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  1. Thank you for sharing Shawn. This is truly wonderful news! They are still exhibiting a disorganized manner of doing business as Charlie Lima received a firm NO LOA's WILL BE ISSUED and then just a short time after they are now considering issuing LOA's. I guess such a decision will be made when the US DOLLARS $$ are not coming in and the SportCruiser sales are close to non existent (to individuals) even after dropping the price by $22k on 2017's and $10k on 2018's. I'm glad to read that they are FINALLY LISTENING TO THE MARKET! While arriving late to the party is not the path I would have recommended, I'm glad to see that they are finally realizing that their most certain demise can only be saved by listening to the market and improving their image as dropping the price alone will not result in sales. One word of caution though....changes at whim seem to continue being their way of doing business. Does this announcement or post deflect attention from the ADS-B Out topic? Will news on ADS-B Out solutions finally be provided to ALL of the owners waiting for the factory to provide solutions? I don't know,. I truly believe that this particular concession is the only logical stance and will benefit ALL! May more decisions that improve their long earned image of reluctance or interest in their customers after the sale continue to come forth. Cheers to all.
  2. Unfortunately, you are ALL correct. The decision to not issue LOA makes no sense whatsoever at least not from a marketing point. The only reason NOT to issue LOA is fear of liability or exposure to law suits. But, then again lawsuits against Cruiser Aircraft will yield ZERO as there are no assets to go after. And good luck if one would decide to sue the manufacturer in Czech. I believe there's been a lingering case for q few years now somewhere in the US. All good points Dave but, I would do as Shawn suggested....submit the request in writing to the e-mails listed for Cruiser Aircraft and CSA as well. At least this way you will know that the questions were received and if they stay silent that will be an obvious choice not to address your (and many others) concern. You know it Shawn. I may not have had an answer but, you know that I would have forwarded the information to all the powers at be. But, then again would have netted the same answer they provide to you all.....silence.
  3. Yes, you are correct. I stated that the reluctance to issue LOA was due to strict EASA regulations or mandate as that was the response provided by Lukas every time the topic came up. But, under further research in to the matter LOA are not being issued due to EASA regulation as it's truly a choice not to do so. A point which was proven by your study of all of the other SLSA manufacturers issuing LOAs. I spoke with Lou Mancuso at Bristell and I asked him about the LOA process in which the answer is quite simple....Milan Bristela is working in the factory along with his son and they're number one focus is customer service and making sure that the customers are treated as they should be. Needless to say this statement was music to my ears as that's what I was hoping to hear at some point from anyone at the SportCruiser organization.
  4. Good afternoon Shawn, I guess it's been finally made public and unfortunately a fact that must be accepted as is..... Charlie Lima posted in another thread - Hello everyone I spoke to Cruiser today concerning a tow bar replacement, and requested information on the LOA's issue. I am detailing what I was told, June 04, 2018 AM/EST 😞 1): Do not request LOA's. They will not be issued. It does not matter if you are pre-bankruptcy, ( 2007, 2008 & 2009 if I understand the dates correctly), or post bankruptcy and new management, ( 2010 and after ). A note for all current and future owners of the SportCruiser....CSA will not issue any LOA's. Yes, I know that they were issued in the past as I've seen original documentation proving so under previous management but, current management does not feel that issuing LOA's is something they should have to do....I'm guessing as to the reason as I fought long and hard on this topic, since my very first conversation with Lukas back in September 2017.
  5. I hope that after 27 years she wouldn't allow me such an easy out! Just kidding of course.😁
  6. Bob, I'm a fortunate man! I've never been given such an ultimatum and truly don't know what I'd do. Yeah right, who am I kidding....just for making me choose she'd be out the door quicker than quick. SHAWNM.....I sure do hope she doesn't read your post.
  7. Congratulations on the purchase! May you enjoy many adventures and exciting destinations. Be safe! Izzy
  8. Izzy

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    Don't worry Bill! I can't even a sarcastic laugh after a simple knock knock joke....at least you continue trying, kudos for that, I gave up years ago and just switched over to mean sarcasm which suits me well!
  9. Izzy

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    While I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your statement I could not disagree more with the second part. I've been in sales my entire life and am proud to share that I have always sold the product I've represented based on it's own strengths and features while very well aware of my competitors weaknesses but, I never and I say never put down a competitor in any way shape or form to obtain an edge or sale. The numbers don't lie and truly do not concern me but the principle of the sale does. No worries as I accept the decisions made by the admin but, in no way have to agree with them. This is still the SCFLIER forum and as such should remain as true to the SC as the name dictates. I also belong to Sport Pilot Forum, where everyone is there flies all type of equipment, and the Rotax forum as I know them to be the source for Rotax information. Izzy
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    My apologies to Bill then as I read his statement differently. No harm no foul. Thank you for the clarification Shawn. I too would prefer to see you in DRAG as a 6'1" blonde instead of Kirk any Day. Izzy
  11. Izzy

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    With all due respect....that would be called a Joke sir. Knowing Shawn M and his mastery with words I was making reference to his of how he described himself. Izzy
  12. Izzy

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    Hits home doesn't it! Well I feel the same way as you feel but in my case it's the SportCruiser and the Bristell. By the way, there is animosity between the brands and that's a good thing and it pushes ALL to be better. But, one thing you will never get from me is trying to sell my brand by bad mouthing or pointing out the negatives in another brand....as I've been told many a times over is done over at Bristell. Again my point is specific to the NAME of our forum, it's is not an LSA owner Forum, Rotax Owner Forum. Taking a step further in the automotive world....in order to be a member of the PCA one has to own a Porsche and the same applies to the BMW brand. There are plenty on the forum that approve of the decision and I may be the only to not like the decision and that's quite okay.
  13. Izzy

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    Yes, Kirk will be with us all day. And YES, they fixed the issue and started shipping the 472. Izzy
  14. Izzy

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    I must admit that I questioned the decision to allow a new member with a Bristell to join our forum. I believe that this is a SportCruiser (SC) forum so not sure of that decision. Maybe I compare this to a Lamborghini owner joining a Ferrari club or a Mustang Owner joining a Camaro club. Mind you this is just how I feel and my opinion so I'm not trying to be negative about. I for one would not join a Bristell club while owning a SportCruiser as I am certain that I would be seen as a competitor looking for an opportunity to promote my brand....but then again this is just my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions. Izzy