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What is "Forum Information and News from the Admin" Used For ?

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to All SCFLIER Forum Members

"Forum Information & News from the Admin" 

is generally used only by me,  the Admin,  to provide "New Topics" specifically related to Forum Info and also News about the SCFLIER Forum:

  • New Software Versions and Forum Features from our Website Supplier
  • Problems with the forum,   and Service Tickets written by me to get our Website Supplier to solve them
  • NEWs about your Forum - new features coming soon
  • HOW TO Operate the Forum,  Tips on Using the Forum
  • Current Number of Activated SCFLIER Forum Members
  • Data on Members Accessing the Forum per day,  New Postings Each Month,  ... Forum Statistics
  • more

Of course all Forum Members are welcome to comment on my postings here.


However, even though there have been a couple GREAT Exciting New Postings with Cool Pictures posted to the "Forum Information & News" area lately, 

 this Area  is (usually) NOT the place for an Individual Forum Member to "Start A New Topic",  for example,  

pictures of XYZ,  or asking SCFLIER Forum Members about how to Change the Oil in their SportCruiser or Use the Dynon AutoPilot,  etc. 


Please Don't Misunderstand,   we all LOVE Great Postings,  Pictures,  and More about your SportCruiser adventures and Maintenance Tips,  Rotax ideas,  and Thoughts on how to land on a grass strip with a SportCruiser,   


Please use the existing topics and the existing Outline structure of the forum,   and

IF your topic area is not already covered, 

then feel free to "Start A New Topic" under ANY  of those

existing Forum Outline Areas.   (But Not Forum Information & News).


For example,  if you have a question or problem with your Throttle or Choke Cables feeding the Rotax 912 engine,   

FIRST,  Check to see if that Topic has already been covered.    The Forum Search (Magnifying Glass ICON top right) feature can speed this process. 


If your Topic of Interest is NOT already Covered,  then please "Start New Topic" and post your "New Topic" - in a logical place in the Forum Outline.


for this example of Throttle and Choke cables feeding control of the Rotax Engine,  

Start your New Topic

under the 

MAINTENANCE ISSUES & ANSWERS area of the forum,  

Subtopic   ROTAX ENGINE 


Another Example,  if you HAVE Useful Information or need a question answered on SportCruiser Avionics,   

please use one of the several Subtopic areas in the "AVIONICS": area of our Forum:

  • General Avionics Discussions
  • GPS Conversations
  • Electronic Flight Bags (iPads and such)
  • Accessories
  • Software Updates - to SportCruiser Avionics boxes and iPad/iPhone Applications


Another example,  Nose Landing Gear Issues and Discussions can be found 

under the main outline MAINTENANCE ISSUES & ANSWERS area of the forum



If you simply cannot find a Forum Outline area that "includes" your topic,  for example, 

(ha ha - it's a joke.....)

how to add JATO Rocket Powered STOL Assist to your Experimental Sport Cruiser,   

please "Start New Topic" under



then START (your) NEW Topic "JATO Rocket Assist for STOL SportCruiser Aircraft".....there, 

under Random (probably not a good idea in this case) Thoughts.


it takes a little more time and effort to keep our SCFLIER Forum organized

 but posting your "question or topic of the day" under the first available area,  "Forum Information & News"  will not help other Forum Members


Topics that they may be looking for....


Please take a moment to look thru the Forum Outline, 

and/or use the "SEARCH" Icon,  top right Magnifying Glass ICON,  to find an appropriate place to put your new topic discussion or additional comments on an already existing posting.


Everyone on the FORUM


New Discussion Topics and Your Inputs




But keeping the SCFLIER Forum Organized is Also IMPORTANT. 







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