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Next Images of ADSB IN Traffic 01 through 09:

Some ADSB-IN Traffic examples,  using a Garmin GDL-39 R (Remote mount),  identical in data product features to the portable GDL-39 3D,  but without the "3D" AHRS or portable battery powered operation.

The ADSB-IN Datalink information was displayed using a hard wired connection from the GDL-39R to a Garmin 696 GPS Map installed in an Experimental E-LSA CRUZ.   A CSA Letter of Authorization or documentation of the hard wire hookup to the 696 and installation instructions for the GDL-39R and external ADSB IN antenna (perhaps included in a future update to the CSA CRUZ IPC) would be required to install and operate this equipment setup in a factory CRUZ S-LSA.

An external belly mount ADSB IN antenna improved range performance over the stock "stubby" portable GDL-39 ADSB IN antenna and was able to receive FIS-B Weather data from DFW's ADSB Radio towers - about 10-12 miles away,  while on the ground.

Airborne Traffic targets were received in "Air to Air" (actually Air to "on the Ground") mode,   as the subject aircraft was not airborne,  nor was it transmitting any ADSB OUT position data while sitting parked, engine off,  in the Non-Movement area.

GDL-39R ADSB DataLink information displayed on the Garmin 696 include

  • simultaneous landing and takeoff at DFW airport (multiple runways)
  • DFW Takeoff and Landing Traffic at DFW and one aircraft taking off at KDAL Love Field
  • SportCruiser landing at KADS, exiting the runway to the taxiway Alpha (note color change of aircraft symbol when on the ground)
  • SportCruiser TRAFFIC Alert near the parking area
  • Unrestricted  696 "TRF" dedicated Traffic page on the 696 showing many airborne targets
  • FIS-B WX transmitted active permanent TFR at ex President "W"'s house south of Addison
  • The Garmin GDL DataLink Information page,  showing specific time delays for various FIS-B Weather products
  • The Garmin GDL DataLink ADSB Ground Stations being used to generate data to display on the 696 Map.

Very useful Datalink of USA FAA ADSB IN Information and Airborne Traffic Data from the Garmin GDL-39 receiver, hard wired to the Garmin 696 Map unit for display in the center of the CRUZ Panel.

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