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Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver SCFLIER "Participation" Raffle

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Exciting news for “Participating” SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members !

We are rapidly approaching the December 31, 2019 deadline for installation of USA FAA ADS-B OUT equipment in our CRUZ LSA aircraft, and we are getting closer to the Czech Sport Aircraft CSA “announcement” on possible Letters of Authorization for incorporating CSA Approved ADS-B OUT transmitting equipment (and hopefully also displaying Traffic and Weather info on Cockpit displays from ADS-B IN receiving equipment) into our SCFLIER Member's Non SKYVIEW equipped CRUZ S-LSA’s.

In the USA, the FAA sends via ADS-B IN datalink ALL the Airborne Traffic information in a 30 Nmile, +-3500 ft altitude "Hockey Puck" that follows your aircraft in response to ONLY those aircraft that are “Participating” with compliant ADS-B OUT transmissions.

Similarly, the good news for “ParticipatingSCFLIER Forum Members is that friends of the SCFLIER Pilots/Owners located right here in Texas have anonymously donated a GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADS-B  ”IN” Traffic and Weather receiving device (with 3D AHRS attitude/heading/reference sensing) for the sole Winner of a “SCFLIER Forum Participation Raffle” to be held at the end of July 2017. And, the GARMIN GDL-39 ADS-B IN receiver is compatible with many of our CRUZ S-LSA cockpit installed Garmin GPS map displays.

Currently (April 23, 2017) there are 248 WorldWide SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members.
All SCFLIER Forum members are eligible for the raffle, with a “Catch”.

Of the 248 SCFLIER Forum Members, only 36 members, a mere 15%, have more than 7 total SCFLIER Forum posts.

To be automatically entered in the “raffle” for the July 31, 2017 Random Drawing, Only SCFLIER Members who are “Participating”,

defined by having at least 4 Total Posts on the SCFLIER Forum, are eligible.

So, if you have already posted at least 4 items on the Forum, you are good to go, and no additional “work” (or postings) is required to be automatically entered in the ADS-B IN equipment “Raffle”.

But for those SCFLIER Forum members who haven’t yet posted any cool pictures of their aircraft, interesting flying stories, CRUZ related maintenance questions or answers, Rotax engine tips, …..you get the idea…. some of these Members may still choose to “activate” their raffle ticket by posting at least 4 total Interesting SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 CRUZ LSA related items on the forum between now and July 30, 2017.

Of course not everyone wants to post items on a public forum. That’s OK, but the more SCFLIER Forum members that participate, the more fun for all SCFLIER Forum members and the more useful information is provided and available to all SportCruiser CRUZ LSA owners.


ADS-B IN Equipment to be delivered to the Lucky SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum "Raffle" Winner:
1. Garmin GDL-39 3D Portable ADS-B IN Receiver with AHRS
2. RAMI AV-74 ADS-B IN external belly mount antenna and cabling/adapters
3. Garmin GA-56 external top mount GPS antenna and cabling/adapters


GDL-39 3D Cockpit GPS Map Display Equipment Compatibility:
· Garmin 396 and 496 GPS Map displays – Traffic Only, limited to 8 targets
(Hard wired RS-232 interface required).
· Garmin 696 GPS Map display – Traffic (limited to 30 targets) and Weather ,
(Hard wired RS-232 interface required).
· Garmin Aera 796 GPS Map display – Traffic (limited to 30 targets) and Weather ,
(BlueTooth or Hard wired RS-232 interface).
· Garmin Aera 660 GPS Map display – Traffic (limited to 30 targets) and Weather ,
(BlueTooth or Hard wired RS-232 interface).
· iPad /iPhone wirelessly compatible to the GDL-39 3D when using both the Garmin Pilot app and the ForeFlight app for ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather display.


"Raffle" Rules:
1. ADS-B IN Equipment Installation and Compliance with the USA FAA (or your country’s regulating authority) and LightSportAircraft S-LSA and E-LSA rules and regulations are the responsibility of the winner.
2. Only “Participating” SCFLIER Forum members with at least 4 total forum postings as of July 30, 2017 are eligible to be automatically entered in the random drawing. The SCFLIER Admin and family are of course excluded from the drawing.
3. The random drawing will occur on Monday July 31, 2017 and the Sole Winner (SCFLIER Forum ID) of the Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN equipment, connectors, cables, adapters and 2 external antennas will be "announced" on the SCFLIER Forum August 1, 2017.



1. The Garmin GDL-39 3D is a dual band (978 Mhz UAT and 1090 Mhz Extended Squitter) ADS-B IN Traffic Receiver. The 978 Mhz UAT ADS-B OUT Traffic frequency is only used in the USA airspace. The 1090 MHz ES frequency is also used in the USA. However, in Europe, Australia, and other countries, Only the 1090 Mhz ES Traffic ADS-B OUT aircraft transmissions are used. The GDL-39 3D ADS-B  IN device can receive BOTH the 1090 Mhz ES and also the 978 MHz UAT ADS-B OUT traffic transmissions air to air.
2. The USA FAA FISB 978 Mhz ADS-B Weather data is only available for use in the USA.
3. The GPS Based information and Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) capability of the GDL-39 3D receiver works world-wide.
4. Use of the RAMI AV-74 ADS-B IN belly mount antenna or the Garmin GA-56 GPS external top mount antenna are not REQUIRED  for the Garmin GDL-39 3D to function, however, more ADS-B IN ground transmitting towers may be received with the AV-74 ADS-B  IN antenna mounted on the aircraft belly, and more GPS satellite stations may be received with an external top mounted GPS Antenna


Important :  The Installation and use of a Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B IN receiver,  with a Hard Wired Interface to CRUZ S-LSA Cockpit Displays & Aircraft Power provided directly via wiring to a Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B IN Receiver,  and Compliance with USA FAA Regulations,  or the Aircraft Regulatory Agency in your Country,  is the Responsibility of the sole "GDL-39 3D Participation Raffle Winner":

  1. Today,  the hardwired GDL-39 3D  ADS-B IN receiver (and External GPS & ADS-B IN antennas) and also the way cool GARMIN Aera 660 GPS Map display are NOT USA FAA Legal (...today...) to use INSTALLED, hard wired interfaced in a CRUZ S-LSA without a CSA tail number specific Letter of Authorization and/or CSA IPC installation documentation for a CRUZ Factory Built S-LSA.
  2. In a USA E-LSA aircraft (a factory built Special Light Sport Aircraft S-LSA CRUZ converted to an Experimental E-LSA),  all of the "raffle items" (GDL-39 3D powered by aircraft +12V DC wiring,  hard wired to a Garmin GPS Map and operating with two external antennas) and also the new Aera 660 portable GPS Map unit for those Legacy CZAW CRUZ E-LSA owners currently with a Garmin 396 or 496 GPS Map installed in the smaller CZAW CRUZ LSA vertical cockpit dash size, would be legal to install in a USA FAA regulated  EXPERIMENTAL CRUZ E-LSA  without an LOA from CSA,  assuming that the proper installation documentation was recorded in the aircraft logs by the E-LSA owner.
  3. Additionally,   note that  in some current production S-LSA CRUZ aircraft,   for example a later model CRUZ S-LSA SportCruiser Light Sport Aircraft with a CSA factory installed Aera 796 Garmin GPS Map display,  in these S-LSA CRUZ aircraft,  the portable (battery powered) GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN receiver can effectively interface wirelessly to the 796 for display of ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather right there on the 796 GPS Map cockpit display,  and also the "3D" backup AHRS feature of a GDL-39 3D portable battery powered unit with AHRS will function on a GARMIN 796 without any "hard wires" attached to the GDL-39 required.

Looking forward to the ADSB IN equipment SCFLIER "raffle" soon after EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 !
















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Some ADSB-IN Traffic examples,  using a Garmin GDL-39 R (Remote mount),  identical in data product features to the portable GDL-39 3D,  but without the AHRS or portable battery powered operation.

The ADSB-IN Datalink information was displayed using a hard wired connection from the GDL-39R to a Garmin 696 GPS Map installed in an Experimental E-LSA CRUZ.   A CSA Letter of Authorization or documentation of the hard wire hookup to the 696 and installation instructions for the GDL-39R and external ADSB IN antenna (perhaps included in a future update to the CSA CRUZ IPC) would be required to install and operate this equipment setup in a factory CRUZ S-LSA.

An external belly mount ADSB IN antenna improved range performance over the stock "stubby" portable GDL-39 ADSB IN antenna and was able to receive FIS-B Weather data from DFW's ADSB Radio towers - about 10-12 miles away,  while on the ground.

Airborne Traffic targets were received in "Air to Air" (actually Air to "on the Ground") mode,   as the subject aircraft was not airborne,  nor was it transmitting any ADSB OUT position data while sitting parked, engine off,  in the Non-Movement area.

GDL-39R ADSB DataLink information displayed on the Garmin 696 include

  • simultaneous landing and takeoff at DFW airport (multiple runways)
  • DFW Takeoff and Landing Traffic at DFW and one aircraft taking off at KDAL Love Field
  • SportCruiser landing at KADS, exiting the runway to the taxiway Alpha (note color change of aircraft symbol when on the ground)
  • SportCruiser TRAFFIC Alert near the parking area
  • Unrestricted  696 "TRF" dedicated Traffic page on the 696 showing many airborne targets
  • FIS-B WX transmitted active permanent TFR at ex President "W"'s house south of Addison
  • The Garmin GDL DataLink Information page,  showing specific time delays for various FIS-B Weather products
  • The Garmin GDL DataLink ADSB Ground Stations being used to generate data to display on the 696 Map.

Very useful Datalink of USA FAA ADSB IN Information and Airborne Traffic Data from the Garmin GDL-39 receiver, hard wired to the Garmin 696 Map unit for display in the center of the CRUZ Panel.












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A brief description and product history of the GARMIN GDL-39 family of

portable (battery powered, or with a cable, aircraft powered) --GDL-39 and GDL-39 3D

or aircraft powered only -- GDL-39 R "remote mount"

ADSB IN Dual Band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) Traffic and FIS-B Weather    DataLink receivers:

1) Garmin product information on the "top of the line" GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADSB IN Receiver with built in AHRS Attitude Heading Reference System:



2) GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver product history

The GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver was first introduced at Oshkosh in July of 2012



3) GDL-39 adds the AHRS "3D" sensors in summer of 2014

The GDL-39 3D was an upgrade portable model to the base GDL-39 model and the GDL-39 R Remote mount model.  Oshkosh, July 2014



4) GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver software update history:


Comment and Opinion:

The Garmin GDL-39 ADSB IN receiver combines a WAAS GPS, subscription-free ADS-B weather and dual band ADS-B traffic in a single unit, and with the top of the line GDL-39 3D, adds an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) for Backup attitude information and input to synthetic vision (SVX) displays on the Garmin 796 and 660 GPS display maps as well as the Garmin Pilot iPad/Android and ForeFlight application.  

The Garmin GDL-39 is a reliable, well known, proven product, designed and built by GARMIN who also makes the CRUZ S-LSA GPS Map cockpit display units (396, 496, 696, 796) for our fine CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft.  The GDL-39 and GDL-39 3D portable models can be powered by a rechargeable battery,  or by aircraft power via the available power/data hard wire interface cable.  The GDL-39 R is only powered by 10-32 volt DC aircraft power.

The GDL-39 has a proven, simple way to interface with a Garmin portable GPS Map display either by an inexpensive hard wire power/data interface cable (purchased separately for the 396, 496, 696, 796, or 660), or in the case of the Aera 796 GPS and Aera 660 GPS, the data interface from GDL-39 to GPS Map display can be performed directly by wireless Bluetooth interface, or if desired, alternately  using the hard wire power/data cable if purchased separately.

It puzzles me why CSA Letters of Authorization and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) documentation and installation instructions are NOT yet available for "hard wired interface use", installed  in the CRUZ S-LSA aircraft, five years after this fine Garmin Data Link GDL-39 ADSB-IN receiver product was introduced.  Especially for the Garmin 696 GPS Map, where the only data interface possible is with the hard wire cable, and portable battery powered GDL-39 use and data interface using wireless Bluetooth like the Garmin 796 and 660 is NOT possible (nor planned to be available) on the 696.

There is no better way than to use a Garmin designed product to interface ADSB - IN Traffic and Weather datalink information  to a Garmin GPS Map display.  Proven.  Reliable.  Supportable.  Available for Years.

The GDL-39 ADSB IN Free Traffic and Weather receiver is easy to use, simple to install, and provides --directly on the center of the CRUZ cockpit panel on the GPS Map display --impressive SAFETY benefits to Pilots for safe separation from other airborne targets and useful information about potentially serious weather risks. 



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15 minutes ago, admin said:

it seems puzzling to me why CSA Letters of Authorization and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) documentation and installation instructions are NOT yet available for "hard wired interface use" on the CRUZ S-LSA aircraft, five years after this fine GARMIN product was introduced.    

Do you feel like you're banging your head up against a rock sometimes? :huh:

Or maybe screaming into the mic "is this thing on?" :lol:

Your preaching to the choir here Dave.

The day I went E-LSA was like getting the 500 pound gorilla off my back. My plane is far safer today and less of a workload on me as the pilot and for that I have ZERO regrets.

Regardless of the fact that some will argue the value of my plane has gone down, my plane is by far a safer plane to fly and to me that's "priceless".

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1 hour ago, ShawnM said:

Regardless of the fact that some will argue the value of my plane has gone down . . . 

It's not so much that, but I do think by going E-LSA, you reduce the size of your market, when it's time to sell the airplane.

Here's why:

I have talked to some perspective buyers (especially 1st time buyers) who would not even consider an E-AB or E-LSA aircraft, for fear that shortcuts or shoddy maintenance may have been signed off by individuals, who have not received sufficient maintenance training to ensure a high degree of quality. In some cases, based upon some airplanes I've considered purchasing, I think that is valid concern. Of course, one could argue, the same could be said for aircraft that have been maintained by 'not so good' A&P's. We all know there are some out there.

As for the resale, you will never know the true value of your E-LSA . . . until the day you sell it. IMHO, attention to detail and good documentation is key to selling any aircraft.

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Couldn't agree more Wmlnce. Good documentation is key.

I've seen aircraft that should never by flying that were signed off by real live A&P's. :o

I wasn't trying to provoke you or single you out, just trying to make my point. There are some who feel just the opposite. :D 

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Some additional details and "Before/After" wiring diagrams

for interfacing the portable Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receiver

to a Garmin 696 GPS Map display

with the 696 remaining in communication with other existing CRUZ S-LSA Avionics (and wiring):

  • Garmin SL30 Nav/Com radio,
  • Dynon HS-34 Expansion Module
  • and Dynon AP-74 Autopilot (via the Dynon DSAB Smart Avionics Bus)

using the GDL-39 "Serial Data Pass Thru" feature.     

See pics below.

Note that currently, in the USA FAA regulated airspace,  an S-LSA CRUZ aircraft owner can not "hard wire" a  GDL-39 ADS-B IN receiver into the CRUZ S-LSA avionics without a tail number specific signed Letter of Authorization from CSA, the airplane manufacturer.

For a USA  Experimental E-LSA,  the GDL-39 modification can be performed directly,  with no CSA LOA required

The Garmin GDL-39 family of ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receivers provides AWESOME USA FAA Traffic and Weather data products sent up by the FAA Ground Radio Towers to all aircraft,  a complete local traffic picture to  "participating" ADS-B OUT Equipped aircraft, and the benefits of a Dual Band (978 MHz and 1090 Mhz) Traffic receiver.











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Great write up Dave.

When I bought my GDL-39 3D (gently used and with the battery) the only thing I couldn't swallow was the $70 Garmin was asking for a simple data cable. I ordered the connector and made my own. There are of course a few ways to wire up the GDL-39 depending on your avionics.

However you do this, the GDL-39 is an AWESOME and simple device for ADS-B in. I love Garmin stuff. :D

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To all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members:

in one week, on August 1, 2017, I will be drawing a name randomly to determine the winner of the 

Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN dual band Traffic and Weather receiver with backup attitude AHRS, external GPS/ADS-B IN antennas, cabling, and accessories !!!

if you already have "PARTICIPATED" (at least four total posts) on your SCFLIER Forum, you are ALREADY eligible and will have a valid "raffle ticket" for the GDL-39 3D plus accessories worth over $1000 US.  

The GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather (FIS-B WX is available in USA Airspace only) Receiver can be interfaced to display ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather data on many of our CRUZ LSA Garmin Cockpit GPS Map displays on the aircraft panel, either by

  • a "hard wire" connection (no AHRS, Garmin 396/496 Traffic Only,  5XX/696 both Traffic and Weather)
  • or via "hard wire" cable or Wireless Bluetooth interfaces (Garmin 796 and the new Aera 660, both Traffic and Weather, as well as AHRS Backup Attitude called "SynVis").  
  • and also, the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver will Wirelessly interface both ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather and also AHRS Backup Attitude to iPad/iPhone/Android devices running Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight.

see above earlier SCFLIER posts on the GDL-39 3D Participation Raffle for more technical details and the last picture posted below for Garmin GDL-39 3D to Garmin GPS Map Device XYZ Interface Compatibility details.  

NOTE- With a USA S-LSA CRUZ aircraft, a tail number specific Czech Sport Aircraft signed Letter of Authorization is required  for "non-portable, hard wired"  permanent on-aircraft installation of the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN receiver and external GPS & ADS-B IN aircraft antennas.  



at least 4 total Postings

before July 30, 2017 

gets you a free "raffle ticket".


What can you post on SCFLIER to be eligible for the GDL-39 3D raffle ?  Just about anything, like a picture of you and your airplane, a Rotax 912 Maintenance tip or question, a post detailing your latest CRUZ LSA flying adventure, information on your home Airport/Airspace, CRUZ LSA flying techniques.....you pick the topics related to our favorite CSA CRUZ Light Sport Aircraft.  

Right now, the raffle odds are "good", with less than 60 SCFLIERS who have at least four posts, out of our total of 274 Forum Members. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the RAFFLE WINNER of the Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver including valuable accessories / external antennas / cables / connector adapters, carrying case, more.....

The GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver


will be announced here on the


On August 1, 2017 - right after OSHKOSH !!!

















16_SCFLIER_Participation_Raffle_GDL-39_3D_AHRS_Kit_Items - Copy.jpg



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More examples of the awesome


GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN dual band Traffic and Weather Receiver

in action,

 displaying ADS-B IN (FIS-B USA Only) Wx

on a Garmin 696 GPS Map display

via "hard wire" cable connections from the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver



















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More examples of the awesome


GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN dual band Traffic and Weather Receiver

in action,  

displaying ADS-B IN Wx (FIS-B, USA Only) and dual band TIS-B Traffic

on an iPad running ForeFlight

via wireless connections from the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver




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More examples of the awesome


GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN dual band Traffic and Weather Receiver

in action,  

displaying ADS-B IN  Wx (FIS-B, USA Only) and dual band TIS-B Traffic

on an iPad running Garmin Pilot

via wireless connections from the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver








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one of our "Participating" SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum members,

who is the  


of the Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Dual Band Traffic and Weather Receiver with AHRS !

There are lots of Options on how to Safely and Legally use a Garmin GDL-39 3D in a SportCruiser.

Whether Crusader16 decides ....

  1. to stay S-LSA with their SportCruiser and use the GDL-39 3D as a PORTABLE battery powered ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather and BACKUP Attitude device, feeding a Portable Garmin Aera 660 wirelesslyusing only the internal GDL-39 GPS antenna and the "stubby" GDL-39 ADS-B IN antenna,
  2. or to go Experimental E-LSA and Integrate the GDL-39 3D, aircraft powered,  into an upgraded new Avionics stack on the CRUZ E-LSA panel, using both the External Belly Mount RAMI AV-74 ADS-B IN antenna and the External GPS Top Mount antenna, 
  3. or if Czech Sport Aircraft issues Crusader16 a tail number specific S-LSA Letter of Authorization for fully aircraft integrated use of the GDL-39 3D,  perhaps the GDL-39 3D powered by the aircraft +12 V DC power and then wirelessly feeding the GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN data link Traffic and Weather information and AHRS measurements to an Aera 660 Garmin GPS integrated into their SportCruiser panel with a new AirGizmo Aera 660 GPS panel mount,
  4. of if the GDL-39 3D is simply used on an S-LSA SportCruiser,  independent of the aircraft avionics, battery powered as a portable device using only the internal GDL-39 GPS antenna and the "stubby" GDL-39 ADS-B IN antenna,  with the GDL-39 3D wirelessly feeding "just" an iPad APP like Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight

the Garmin GDL-39 3D is an AWESOME piece of ADS-B IN / AHRS Aircraft Electronics !    

Coupled with a TBD installed "Participating" ADS-B OUT solution,  and when communicating with the USA FAA Ground ADS-B Radio Towers,  the GDL-39 3D can provide a COMPLETE picture of Dual Band ADS-B IN Traffic in a custom 30 Nmile, +- 3500 ft Altitude "Hockey Puck" that follows your aircraft everywhere you go.  Also, the GDL-39 3D can receive "Air to Air" Dual Band (978 Mhz and 1090 Mhz) Traffic information when blocked by terrain or out of range of the USA FAA ADS-B radio towers.  When communicating via DataLink to the USA FAA ADS-B radio towers,  the GDL-39 3D can provide ADS-B IN FIS-B Weather information (USA Only).  And finally,  Worldwide,  the GDL-39 3D can also provide a Backup AHRS Attitude "SynVis" display on compatible Garmin GPS devices or iPad APPs ! 

I will be contacting Crusader16 via email to arrange delivery of the GDL-39 3D and accessories soon.

I recommend that Crusader16 contact his A&P and also a local USA FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to determine the best allowable options for use of the GDL-39 3D so that their SportCruiser aircraft remains fully USA FAA Legal and Safe to Operate.

and THANK YOU to all the "Participating" SCFLIER Members for your great input to our SCFLIER SportCruiser forum on MANY Topics of Interest about the AWESOME CSA SportCruiser/PiperSport line of Light Sport Aircraft !
















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Thanks Dave for this GREAT piece of equipment!  I've never won anything before, not even the elusive airplane give always from EAA and AOPA.

But I've got a problem and it's a good problem.  I already have a GDL39 and I don't really need two.  So with your blessing, I'd like to donate the 39 back into the forum to go to someone who really needs one.  These things are quite expensive as you now so hopefully this will go to someone more in need of a -39.

Thanks again and we all appreciate the wonderful job you are doing with this forum!



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Bob Crusader16

that is a very generous gesture to donate back the GDL-39 3D

I see two choices:

1) you can select, and please let us know who is the new SCFLIER GDL-39 3D "re-winner"...

...I can deliver the box with GDL-39 3D, battery, cables, antennas, etc to you and you can send it direct to the "re-winner" of your choice.




2) I can attempt to determine via email who among our "participating" (at least 4 Total SCFLIER posts) SCFLIER forum members does NOT currently own a GARMIN GDL-39,  and then I can use my "random number generator raffle winner selection process" to randomly pick the new "re-winner" out of that smaller ? subset of SCFLIERs.  


please let me know your choice  

thanks for your very generous "donate back" of the GDL-39 3D and accessories to SCFLIER !


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I'm certainly not worthy of picking the next winner, although I appreciate the offer.

I feel it best if we let the computer pick the next raffle winner.  That only seems fair for all.  Or if there was a runner-up in the selection, perhaps they would be next in line for the prize.

Sorry to make this so complicated.  I'm sure there is some SportCruiser pilot out there that could use this GDL-39.


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No worries

I like your idea of using the "Runner Up" on my original random number generated list of 1-N "Participating" SCFLIERS.

How about I send an email to the "next in line Runner Up" and ask that person

"Do you already own a GARMIN GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN receiver?"

if the next person in line says No, then they are your "donated back" Re-WINNER.    Done.

if, however, they already OWN a GDL-39, then I continue working my way down the original Random Number generated list in order until I find someone withOUT a GDL-39.

This is easier and quicker than asking ALL the "Participating SCFLIERS" in the 1-N List if they already own a GDL-39,

and I believe achieves your objective.

Does this plan sound good to you ? 

I believe YOU, Bob Crusader16 should decide since right now you OWN the GDL-39 3D equipment...

please advise





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OK.      Great.   Thanks again for making this Raffle Interesting 

I have already generated the first 15 "Next In-Line" Runner Up potential GDL-39 3D winners from my original Random Number sequence.

I'll email the first person "In-Line" now and report back when I find the new GDL-39 3D  "Re-Winner".

Surely there are SOME "Participating" SCFLIERs that don't already OWN a GDL-39 ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather Receiver ....

Lots of fun


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WOW.  That was QUICK !

We have a NEW Winner of the SCFLIER "Participation Raffle" Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather receiver with accessories.

"BeachComber".  our First "Runner Up" in the original Random Number generated Raffle List

has been contacted,  and per Crusader16's very generous "Donate Back" stipulations, BeachComber does NOT already have a Garmin GDL-39 3D ADS-B IN Receiver, and is now our NEW WINNER.

Congratulations BeachComber !


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Thank you Dave and THANK YOU Bob for the donate back!  Can't say I've ever won anything and I've actually been eyeing this.  I need additional backup and portable units so this is very exciting to be able to win this.  Thank you...like a little kid at Christmas! :)

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Congrats "Beachcomber" on winning the -39.  You will have lots of fun with it in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.  Fly safe and we'll see ya in the air!


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