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Checklist Examples

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  1. Shawn's SportCruiser Checklist (custom)

    This is my custom SportCruiser checklist. This is for a Dynon legacy glass panel but can easily be modified to any SportCruiser. It's a Word document and easily editable. It is formatted for my printer but can also be formatted for yours. Meaning, when tri-folded the front and back vertical lines will line up. After it's folded I simply trim off the excess so it can be folded backwards or forwards so the page I need is facing front.
    When tri-folded it easily fits in the center console. It will also fit on any kneepad if you use one.
    I then save it as a PDF and upload it to Adobe Acrobat on my iPhone and iPad so I always have a backup on hand if needed. You can also uploadĀ a copy to ForeFlight's "documents" section.
    If you have any questions or find any errors please let me know.



  2. SVAP+ Checklist Example

    My personalized checklist for the SVAP+. Probably a little more than 'required' but something I like to have. Used a similar version with my 2008 SportCruiser.



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