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SCFLIER Forum website software upgrade coming soon to Version 4.2.X

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FYI and for your "preparation"

the IPS company that handles our SCFLIER Forum Website has been working on some upgrades to our latest April 2017  "version 4" software. 

My attitude on software upgrades is that they are a good thing, and can provide new features and security protection enhancements.   Good to "keep up" with the software upgrades.

However, I do not like to "jump" and Upgrade ANY software on the FIRST VERSION of a new Major release, instead waiting a while for the bugs to get worked out to keep from messing up the forum with not totally "ready" Software Upgrades.  

About a month ago, version 4.2 came out. 

Then, about two weeks ago, 4.2.1 was advertised to fix "bugs and problems" with 4.2. 

And, this week, version 4.2.2 was advertised to fix additional small issues and repair security issues found by IPS forum customers. 

So, we are getting close to Upgrading our software soon - probably in the next few weeks if no more "bug fix iterations" come out....

for those interested in the "What's New " coming with SCFLIER Forum Website software upgrade "4.2.X",

here is a teaser YouTube video...

stay tuned


your friendly, but cautious with software upgrades until the always expected SW bugs get fixed....


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