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  1. Welcome Justin. She's a beauty. Exactly the same here....glider pilot at age 15 back in 1979. The bubble canopy, low wing and stick makes the SC/PS that much more in line to what I'm accustomed to and enjoy in an airplane.
  2. Welcome! That's how it all started with me....drove to Stuart, Florida (100 miles North of my home) and went up for the first time in a 2010 PiperSport N545SC, took a few lessons, soloed, completed my checkride getting my SPL in that same bird. A few months later I purchased in to a partnership in a 2010 PiperSport 588DA. All I can say is enjoy the ride. Quirks or model specific flying characteristics? You will find them and will learn through them and always know that when in doubt, you have a forum to bounce any concerns or questions you may have. Cheers!
  3. Glad to see on my first log in to the forum since November that Shawn is still Shawn....Love it! Welcome to the future full time resident at the Villages.....BTW Shawn is spot on.
  4. South Florida, USA = Florida Keys (Key West) 50 minute flight to the South. / Bimini (Bahamas) = 30 minutes to the Southeast / Marsh Harbour (Eastern Bahamas) 1hr plus many other destinations all within a 2 hour flight.... Oh and many more VFR flight condition days than most of the country....most of all when that nasty White stuff starts falling from the sky.
  5. Congrats to all! May 2017 = 251 October 2018 = 367 +116 in 17 mos
  6. Candace Drawbeck IS the right person to contact for this request. She may not know the answer but, will greatly enjoy harassing the factory until an answer is provided. I believe...I recall...I think....that I once MAY HAVE heard of a certain SportCruiser owner that replaced the spec battery with a smaller (lighter) battery. Said battery was not only lighter and less expensive but, was also readily available in most if not all aviation. ?
  7. Thank you for posting Ronin5573! Incredible how this show was viewed by a WORLDWIDE audience of 12million folks.
  8. Good morning Shawn, While I stated I did like the Red as the market seems to like this shade specifically I would never own a Red plane. Red is reserved for a classic Porsche or a Ferrari...that's just me Talking about FaceBook. Believe it or not it is truly a great marketing tool in which a lot of folks have realized the power of allowing the folks to market a product by liking and sharing without having to expense a whole lot of money or commit to any one campaign for a set period of time. Funny thing though, Cruiser Aircraft posted a video of Josh personally inviting folks to the show and I believe I read that it had 5 likes and 2 shares.....indicating a not so well received or liked idea. On a personal side, I like the interaction with folks I know from far away place. I like to see the pictures of their families getting together and comment on how big their kids have gotten and how wonderful grandma looks. I've also enjoyed rekindling a few relationships I truly enjoyed while a very young man. I am a member of a cigar group, a car group which allow me the recommendations of great cigars. And lastly, I kid you not, I have this one friend that I take his restaurant suggestions as a guide to restaurants I must visit. But, hey I understand as I've enjoyed a few vacations with no connection and while I admit felt very weird at the beginning by day number TWO I felt a sense of freedom that is hard to explain as I live a very connected life. ENOUGH ABOUT FACEBOOK! lol I'm also very curios how ALL manufacturers did at OSHKOSH. I did not read of any large purchases as announced during Sun n Fun but, I'm certain that there were quite a few checks exchanging hands. Cheers!
  9. I believe that this SportCruiser was assembled overnight onsite, so I'm guessing not much time for attention to the details but, still a great job in assembling this SC after a long day at the show! I do like the shade of Red, I've seen it in the Cirrus SR22 Carbon Edition, but am not sure why they chose the Orange inserts on the Gray seats. I agree, the wheel pants seems to finish the look, bring it all together as without them she looks like a pretty lady with awfully skinny legs! Anyway, the show ended and I feel that there was not that much shared. I guess my expectations may have been for a bit more since there is so much going on at CAI with the NEW ventures, management, and introduction of training programs. I wonder if the folks from Bountiful showed up to assist in the promotion of that flight school idea. I wonder how many SportCruisers were sold during the show? From what I've read Vashon (Ranger) and Magnus (Fusion 212) received orders or had sales at the show.
  10. Don't know if you've seen this beast called Draco...The most extreme opposite of an LSA but, definitely worth watching.
  11. Below is the link I found for the daily newspaper printed and distributed at EAA AirVenture 2018... https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/eaa-airventure-news-and-multimedia/airventure-today-newspaper
  12. Thank you for posting. That "Doc" is a work of art....absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Thank you RTK for bursting my bubble. I will now edit my bucket list's new entry to just ATTENDING! ?Living in South Florida I really do not want to go all the way to almost Canada and deal with humidity and storms.
  14. Thank you for posting the link to the livecam. Flying up to OSH and sleeping in a tent right next to your airplane is a NEW ITEM on my bucket list. Talk about an immersion in aviation!
  15. Thanks for posting Shawn. This was expected as they had some really bad storms in the area late last week.
  16. I'm expecting MAJOR announcements to be made at Oshkosh 2018. I am hopeful that the darn ADS-B- Out issue is put to bed once and for all. And for ALL of those that are courageous enough to still want to purchase a SportCruiser...this will be a great opportunity as the inventory of registered SCs at the Cruiser Hangar is up to 20. I'd treat it like a fire sale and bid really really low to start out with and see what happens. I couldn't help but notice, according to the FAA registry, that Bountiful has not taken delivery of a single 2018 SC with the last registrations being for 2017 models in April 2018....yes, three months ago and NADA after the NOSE GEAR FAILURE during landing on May 25th. I saw the latest inventory listed on Barnstormers which was updated on 7/15/2018 listing a 2017 for $156,900 and a new 2018 for $169,900. But, the best price on the market seems to be for the 2017 with only 35 TTSN listed by Jonathan Trunz (NC) at only $149,000....if it's still available.
  17. For all of you LUCKY DOGS that will be attending Oshkosh 2018, I found the following guide that may be helpful... https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/plane-pilots-guide-to-eaa-airventure-oshkosh-2018/#.W0teNK2ZORs
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