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  1. Welcome Bruce it was nice to meet you. If any of you are so inclined I’m available most of the time to share a ride and expenses for lunch.
  2. And as I remember someone wanted to shut Shawn down from posting on this Forum. What a loss that would have been. Here he’s just offered a complete stranger parts for free. Post on Shawn. Oh, and as DeltaFox asked, panel pics please.
  3. OOOPPPS. Couldn’t get the video to display correctly. But for anyone considering buying an LSA I would encourage them to watch it. Believe you can find it at AVsport.org then go to the webinar page and it’s #8 titled “ How to buy an LSA.
  4. Seeing as how this thread has been severely high jacked already: This is a very good video on the subject of buying a LSA
  5. I’m of the opinion that a licensed mechanic cannot sign a contract to do an annual inspection of an aircraft for anyone other than the owner. He can do a purchase inspection only. It would be smart to have the person you will be using for your annuals to do the pre buy inspection as he already knows the airplane.
  6. I understand the difference between a pre-buy inspection and an annual inspection. But even in a pre-buy a knowledgeable person would be able to find things such as doublers, or non manufacturers installation etc. Most inspectors follow a prescribed format starting with the most expensive item, the engine and proceed from there. If in the first or second place they find problems they should stop any further looking and tell you to walk away. One doesn’t need to take the plane apart but the inspection panels open up a lot.
  7. I’m sure it’s been done but wouldn’t any damage be discovered in a good pre-buy inspection? IMHO it would be one heck of a coincidence to have an unscrupulous seller AND mechanic in cahoots. A buyer will choose his own person to inspect it wouldn’t he.
  8. I was also considering this plane as soon as the price was reduced to $100,000. Sounds like you might have some information that would benefit a potential buyer. Care to share.
  9. Sweeeet. I’m a newbie myself and I hope to join you in SC ownership in the not to distant future. Enjoy.
  10. Morning guys, thanks for the welcome. Deltafox has been in touch with me and we will get together soon. I had hoped to be well enough for Sun N Fun again this year but doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it. Have 4 weeks of 3 times per week of Physical Therapy scheduled to get through first. Uggggggg Hoping to be back in the air soon.
  11. Hey Deltafox, is that Vandenburg? I had my annuals done by Howard at Reliable Aviation there. I will probably be in touch with you soon.
  12. Morning everyone. I’m a rusty old pilot with just over a hundred hours, mostly cross country in a Piper Arrow and my Cherokee 180, haven’t even sat in a plane in 12 years and looking to get back into the air. Sitting in my chair for a few weeks now after lower back surgery and thinking about how short life is and making the decision to get back into the air. I don’t qualify for Basic Med and the Agent Orange I was exposed to is causing some health problems, even though I passed all the medical tests the FAA required I’ve decided not to deal with them so am looking into LSA aircraft of which I know nothing about. Been reading up on the subject and the Sport Cruiser, Tecnam 2008 and the CT are the ones I might be interested in although I’ve never been up in any LSA and have no idea what to expect. Another concern is getting into or more importantly getting out of the aircraft after sitting in it for a couple hours because of my back. Seems the high wing might be the deciding factor over wing walking. Anyway just starting my research on the LSA and looking forward to learning from this Forum and interacting with all of you.
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