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  1. welcome aboard and glad you found this site. no such thing as a stupid question here.
  2. the cost of owning and amount of enjoyment of plane ownership are the two things to consider before a purchase. doing yr own maintenance reduces the cost and increases yr fun of owning a plane. argument against purchase then is greatly reduced
  3. if you enjoy doing mechanical work like a hobby and get the training and tools to do maintenance on yr plane; this is a huge argument for buying and owning yr own plane. you get twice the fun in flying and working on it and of course saving lots of money.
  4. josh scheid is trying his best helping sport cruiser owners . he went over and visited the factory in europe after sun and fun and hopefully that will help going forward. wish that all light sport plane manufactures would offer parts and labor warranty for any future design flaws. doing so would really help customer goodwill .
  5. be sure to attend the airshow tue, wed, thur. i would stay away monday, set up day, and friday, saturday and sunday. massive lines and unable to meet and talk to the airplane salesman as easy with fewer people around gawking on tue,wed,thur. bring a notebook and pen and take notes and make sure you ask the questions you want answers to. make sure you sit in the plane and check seat comfort, view etc. all light sport planes are in one area and easy walk and to find from the main gate entrance.
  6. welcome aboard. josh scheid at cruiser aircraft is a great person to work with and knowledgeable and helpful in solving problems of aircraft ownership. to comply with all of the recent service bulletins, a new plane at the price of 148k might be best way to go. oshkosh airshow be worthwhile to attend good luck
  7. welcome aboard scott and happy you found this site that will be so useful for you.
  8. welcome aboard. no such thing as a stupid question on this forum ( unless i ask one)
  9. welcome aboard. no such thing as a stupid question on this forum. ask away
  10. thats it. hope its not too far for you to come down sometime. use 200 heading to airfield and drop down to 1900 msl 15 miles out to avoid class c airspace
  11. i have a 2011 sport cruiser based at council bluffs, iowa airport that has two rotax trained mechanics. sat and sun mornings a group of pilots gather here for coffee. let me know if you drop in sometime
  12. i visited the local approach center here in omaha about class C airspace and told them i was concerned about density of air traffic without adbs out equipment flying on the fringes of class C without radio contact. i was told that radio communication was not required as long as you remained clear and it was voluntary to contact approach control. FAA at sun and fun confirmed this as well. personally i will make contact with ATC even if i dont fly in class C airspace and it is not required for me do so if i am within 20 miles of class C airspace for traffic advisories. josh wanted to get technical information and diagrams for installation from uavionix to show czech aircraft factory to expedite process and maybe get a service bulletin issued for installation.
  13. i can fly here in midwest without entering class C airspace easily. i have a zayon traffic alert installed that shows other transponder equipped aircraft with voice alerts on my garmin 510 and have altitude reporting transponder and can my plane be detected by other traffic devices on other aircraft. adbs out is a low priority for me now but to install adbs in and out easily and cheaply is something i may consider. handheld devices can get you weather. easy to talk me out of installing adbs out .....lol
  14. i will wait for josh to get back from his trip and get details about installation and process from him at that time. i will be in oshkosh this july and see him and get latest information also.
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