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  1. Thanks for posting this Shawn. I’d like to talk with you about the market research you’ve mentioned here. Feel free to give me a call when you’re available. 407-467-1178.
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    First off, I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I meant to log on and check this last evening but was distracted elsewhere. I’ve come to appreciate this forum as a great source of information for all things SportCruiser related. I can only assume, based on the name of the forum and its history, that is has done what it was designed to do, connect people with a shared interest in a single topic. So, when I saw something added that I feel could have a very negative effect, I decided to speak up. The integrity of a brand is something that must be managed always. The muddying of the waters doesn’t protect the brand or the integrity of the forum, in this situation. Where will the line be drawn? After many owners of all different types of LSA’s share every little bit of info they choose? I want to help protect the integrity of this forum, and to protect its role as one of the leaders for sharing information on the SportCruiser, good and bad. It all should be shared in a constructive and beneficial manner. I’d hate to see one decision turn into the proverbial slippery slope that ends up degrading the entire platform. If I am alone in this feeling that is fine, I will simply be content knowing I was able to give my two cents and try to protect the forum’s brand and integrity. I hope it continues to support and benefit its users as it was designed.
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    This should be titled "new confused member". You are aware you are in a SportCruiser forum, correct? I don't get it, this is similar to buying a Mercedes and posting photos and discussions on the BMW forum. What exactly to you plan to gain from posting in this forum? Just curious. -Josh Scheid