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  1. thanks for posting this information shawn. i think it would be really great if all members could post best place to live and fly if you own a plane here. start a new topic. no state taxes in florida and texas and weather is different too. seems like those two places would be a good start.
  2. i have a 2011 sport cruiser with extra flared wing tips and have a hard time getting 105 knots indicated with 5300 rpm. being 6'5, i can see ok over the nose straight and level. i noticed my shorter passengers had a tendency to get air sick and one day when he sat on a cushion he brought along and could see over the nose, no more air sickness. you will enjoy yr plane with yr mechanical expertise and helpful advice from this great forum and glad yr here
  3. i wonder if you could tell me the prop settings for a woodkomp classic prop for my sport cruiser to max  out cruise and provide safe wot attakeoff rpm.




  4. great feedback. thanks. only reason now for me to change to experimental is to install a garmin gtx 345 transponder. just wonder if a l .o .a. will be offered in the near future since 2020 is still a few years away.
  5. thanks for the comprehensive answer and common sense of complete accurate records. i do not want to make changes to airframe and powerplant or different type landing gear such as tail dragger from nosewheel. only reason is to install avionics for adbs out. if this is only entry on log book after changing to experimental, then future buyers should feel better i think.
  6. seems controversial to change to experimental to install safety equipment. but if you were to puchase a used plane and had a choice of one that had safety equipment installed with option of easily adding other features you would like, wouldnt that plane have more value to you than a factory certified plane without ability to make changes or with safety equipment?