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  1. It's interesting that the maintenance manual references LiFePo4 batteries in their installation steps. Are they installing them in newer SportCruisers in the States or in Europe?
  2. Welcome @Steven Congrats!!! You've found an excellent resource and a knowledgable, passionate, enthusiastic gang of pilots here. I definitely have the latter two, and always working on the first. 😉 Post pictures of your new bird!
  3. Here's the start of a carb float discussion we had several months ago in another thread. There was a service bulletin that went out several years ago where some serial#'d floats were not manufactured to spec and were prone to flaking.
  4. This is basically all I was after. Thanks! Not many participants out in California though. I met a great group of Sport Cruiser owners out in Fresno, CA several months back and was hoping some of them might be on this forum.
  5. Hi Dave. Is there a way to get stats on where in US all of the members are located? I think it would be great to know for invites to future fly-ins. ?
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