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Are You Having trouble "Signing Up" to the SCFLIER Forum ?

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To Join the SportCruiser SCFLIER Forum,   please follow the steps below.

You do NOT have to be a SportCruiser/PiperSport/PS-28 Aircraft owner or Licensed Pilot to Join SCFLIER.    Many of our new members are considering buying a SportCruiser LSA,  or are currently a Student Pilot,  and they access the forum to gain information on the awesome CRUZ LSA Aircraft.   

to "Sign Up", 

1) go to 


Up on the top right of the page,  Click the "Table of Contents" Icon,  which looks like Three Lines to the right of the Magnifier Glass (Search Icon).

 look for "Sign Up". in a black colored box (Most Computers) or a green colored box (iPads/iPhones). 


2) Click "Sign Up"

Follow the On-Screen Instructions.   

  • Your "Display Name" will be visible to ALL SCFLIER Forum Members.   This is also your LogIn "User ID"
  • Your email address is ONLY Visible to Me,  the Admin.   Check spelling and correctness of your email !
  • Answer the Security Check questions,  designed to weed out Robot Computers and Spammers
  • Agree to the Terms of Use


3) Click "Create My Account".


4) Wait for an email from me,  the SCFLIER Admin,   

from email address


If you have a SPAM checker on your email account that only allows email from "Known Addresses",  then ADD SCFLIERADM@yahoo.com to your list of known good email addressees. 


5) A response to my Admin  email sent to Your Email is REQUIRED to Activate your SCFLIER Forum Membership.




SCFLIER Forum Admin

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To potential new SCFLIER SportCruiser forum members :

please read the instructions above on how to join the SCFLIER Forum.  This


section of the forum is accessible to ANYONE on the internet

even without an SCFLIER LogIn Display Name and Password.

SCFLIER “Sign Up” and New Member Activation  is really quite simple and doesn’t take much time.

however, if you mistype your email address during the “sign up” process, and you enter an invalid email address,   I (the SCFLIER ADMIN) have no way to contact you for the required quick “two way communication” exchange during sign up and new Member Activation.

I will never reveal anyone’s email address or their personal information on the SCFLIER Forum. 

However, If an SCFLIER Forum member CHOOSES to publically reveal their email address, their phone number, home address,  or other personal information on SCFLIER, that is, of course, their choice.

Please be aware that SCFLIER is a public UNSECURE  forum, and any postings made by Members may be seen by “anyone” including hackers on the World Wide Web, As well as of course our over 300 SCFLIER Members ....

But, very important to potential NEW SCFLIER MEMBERS,  your email address must be entered correctly by you during “sign up“ for me to ACTIVATE  your NEW SCFLIER account.  

I have successfully “guessed” a typo in a new member’s email address on a couple occasions, allowing me to establish successful  “two way communication” during sign up and New Member Activation, but  on other times, the email address is typed wrong by the potential new member,  and I get a response of “no known email address with that name”.

Please Type carefully

during SCFLIER “sign Up”...





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