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  1. A new member

    Don't worry Bill! I can't even a sarcastic laugh after a simple knock knock joke....at least you continue trying, kudos for that, I gave up years ago and just switched over to mean sarcasm which suits me well!
  2. A new member

    While I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your statement I could not disagree more with the second part. I've been in sales my entire life and am proud to share that I have always sold the product I've represented based on it's own strengths and features while very well aware of my competitors weaknesses but, I never and I say never put down a competitor in any way shape or form to obtain an edge or sale. The numbers don't lie and truly do not concern me but the principle of the sale does. No worries as I accept the decisions made by the admin but, in no way have to agree with them. This is still the SCFLIER forum and as such should remain as true to the SC as the name dictates. I also belong to Sport Pilot Forum, where everyone is there flies all type of equipment, and the Rotax forum as I know them to be the source for Rotax information. Izzy
  3. A new member

    My apologies to Bill then as I read his statement differently. No harm no foul. Thank you for the clarification Shawn. I too would prefer to see you in DRAG as a 6'1" blonde instead of Kirk any Day. Izzy
  4. A new member

    With all due respect....that would be called a Joke sir. Knowing Shawn M and his mastery with words I was making reference to his of how he described himself. Izzy
  5. A new member

    Hits home doesn't it! Well I feel the same way as you feel but in my case it's the SportCruiser and the Bristell. By the way, there is animosity between the brands and that's a good thing and it pushes ALL to be better. But, one thing you will never get from me is trying to sell my brand by bad mouthing or pointing out the negatives in another brand....as I've been told many a times over is done over at Bristell. Again my point is specific to the NAME of our forum, it's is not an LSA owner Forum, Rotax Owner Forum. Taking a step further in the automotive world....in order to be a member of the PCA one has to own a Porsche and the same applies to the BMW brand. There are plenty on the forum that approve of the decision and I may be the only to not like the decision and that's quite okay.
  6. A new member

    Yes, Kirk will be with us all day. And YES, they fixed the issue and started shipping the 472. Izzy
  7. A new member

    I must admit that I questioned the decision to allow a new member with a Bristell to join our forum. I believe that this is a SportCruiser (SC) forum so not sure of that decision. Maybe I compare this to a Lamborghini owner joining a Ferrari club or a Mustang Owner joining a Camaro club. Mind you this is just how I feel and my opinion so I'm not trying to be negative about. I for one would not join a Bristell club while owning a SportCruiser as I am certain that I would be seen as a competitor looking for an opportunity to promote my brand....but then again this is just my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions. Izzy
  8. A new member

    Well first things first....I never said anything about hot dogs! We are having 14 Bones from Vero in site with a BBQ pit serving up their finest BBQ. But, I guess that $157.50 is a heck of a lot to pay for BBQ as well. But, then again I heard that we will be having an SC owners that is a "6'-1" blonde swimsuit model with long legs, sexy eyes, firm butt and 36D boobs looking for my sugar daddy with a nice plane"....Now that may be worth the trip! Izzy
  9. Thank you for sharing Shawn. I truly like the way Cubcrafters is going about consideration and issuance of LOA's. I do have a question or concern though....there is this ONE line where number of hours are to be listed. Imagine the response from our (SC) folks when they are asked that do add A or B to their SC will result in 30 hours of testing and developing in order to get EASA approval thus costing someone $3k. That will set this group on fire and will cause another reason for uproar. Just sayin'
  10. Congratulations! I knew that when I saw the 299 number you would be closely monitoring for that magical number 300. I've relied on this forum when the PiperSport I was a partner on would decide to act up on me and always found sound advise and other owners willing to share their experiences and suggestions. For being the great resource that the forum is to ALL SC owners...Thank you! Izzy
  11. Great news! Thank you for your time and efforts in keeping this forum not only going but growing as well. Izzy
  12. Izzy

  13. Happy New Year to all! May 2017 bring you and yours much health, happiness and wonderful flying experiences. As a pilot without a plane for almost a year now, I visit the SC forum frequently to see the latest information, resources or experiences shared by all. I look forward to owning another SC soon but, in the meantime will continue my search to at least rent an SC in the South Florida area. Izzy
  14. Thank you Dave. I appreciate the efforts put forth in bringing us this great place where we've exchanged ideas, concerns or just talked about our SC's. Wishing you all of the best! Izzie
  15. We recently noticed a shutter (engine) when on base to final when power is set around 3k rpm. Anyone out there with similar experiences?