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  1. as of 7/31/2021  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   568  SCFLIER Forum Members ! See y’all at Oshkosh 2022 !!!
  2. as of 3/31/2021  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   549  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  3. Sincere Apologies to the 99 % of SCFLIER SportCruiser forum members who never have password or display name login problems. Stop reading here. Thanks ! To the 1% of SCFLIER Members that DO have problems logging in, here are some friendly tips: 1) when ATC gives you directions on a flight following request, a new transponder code, a flight path change, ..., CRAFT, ... it is customary for the Pilot to READBACK the ATC Directions, so that ATC can verify that what you HEARD is what they asked you to do. If you Read Back the SAME ATC commanded Directions, they will say “N12345 Read Back Correct” And this two-way communication confirms everyone is on the same sheet of music. A good thing. 2) when a new SCFLIER Forum member “signs up” for a new SCFLIER Account, please write down your “Display Name” and “Password” EXACTLY as you entered during sign up. Special characters, Spaces, capital letters, ... , all are important. Please VERIFY and write down your Display Name and Password. 3) your SCFLIER “Display Name” is used to log in. This is not your email address. You select and enter your desired “Display Name” at sign up. 4) Automatic Password Resets do NOT work on SCFLIER. I have entered a complaint (multiple times) to get this fixed by the Website Supplier, but NO Response other than “send more Money”. so, If you have login problems, please send me, your friendly Admin, an email request at scflieradm@yahoo.com and I will gladly manually reset your Password for you. I can also verify your “Display Name” that you entered during “sign up”. thanks again for the 99 % that write down their Display Name and Password EXACTLY as you entered on SCFLIER “sign up”. And check them — “ READ BACK CORRECT ! “ Dave Your friendly SCFLIER Admin
  4. ThrustFlight at KADS Addison Airport, North Dallas, is “close” to Arkansas, in a “Texas” kind of way. Demo rides, Instruction, and MANY SportCruisers flying each and every day (and night)... https://www.thrustflight.com/ Our Fleet | Thrust Flight https://www.thrustflight.com/fleet/
  5. First, why would I post information to SCFLIER Members who are having trouble logging in, at this particular Forum location ? Answer - because there ARE areas of the SCFLIER Forum where NON-Members, or those SCFLIER Members that have lost their password, can SEE postings without logging in. This is one of those “free access” locations. Second, if you are an Activated SCFLIER Member who can no longer Log-In - i.e., forgot their password to the SCFLIER Forum in the flurry of passwords required everywhere, the “automatic” SCFLIER Website password resets do NOT work. Fact. I wish the IPS Website Folks would fix it, but they haven’t. Sometimes Life just isn’t easy. Also, “ automatic emails” on Password Resets do not function properly. Another disappointing Fact. Please email me, Dave, the SCFLIER ADMIN if you are having trouble logging in, and I will reset your password manually. Regards Dave SCFLIER Admin scflieradm@yahoo.com Thanks.
  6. I was notified by Shawn (thanks) that an old Topic from 2014, related to Service Bulletin SB-CR-017 requiring replacing RIVETS with stronger BOLTS, has been "Archived" and "No Further Posts are Allowed". I believe this to be a result of our new "Improved" Website SW required to be installed earlier in September. I have requested details on this issue and will get the problem fixed. I suspect that the new software is attempting to save memory allocation for all of our total SCFLIER Posts - perhaps a way to force us to upgrade to a more expensive monthly subscription charge for the SCFLIER Website support and maintenance. I will post here any fixes or responses from our Website Folks. It typically takes a few days for them to respond to Support Requests. Dave SCFLIER Admin
  7. As y’all may have noticed, the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum has a new “look” to it, with some changes. My comments: I, as your Admin did not ask for this. Some of the changes are Security Updates, and these are always good to activate. Other changes affect functionality and are driven by Upgrades devised by the Website SW Engineers. Some Upgrades are, indeed, “way cool”. The Company that maintains our website operating software, all your posts, pictures, links to stuff, ... , is CONSTANTLY Updating the software that runs our (and many other’s) forum. Sometimes, new features work well, and provide useful new capabilities. My process is ALWAYS to WAIT when a new SW Version comes out, at least one iteration or two, for the SW Engineers to find their bugs and fix them. Then, after a wait period and a few iterations of “bug fixes”, I go through the Website SW update process which takes an hour or so. My goal is to keep the background details of website SW Iterations transparent to the individual SCFLIER Forum Members. There is a process for individual Admin / Forum Owners to request Upgrades, fixes to known bugs and to “repair” the degradations caused by new upgrades. My experience has been that the waiting list of website SW change requests is literally THOUSANDS of individual Forum Admin’s complaints. The point being that my requests to help SCFLIER Forum members are lumped in with thousands of other Forum’s Admin’s requests. Do the math. The folks doing the website SW are NOT SportCruiser Pilots. I will work hard to maintain functionality and usefulness of the SCFLIER Forum. It is a challenge. Your Friendly Admin, Dave
  8. As of 8/31/2020  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   509  SCFLIER Forum Members ! AWESOME !
  9. I will check and get back with you Dave UPDATE at 20:01:07 Zulu, 7/15/2020 I updated everyone’s MAXIMUM Storage Limit to 100 Mb each. EVERY SCFLIER Member should work to minimize their attachments total size by: sizing pictures and attachments smaller, using tools available such as Irfanview or MS Window sizing tools such as “Image Resizer for Windows” adding links to an attachment available elsewhere on the web rather than attaching the entire document or using high resolution image(s) if you would like to include a picture already Uploaded to SCFLIER by yourself or another member, please use a LINK to the old picture rather than uploading the same picture again Being aware that SCFLIER is not “free” (...to the Admin). Our monthly website $ fees increase for higher storage limits. I have upgraded the Maximum Storage twice now. Editing your posts to remove LARGE Attachments, and then uploading new, smaller sized images of the same “photo” DeltaFox - let me know if the additional “room” has effectively responded to your limits encountered earlier. You are the first to reach this limit, which is applied equally to all SCFLIER Members.
  10. a very small % of SCFLIER Members lose their passwords. If you are having Password Trouble, please email me, the Admin at Scflieradm@yahoo.com the “automated” password reset function does NOT work. Dave SCFLIER ADMIN
  11. I recommend a “freeware” program called IrfanView that will allow image downsizing, cropping, rotating, ...., more. Useful and Easy to use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IrfanView or, one can simply Import the High resolution pictures into individual MS PowerPoint slides, add multiple pictures in one image, ..., and then “Save As” JPEG Files to dramatically reduce stored picture size to Kb instead of Mb. And, just like a “free lunch”, lots of bits are NOT Free. Note that your friendly Admin pays a slightly larger monthly fee for SCFLIER website services to increase our total image storage Server space...there is no problem today, but as we add more and more participating members, (An AWESOME Thing), we will eventually “run low on space“ again, and we will need to upgrade the SCFLIER Website Server package (available with higher monthly fees) once again. Dave SCFLIER Admin
  12. In the background, your friendly SCFLIER ADMIN gets to update the website SW periodically. Typically, most Website Software updates are SECURITY Fixes. Some SW Updates fix bugs, and some provide improved functionality. In the last year, we have had seven SCFLIER Website SW Upgrades. An example is shown in the attached picture for your enjoyment. SCFLIER Website SW Improvements are transparent to the individual SCFLIER Member. Fun Fun for your friendly Admin Dave
  13. Some comments from your friendly Admin: WHY did I start this post ? 1) many months ago, there was exciting information about potential new regulations for USA FAA Special Light Sport Aircraft - including possibly higher allowed empty weights, more seats than two, and generally more airplane types that Could potentially be legal to fly for a USA Sport Pilot. Interesting ! 2) last week, a “NEWS UPDATE” came out on the INTERNET discussing possible new USA LSA Regulations. Problem is, when one really looked at the “Updates” in that link, there wasn’t any NEW INFORMATION being reported. It takes a LONG TIME for the USA FAA to change regulations. There are required Public Notices, Details Get Negotiated, AOPA and EAA May get involved, ..., the bottom line is it takes YEARS for FAA Regulations to change. The good news is that there may be more airplane types that can be flown by Sport Pilots - someday, sometime in the future. The Bad news is nothing has been finalized yet. Some definitions and comments : 1) OPINION - an idea, a “like”, a “dislike”, an individual SCFLIER Member’s “thought on XYZ”. Posting one’s Opinions are GREAT ways to spark new SCFLIER Forum discussion. But Opinions are of course linked to the person (or persons) sharing a particular idea. He/She is not “right” or “wrong”, they just have an OPINION on XYZ. Lots of folks may agree, or lots may disagree with a particular Pilot’s Opinion. That is Perfectly fine either way. My only “Requirement” for discussing OPINIONS on the SCFLIER Forum is that we all treat other folks’ individual opinions with RESPECT. For Example, just because one Pilot loves “Low and Slow” Amphibious LSA’s like the Icon A5 and has $400k readily available to buy an Icon A5, and another person prefers faster fixed gear ASEL Aircraft that only cost $85k, doesn’t make one Pilot Right and the Other Wrong. FLAMING an SCFLIER because of their OPINIONs which may be different than yours is NOT Acceptable. Every Pilot has their own background experiences, financial situation, Ideas, Opinions, and “Missions” for their “ideal” aircraft. Opinions are great ways to start useful discussion and learning about new ideas ! But there isn’t a RIGHT or WRONG OPINION out there. 2) FACT - a concept that can be backed up by data, testing, reliable multiple sources, USA FAA Documents & Regulations, or comparison measurements. For example, It is a FACT that the FAA Granted the Icon A5 a weight increase for their S-LSA Amphibious aircraft. It is also a FACT that our Rotax 912 ULS engine produces 100 horsepower and has a measurable, repeatable torque/horsepower curve vs engine RPM. Another FACT example is that current USA FAA LSA Regulations only allow a fixed pitch, ground adjustable propeller. Comment - “GOOGLING” your way to find FACTS on the INTERNET can be very tricky. Sometimes one can find multiple, reliable sources that all say, for example, that the USA FAA S-LSA Weight Limit is 1320 lbs. But, like the picture(s) of “Albert Einstein” above, one was Googled and in fact had Sir Isaac Newton’s painting, and another had an actual photo of “Albert Einstein”. And the “photos with quotes” of President Lincoln and President Washington commenting on the Internet were HUMOR. And HUMOR can be VERY difficult to convey accurately on an Internet Forum. Some folks use very DRY Humor. Some folks use “Emojis” to provide Humor “Comments”, but some other folks (like me) find that all those little yellow Emoji gizmos look very much alike ... I much prefer Actual Face to Face discussions where one can actually see the smirk, smile, wink... on the other person’s face... BOTTOM LINE - my OPINION - the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum is a great resource. Lots of good, valid useful TRUE information. But sometimes ... INTERNET links to “UPDATED NEW INFORMATION” can lead one astray without investigating the details included in the Internet link .... it’s all GOOD ! We have a core group of SCFLIER Participants and we welcome MORE FOLKS to regularly Participate ! The SCFLIER Forum is A great place to learn about the SportCruiser family of LSA Aircraft ! A final comment - when you post something on SCFLIER, consider the Audience - Over 400 total SCFLIER Members Worldwide. And, There are typically 5 or so NEW MEMBERS Every Month. When new members join SCFLIER, they face a bewildering MASS of INFORMATION. Sometimes giving them a previous SCFLIER Discussion link inside your comments on XYZ Topic can help “New Members” get quickly up to speed on a topic that is “new to them, but Very familiar to the folks that have been here since 2015...”. And please check to see if “your topic” already has a post to include “your new information” in that EXISTING post. The SEARCH ICON (magnifying glass) can be helpful here to keep our SCFLIER forum organized. ...and while posting that Pilot X, Y, or Z will be attending Airshow A, B, or C can be helpful to a few Members, the SCFLIER Members in Brazil operating off a grass strip may not be able to meet up with y’all next week at the Snow Ski Equipped Aircraft Airshow in Upper Michigan. There is an internal SCFLIER Messaging System - the little Mailbox symbol at the top right that allows individual Members to send messages to each other. And most SCFLIER Members may realize this, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVACY on an Internet Forum....what you post and what you message on SCFLIER is “out there” on the internet FOREVER...and other SCFLIER Members and Non-Members that can “Hack” their way into the Forum can see your Posts, and the SCFLIER Admin Can See All Posts and Messages... thanks for allowing your friendly Admin to share his Opinions... Lets work together to IMPROVE Our AWESOME SCFLIER SportCruiser FORUM ! Dave PS Neither Albert Einstein nor Sir Issac Newton invented the light bulb. Credit for the first practical, long lasting electric light bulb invention usually goes to Thomas Edison... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison
  14. the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum is an awesome reference for all things SportCruiser, PIPERSPORT, PS-28, LSA, E-LSA, Maintenance, Flying Techniques, Rotax engine, ... a GREAT way to share opinions, lessons learned, and improvement ideas for the SportCruiser family of Light Sport Airplanes ! but like any “Information found on the Internet”, a good dose of skepticism is warranted. Especially if the information includes recommended modifications to your airplane. Most SCFLIER info is great ! and some SCFLIER info is not so great... consider the source - the Internet.... and, since S-LSA factory made aircraft come with a unique set of USA FAA Regulations, requiring the aircraft Manufacturer Czech Sport Aircraft to authorize “any” changes with Tail Number Specific Letters Of Authorization, some Pilots/Owners chose to convert their S-LSA to an Experimental E-LSA, effectively trading S-LSA Limitations on “any” S-LSA aircraft changes to Experimental E-LSA Rewards (and Owner Assumed Risks...) Enjoy the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum ! Every member is free to Participate so we can all LEARN !!! Happy New Year 2020 !!! Dave (just another person posting Opinions on the Internet)
  15. To all SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members, Families, and Friends may your Ceilings And Visibilities be Unlimited, Crosswind Components be well < 12 knots, and all your 2020 CRUZ LSA Flying Adventures be Awesome ! Dave a short video demonstrating Airline Pilot ATP Crosswind Takeoff SKILL https://youtu.be/dl1ksX4ATOE from KORD Orchard Field, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, USA
  16. as of 10/31/19.  the number of   Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges  is now   446  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  17. Update ! as of 5/31/19.  the number of  Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Forum Members with Log-In Privileges is now  410  SCFLIER Forum Members !
  18. SCFLIER Forum Members Please make a note in your contacts list of this email address: Scflieradm@yahoo.com if you ever need to contact me directly. This same email address Scflieradm@yahoo.com is listed on the “top banner picture” of every SCFLIER Forum page, in white text. “Admin email: Scflieradm@yahoo.com” at the lower left corner below the downtown Dallas buildings in the Yellow “SCFLIER BANNER” SportCruiser picture. This email Scflieradm@yahoo.com is the ONLY Quick, effective, reliable way to contact me directly if you have a comment, complaint, question, or concern about the SCFLIER SportCruiser forum. Some folks occasionally lose/forget their passwords to the SCFLIER forum. If you have the email address Scflieradm@yahoo.com already stored in your “contacts list”, then someday down the road, you can easily email me directly for a manual Admin password reset. The website’s automated USER password reset system (without Admin help) does NOT work reliably. I have entered support tickets with our website supplier to fix this known issue, but there is a LONG backlog of problems to fix from many many forum websites like ours. Also, the “automated” Member to Member messaging system on SCFLIER is NOT reliable. While I am able, as the Admin, to “see” most internal messages, some that are sent to me by a member using the forum’s messaging system never make it to me. The only reliable way to contact me directly is via this email: Scflieradm@yahoo.com regards Dave SCFLIER Admin
  19. From Dave, Admin for SCFLIER If an SCFLIER Member has a question or concern, email me directly at scflieradm@yahoo.com from your email service. do NOT use the SCFLIER Forum automated message system. the “automated” messenging system built into the forum does not work reliably. I have tried to get our website maintainer to fix this problem, but no response Regards Dave SCFLIER Admin
  20. Update ! as of 1/29/2019  the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  387 SCFLIER Forum Members !
  21. Update ! as of 12/27/2018,   the number of Active, Validated SCFLIER SportCruiser Members with Log-In Privileges is now  379 SCFLIER Forum Members !
  22. This is a new topic area for SCFLIER Members to propose “the best place in the world to own and fly a SportCruiser is....” Because..... have fun D note - new members in the last few months have been based in Florida, USA Spain Portugal Texas, USA the United Kingdom South Australia Pennsylvania, USA Wisconsin, USA many more locations worldwide ... who has the BEST place to own and fly a SportCruiser ? and Why ? ”there is no place like home....”
  23. From Tim, a new SCFLIER Forum member, located in England just north of London. “My home base, North Weald Airfield, NWA (ICAO Ref:- EGSX) - is about 20 miles north of London, and is one of the oldest airfields in the UK. It opened in 1916 as an RFC (Royal Flying Corps) fighter station during the first World War, only 13 years after the Wright Brothers made the World's first powered flight, to help combat the German Zeppelin raids on London. The RFC become the RAF in 1918 towards the end of World War I by merging the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service. During World War Two, NWA was a front line RAF fighter station, and many US pilots joined the RAF to gain "dog fight" experience long before the USA entered the war. A lot of information is on-line but a useful link here:- http://www.northwealdairfield.org/History/history.html North Weald's finest hour came in the summer of 1940, when it served as a frontline airfield in the Battle of Britain. During the Second World War, North Weald played host to Squadrons made up of many foreign nationals, including Americans, Czechs, Poles and also Norwegians, to which the airfield and village maintain special links to this day. Hurricanes, Spitfires and Blenheims were the most common types to be seen at North Weald. Some may be able to identify the airfield from WWII movies… the NWA Control Tower has “Listed” status, which means it’s of historic or architectural significance and effectively has a building preservation order on it. NWA has been featured as a backdrop in various WWII films · Battle of Britain (1968) · Memphis Belle (1990) · Band of Brothers (2001)” Four fun Videos from Tim https://vimeo.com/97911676 https://vimeo.com/23116613 https://vimeo.com/18330816 https://vimeo.com/23234078 And a picture from the UK Civil Aviation Authority CAA website showing Tim’s aircraft near landing https://publicapps.caa.co.uk/applicationmodules/ginfo/ginfo_photo.aspx?regmark=G-CGIL&imgname=G-CGIL002&imgtype=JPG See below for more pictures at North Weald Airfield, including a flyby of famous WWII British and USA Fighter Aircraft “Two Eagle Squadrons of American RAF volunteers – 71 and 121 – were based at North Weald during 1941, so it was fitting that a special formation of four aircraft representing these squadrons included the Airfield in a commemorative flypast over their former bases around the east of England… The formation, which started out at Duxford and had the callsign ‘Eagle Squadron’, was led by a Hawker Hurricane in 601 (County of London) Squadron markings, representing the aircraft flown by the American volunteer Billy Fiske during the Battle of Britain. The second aircraft was a Spitfire painted in Bill Dunn’s colours. He was the first US pilot to become an ace while he was based at North Weald with 71 (Eagle) Squadron in August 1941. They were accompanied by a P-47G Thunderbolt ‘Snafu’ and P-51C Mustang ‘Princess Elizabeth,’ representing the later units of the US Eighth Air Force, which flew from airfields in Essex and East Anglia escorting the B-17 and B-24 bombers as their ‘Little Friends’.” Edited April 20, 2017
  24. From new SCFLIER Forum Member GrahamGRG “ Hi from the UK Thought you'd like to see this unusual angle of the SportCruiser taken by a spotter at Birmingham Airport as I flew overhead at 1,000ft. Lots of other great aircraft images on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/85308148@N05/  Graham “ 
  25. From new SCFLIER Member Hwick2000, March 2018 “ Thank you for allowing me to become a member of the forum... l would like to introduce myself. The name is Harold Wickham, first off No I do not have a Sport Cruiser... I wanted one for years... I fly a very similar aircraft, built in the Czech Republic by Milan Briselta... it is a 2016 Bristell S-LSA (see photos) it has the full Garmin suite G3x touch. It is an incredible plane and a true joy to fly. I live in Dayton Nevada at Dayton Valley Airpark A-34 just a 10 minute flight to beautiful South Lake Tahoe airport. I have a really big hanger with a Pilots apartment, lounge and courtesy vehicle. If your ever in the area feel free to stop in and stay over if you like. We are a pretty friendly Airpark. There are many airports very close by and fantastic place to fly here. Although keep in mind this is the Sierras and the weather can change rapidly and the altitude comes up quickly. Again thank you for allowing me in the forum without a Sport Cruiser... “
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