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Angle of Attack effects on Lift and Drag on a generic (not CRUZ) aircraft showing Coefficient of Lift CL, Coefficient of Drag, Cd, and Lift over Drag curves for various AOA angle flying settings.


The Angle of Attack values in degrees, compared to the Critical Angle of Attack, where lift is lost and airflow separates from the wing at STALL, is shown for a generic General Aviation aircraft.


Although the CRUZ LSA will have a similar progression of the AOA values and effects as AOA approaches towards and beyond the CRUZ Critical Angle of Attack, the AOA numbers in degrees are notional, not exactly the degrees of AOA for the CRUZ LSA. The shape of the curves for the CRUZ LSA will be similar, but the AOA scale will be slightly different in degrees of AOA at the Critical Angle of Attack.


L/D Max can be used for best Glide (range) scenarios. Also, Best Endurance (time) can be set using AOA, as well as the Carson Speed for Efficient Cruising.


At the lowest angle of attack and highest airspeeds, the aircraft may be in or near the Vne range of airspeeds.

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