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Found 1 result

  1. From your friendly Admin. I would like to get some ideas going on potential Improvements and Upgrades for the Piper Sport / Sport Cruiser / PS-28 aircraft. These could be new enhancements to be found in entirely new CRUZ aircraft, or Upgrades to existing aircraft (with a LOA --letter of authorization ) available from the manufacturer. The topic list is wide open from new avionics, new Creature comforts, new flying capabilities, new graphics or paint options, and on and on. My idea is that we would do this "Improvement Idea List" on the forum in a two step process: 1) over the next month or two, we would gather inputs from everyone* as to "what you would like" for the CRUZ aircraft 2) we would then Rank the ideas using a Forum Poll of all the topics and prioritize the ideas from "most wanted" to "least wanted" in a Ranked List from the SCFLIER OWNER OPERATOR community. I think the improvement ideas should be considered independent of potential future cost, at least at the beginning. And, all ideas must fit under the category of still meeting the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) rules. So that would rule out adding JATO bottles for super short takeoff since the JATO bottles would exceed the 1320 lbs weight limit and not be a "single engine". And a modification for retractable landing gear or two additional passenger seats would not fit in the LSA category. Other than that, the sky is the limit. I'll start the "idea" list with an idea of my own, and others can throw in their ideas, and after we get a large number of ideas, I will turn it into a FORUM POLL so we all* can each "vote" on our top three ideas and that will allow us to generate a ranked list. * One comment - we do have some "manufacturer CSA" and "sales/support - US SPORT AIRCRAFT" members on the SCFLIER forum, so I think it best that these "insiders" don't provide input based on their inside knowledge... The idea list should be generated from owners and operators of the aircraft, or also folks that are considering buying a new CRUZ aircraft, or perhaps considering a competitor to the CRUZ that may have a feature NOT currently available on the CRUZ aircraft. I have the ability to control the inputs based on who is submitting them so please follow this comment so that the ideas come from the Owners/Operators and not the CSA Manufacturer or US SPORT AIRCRAFT employees. Please limit your ideas to "somewhat reasonable" ideas. I.e., no ejection seats or USN carrier capable structures...remember the (USA FAA) LSA rules when you submit ideas....
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