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  1. Congratulations! I knew that when I saw the 299 number you would be closely monitoring for that magical number 300. I've relied on this forum when the PiperSport I was a partner on would decide to act up on me and always found sound advise and other owners willing to share their experiences and suggestions. For being the great resource that the forum is to ALL SC owners...Thank you! Izzy
  2. Great news! Thank you for your time and efforts in keeping this forum not only going but growing as well. Izzy
  3. Izzy

  4. Happy New Year to all! May 2017 bring you and yours much health, happiness and wonderful flying experiences. As a pilot without a plane for almost a year now, I visit the SC forum frequently to see the latest information, resources or experiences shared by all. I look forward to owning another SC soon but, in the meantime will continue my search to at least rent an SC in the South Florida area. Izzy
  5. Thank you Dave. I appreciate the efforts put forth in bringing us this great place where we've exchanged ideas, concerns or just talked about our SC's. Wishing you all of the best! Izzie
  6. We recently noticed a shutter (engine) when on base to final when power is set around 3k rpm. Anyone out there with similar experiences?