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SCFLIER Forum Website Support Plan Upgrade 8-7-2017

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FYI - no action required

As many know,   the SCFLIER Forum is maintained and supported,  protected from viruses/spam attacks,  backed up Monthly,  Members' Individual  LogIn (Display Name) and Password data kept,  etc.  by a company called IPS in Virginia.  This company was selected by the Prior Admin "SierraCharlie",   and continued by me,  the Second and Current Admin of SCFLIER.

A small monthly fee (paid by the Admin) is required from IPS to keep our SCFLIER Forum Website running and up to date.

There are MANY different plans and support options available from Website Suppliers.

Our Original Plan, called "Standard25",  is one of the "smaller" support packages,  and included

  1. A Maximum Number of 25 Total SCFLIER Forum members on-line accessing the Website at any one time
  2. A Maximum Amount (2 gig in GigaBytes) of Media and Storage space on the IPS Computer servers
  3. An UNLIMITED Number of total SCFLIER Forum Members who have log-in privileges and access to SCFLIER

In the past year,  we have added many new SCFLIER Members,   a very good thing for Information Exchange about the awesome CRUZ type Light Sport Aircraft,  called SportCruiser, PiperSport,  or PS-28 in different countries and depending on when the aircraft was built and by whom (CZAW or CSA). 

Our IPS Support plan was upgraded from the "Standard 25" plan to a "25 Member / 5 Gigabyte Storage Plan" last year. 

Recently,  we have been "approaching" our current Maximum Storage Limit of 5 gigabytes,  which is primarily driven by User Uploaded Images (High Resolution Pictures).

We have NOT typically approached the limit of our "low level" IPS Website "Standard25" plan of 25 Total Members on-line at any one time.   No problem here. This 25 member  limit is much larger than our typical daily "at any one time" Log-Ins of approximately 5-6 SCFLIER Members.

Today,  to make sure that our SCFLIER Forum continues to operate smoothly for all members,  your friendly Admin (me) 

Upgraded our IPS Website Support plan 

from the "25 member / 5gig storage" Plan

  • 25 maximum members on-line at any one time
  • 5 gigabytes Media & Storage limit
  • Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges


a new,  slightly larger Website Support Plan called "Super 65" which will allow us room to grow in the future:

  • 65 maximum members on-line at any one time
  • 8 gigabytes Media & Storage limit
  • Unlimited Total SCFLIER Members with log-in privileges


One way that individual SCFLIER Forum members can help is to reduce the overall size and quantity  of Very High Resolution photos that may be uploaded to the SCFLIER Forum.   Choosing "medium or low" resolution on JPEG files to be uploaded can help reduce our total storage requirements.   It is up to the individual SCFLIER Member to choose Uploaded Image Storage requirements and Resolution - sometimes,  High Resolution photos are needed to get a point across.  There are also ways that I can take to "compress"  (Reduce displayed resolution of) some especially large uploaded images,  but I have not taken that (editing images) step at this time.

Details of the IPS Website Support plan upgrade are included in the attached (low resolution) Pictures below.

The SCFLIER Forum continues to be free to all members,  with the monthly charges paid by the Admin.










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