for the people who actually need it with older legacy SportCruisers. I completely redid my center panel with all new avionics over a year ago now. Replaced my GPS, radio, transponder and added the Dynon AP-74 autopilot control. Here's what it looks like now. I too have thought about carbon fiber panels and have all three panels drawn up in CAD. I also recently bought a CNC router that I can machine parts on. I've made a few parts for my SportCruiser and also some parts for some friends who own experimental helicopters. I use to own a Rotorway helicopter before I bought my SportCruiser. I am going to cut all three panels soon in some plain, clear acrylic so I can test fit everything BEFORE I attempt to machine the carbon fiber. As you know acrylic is CHEAP compared to carbon fiber. I'd be glad to cut your panels if you can supply me with a drawing of what you want. Are you still in Atlanta or did you go back across the pond? I'll gladly send you some pics of my test panels once I get them cut. I plan on using the matte finish carbon fiber panels and possibly applying water slide decals for all the text. Then a matte finish clear coat to seal everything in. I can also engrave text in the panels down to 3/32" tall (about 2.4mm). I can then paint fill the lettering with enamel paint for a professional look. This is my preferred option but I'll have to test this out first. This is an image of the CAD file for my 2007 panels. Your panels are taller as CSA started this in 2010 with the PiperSport version here in the US. From your pics I can see you have the taller panels. I dont have a CAD file for those but if have the build prints or could run those down from a fellow owner in the UK I can create a CAD file from those. Then cut them on my CNC so they are machined perfectly. As far as angling the copilot panel you may find it not necessary with a screen that is anti reflective. I can see my D-120 screen perfectly in full sun at any angle. I think the problem is just the iPad and the sun. It's quite reflective I know as I also carry one as a backup when I fly. Have you tried sitting on the passenger side and looking at the HDX? Can you see it ok? In full sun? Just curious. Glad you made it back on the forum.
  14. I'd be glad to Russell. Can you tell me the year of the SportCruiser your client owns? As I said in an earlier post, what to look for would depend on the year of the plane. Of course there are all the SB's that have been issued over the years but there are also some quick inspections you can do on a regular basis and items to keep and eye on a bit more closely since this is a flight school plane. I understand that not all flight schools are created equal whereas some are for professional pilots where they come in with a private rating already and other flight schools where the person who's never even seen a plane up close wants to learn to fly. Each will apply different "forces" on the SportCruiser. I also sent you a private message with my direct contact info.
  15. What a coincidence, mine too. If the airport would just let me put a cot in my hangar I could get even more done.
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