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  1. Welcome Gary and Chris, there used to be another member who was based at Craig but he has since sold his PiperSport. I'm down in Clearwater. There is another PiperSport owner/member in the Tampa area and a couple of other members in the Tampa are who we hope are "soon-to-be" owners. There are many owners all over Florida. Glad you are liking the PiperSport, all the issues you speak of are minor and part of the fun of ownership. Also glad you are getting all the other little issues worked out as well. I also have that infamous "flap damage" from the previous owners knees and/or feet. I wrapped the step with 3M grip tape so it doesn't happen again. The Florida SportCruiser family is growing again. We need to plan a meet up this fall when it cools down. Welcome aboard.
  2. I agree 100%. Maintenance can ba be a large chunk of your annual operating costs depending on the aircraft and model year.
  3. Sounds just like the community that my girlfriend and I just moved here mom into here. The place is amazing and has so much to offer, if one is bored it's your own fault. Lots of active people and of course many snowbirds own here as well. My girlfriend and I are excited to possibly move in there (not with her mom of course ) when we are of the age to do so as we both are looking to slow down and focus on life. Last time we were out your way we stayed in Petaluma and loved it there. We just returned from a trip to SoCal 2 days ago and stayed in La Jolla in the San Diego area. I've flown a little in the Jax area but it's busy there. I know Craig and St. Augustine airports and have been to both. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new home, airport and active in your local EAA chapter.
  4. Welcome to our forum Stan, glad to have you as a new member. Next time I’m out on the west coast and up in wine country I’d love to meet up with you and talk airplanes and cycling. The last time we were out there we drove right past your airport while exploring the Russian River Valley wineries. I believe you were still down in the San Francisco area at that time. Again, welcome to our forum.
  5. Just kidding, I have everything on your list except for the compression tester. You forgot about the carb sync tool. I’ll be buying both for my first annual in November. Did I also mention that you’ll be there to oversee everything?
  6. I don’t have any of those tools, is that bad? I've been doing all my maintenance with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers and getting by, I need more? As mikeomaha mentions, I get great joy in working on my own plane and it is “twice the fun” for me personally. Yes, it does save me a lot of money and again, I know things were done properly and thoroughly. This adds to the “priceless” column for me.
  7. These are the things that give me peace of mind and as Ronin5573 stated, I know the EXACT condition of my plane BEFORE I open the hangar door to go flying. The ability to decide on a whim, "hey, I wanna go flying RIGHT NOW" and know that I can is priceless. Knowing the maintenance status and that all work was done properly is also a very big deal. It's rewarding to me to be a pilot AND own my own plane. I feel very fortunate to be an owner of a beautiful SportCruiser and that I can also operate and fly within my budget.
  8. I know what you've been through, I hope you dont write this stuff down anywhere she could find it. If you do show it to her make sure it's after my visit at the end of the month. I dont want to visit you in the hospital. It's funny, I'll spend whatever it takes to replace parts on my plane without hesitation but spending it anywhere else I have a hard time letting go of a penny. I just hemmed and hawed for a week just to buy new CV axles for my SUV. Sad part is I NEED them also. It's just easier when it come to my plane. That's the point Necco, LSRM rates (and A&P I assume) are all over the map depending on your geographic location. I know 3 really good INDEPENDENT mechanics, all less than a 40 minute flight away, that are very affordable and won't break the bank. Some owners here do go to the larger shops and pay the premium prices. Everyone has their favorite and will pay whatever it costs for peace of mind.
  9. I expect these from you now, if you didn't write something funny I'd be disappointed.
  10. Keep in mind that costs vary greatly all over the country. I didn't spend anywhere near those prices as Deltafox did and it has nothing to do with the fact I'm E-LSA. If you ask 10 owners what they spent on the same repairs and maintenance you'll get 10 different answers. It is of course ok to hope for the best but plan for the worst.
  11. OMG, I nearly spit out my coffee reading that one. Damn that was funny. I did apply for the LOA just for fun but neither Josh or CSA are responding to my emails and I just can't put my finger on why. My weather app says "storms" and "thunderstorms" for the next 10 days. Maybe I can get a rain check from Necco.
  12. LOL, I have no doubt that Necco can write a mean log book entry. Ginger does have her favorite bath crystals, loofah and a microfiber towel, just sayin'. Although with the weather we have in store this week I just need to pull her out of the hangar for a bath.
  13. I’ll be at my hangar on Tuesday, what time can you make it by? Ginger could use a sponge bath.
  14. Remember, this list price is only an "asking" price. Everything is negotiable........yes, everything. Even that 2015 for the $135k, I'm willing to bet they will never get that price but as they say, "there's a sucker born everyday". And I'm sure Coffee Joe is no sucker. As for the FAA LSA limits, I agree with Mel, I would not sit around and wait for this to happen, you'll miss out on many great years of flying. I've seen the Viper up close and personal in both Sebring and Deland. It's a beautiful plane and the fit and finish is, in my opinion, dare I say it, better than the SportCruiser. The exterior is very, very similar as they are both all metal aircraft. The engine cowling has great inlets for cooling that the SportCruiser needs but will never have. The interior in the Viper is very, very nice and the look of the panel is way better than the SportCruiser. Wait til you see the Viper instrument panel on the latest models. If you can buy new you can also choose from 3 different engines, the 912, 912is and the 914. But as you noted, buying anything "new" you always take the hit. Have a look around at Oshkosh and take demo flights if you can. Arrange these in advance with the manufacturer you are interested in.
  15. It is a very nice aircraft but for a 2015 I feel it's overpriced regardless of the hours. Low hours is not a good thing for an aircraft, ask any mechanic. As RTK pointed out you can get a brand new 2019 "trainer" for $140K less one Skyview HDX.(about $4400) There is currently a 2019 listed in Sebastian for $145K and it only needs a second HDX for $4k. I'm certain this 2019 could be bought for somewhere in the $130's. How can someone be asking $135 for a plane that is 4 years older with a lesser avionics package? Sure, it's in near new condition with only 45 hours (currently) but in my opinion it's a $120K airplane tops. Also, keep in mind the 2 Skyview Touch displays in this aircraft have been discontinued by Dynon already. Sure, they'll still service them for a very long time but they are discontinued already. This is not a reason not to buy it but the price would have to be much better in my opinion for me, but I'm "thrifty". I saw it listed on another site and it's now ADS-B compliant with the Dynon transponder. Just my 2¢
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