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Found 1 result

  1. this is a new topic area providing details on CRUZ SportCruiser/PS-28/PiperSport Aircraft Letters of Authorization (LOA) for Improvements authorized from Czech Sport Aircraft (CSA). 1) If you have received a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from Czech Sport Aircraft for a modification to your CRUZ aircraft, please post a summary here. 2) If you are WAITING for a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from Czech Sport Aircraft for a modification that you have documented and requested via US Sport Aircraft to CSA, please post a summary here. Include your current "WAIT TIME" from the date that you requested the LOA to the date of your posting. 3) If you have any SUGGESTIONS on ways to improve the speed of Letter of Authorization (LOA) Processing by CSA, please post ideas here. 4) If you have received Formal Authorization for ROTAX 912 ULS Engine changes, please post details here. 5) For reference, members of the SCFLIER FORUM documented their Ranked List of requests for CRUZ Aircraft Improvements in July of 2016. As far as I know, in the last 3 months, there has been no measurable progress in addressing these requests for Improvements on the Top 5 Items on the list. The picture attached summarizes our "desired CRUZ improvement" 7-18-2016 ranked list. Comments welcome. D
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