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  2. My bad, I was recommending 6061 if you were just replacing the end of the tank. In my opinion that's not a tight radius on the nose of the tank but if you are worried then another common option is 5052 as it may be easier to find than 5053. I use 5052 on instrument panels when I have to bend a 90 in the material as a stiffener at the bottom. 6061 will crack if you bend a tight radius or a 90 in it. Either way I'm sure you could source it locally rather than waiting on Spruce. Just use a steel pipe as the mandrel that has the same radius as the tank and form it over that for the radius. The rest is easy. This comment must have been meant for another member. ???
  3. Is the model you have sitting on your plane an R/C model. That would be neat to have a flying model.
  4. I was told tanks are made from 5053H34. Was told 6061 would crack and would be hard to make the radius at the nose of the tank. I have some small pieces of 6061 and will see if I can form the tank end over a piece of oak wood.
  5. I'm really not comfortable putting that in the tank. I worry about small pieces coming loose. I will ask my IA about it, get his opinion. My main concern on the tank fabrication is forming the nose of the tank. Been reading about vaccum bag forming. Have you done this before.
  6. There are several metal suppliers in the Greenville area, just call one of them and order a sheet locally. You'll have it tomorrow. 6061 is very common.
  7. My IA thinks that there is a pretty large area that has pitted. As he welds up one hole and we check for leaks. We find another leak just a little way from where he just welded. I'm going to find the phone number for Utah and call them. Maby they still have the tank.
  8. The pin holes are in the wing drain area and toward the front of the tank. Some pinholes are in the end plate. I called Aircraft Spruce and ordered the aluminum sheet. Of course it is out of stock till October 21.
  9. I second Shawn's suggestion. If Cruiser in Utah doesn't have one, you'll wait a long time for the factory to make one and send to you. I last checked in 2017 (I think) when Cruiser was in Sebastian, Florida and they had both a left and right tank they ordered by accident, and I needed the left tank. It was about $1,000 from what I remember (without shipping - I flew in and picked it up). Utah may very well have the right tank still in stock if nobody purchased it since then. Welding a tank (since your IA has it out, and to Shawn's point) is a good option. If your IA can't weld it, any radiator shop that can TIG weld should be able to do the job (and may be able to flush out and pressure test.)
  10. Since you are experimental I'd strongly suggest fabricating your own tank. There's no telling how long you'd wait for a tank and you'll need a second mortgage to pay their exorbitant price for one. Where are the pin holes? In the welds at the ends? Cut off the end of the tank squarely just past the welds and fabricate a new end plate and weld it on fresh. Just my 2¢
  11. I need a right wing fuel tank. My IA has removed it and has tried to weld it. He gets some pin holes filed and some more show up. We are thinking about fabricating one.???
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  13. (772) 918-8242 Taylor in the Parts Department, at Cruiser Aircraft / KBTF Utah. My experience had been very good with the folks in Utah for CRUZ aircraft specific parts. However, expect to wait MONTHS for some “special” unique CRUZ aircraft specific parts that need to be produced at the Cruiser LSA Airplane factory in the Czech Republic. The bottleneck for these unique CRUZ S-LSA aircraft specific parts is in the Czech Republic, NOT Utah. And, my opinion, a CRUZ Aircraft owner should ALWAYS buy “NON CRUZ Specific” Aircraft Parts, for example Rotax engine parts, Dynon & Garmin Avionics, more, … parts direct from the original Rotax engine and/or Dynon/Garmin avionics manufacturer, NOT from CruiserAircraft. And, remember that one of the benefits of owning a CRUZ LSA with simple aluminum / riveted airplane wings, rudder, ailerons, elevator. …, is that aluminum / Rivet repair techniques are widely available that do NOT require any parts from Cruzer Aircraft. And there are a large amount of “parts” like the main landing gear legs, wing tip lights, ELT’s, Com/VOR/transponder antennas, trim position sensors, center throttle, pitot/static tube, …, and more that can and should be bought direct from the original part manufacturer, NOT Thru CruiserAircraft.
  14. Cruiser Aircraft, Utah. 1-772-918-8242 I have had zero issues getting in touch with them in a timely manner, and have gotten parts both from Czech via the Utah office (third generation nose gear last February), and other parts here in stock in USA from Cruiser Aircraft (Utah). FYI: All things that were happening at the place in Florida is now in Utah. The Florida place is closed.
  15. Good luck with that. The office in Florida has been closed for months if not a year now. Some parts come out of Utah and if they don’t have it you’ll wait many months for it to come from the factory in the Czech Republic. I don’t have the contact info for the folks in Utah but hopefully someone else will chime in here and share it. What exactly are you looking for? Not all parts are SportCruiser specific.
  16. Have any idea where to purchase repair parts for a sport cruiser. Been calling the number in Florida and get no answer.
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  18. I certainly understand your being hesitant as it's a large purchase of something unfamiliar. This is why I cant stress enough to have someone look at it who knows the plane and what to look for. Starting with the log books will at least give you a go/no head start. My guess is he tried to sell and had no takers and pulled it from the market. Now the ad says "must sell, health reason". The seller is in his mid 70's and may need to move on now. He was asking $62K for it just about a year ago so the price has barely changed. Depending on the damage history I'd say this price is very negotiable in my opinion if he really "needs" to sell. Again, start with the log books and go from there. Good luck.
  19. Thanks Shawn. I have not spoken with him yet. Was wondering if someone knew the story before I contact the seller. Seems like it has been for sale almost continually for the past few years. Compiling some questions so I can get as much info as possible. I don’t have a problem with repaired vehicles/machines as I drive a few with no problems, but new to aircraft so a bit more hesitant.
  20. Did YOU contact the owner? Ask to see a copy of the logbooks. As noted in this topic it has damage history but without seeing the logbooks it's hard to know what work was done and by whom. The accident report states "substantial damage" but what exactly was damaged? That said it's a well outfitted legacy SportCruiser. It's hard to believe that it only has 175 hours on it. The ad also states that it was "changed to E-LSA" but the FAA still lists it as S-LSA so I'd ask for some paperwork on this as well and explain to the seller that the FAA still has it listed as a S-LSA. I wouldn't think it's a lemon as every plane has it's own issues. With 175 hours it's barely broken it and has a lot of life left depending on the damage history. If you are considering it just do your homework and have it looked at by someone who knows SportCruisers, not just anyone. I'd be glad to look over the logbooks with you if you get them. I'd have a lot of questions for the seller.
  21. I see N85PB is back on barnstormers. Did anyone on here speak with the owner. I’m considering this for my first plane but seems like it’s been listed for sale many times and not flown a whole lot. Concerned I’d be buying a lemon.
  22. as of 7/31/2021  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   568  SCFLIER Forum Members ! See y’all at Oshkosh 2022 !!!
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