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  1. Here is where I'm at now. I have 2 friends telling me to get my 3rd class medical. One of my friends is a 20k hour corp pilot. Flies a sovereign jet. The other is a 60ish hour student who hit pause on training and now is back in the air. He will be a PPL in a month or two. The commercial guy has an AME that is great to work with so I'm good to go with the 3rd class. Now I've been looking at pipers too. But holy crap are the rebuilds expensive especially on the 540s. Things i love about the SC... 48 inch cabin. It looks very modern and well built. No built in PIO and half the insurance premiums. Cheap annuals. (Relative to other plane nothing is cheap in aviation) Things i love about the lightning... The lines the speed. Things i love about a piper... Back seats. Being in CT we have plenty of Wx until April so i have some time to analyze my choices.
  2. I see your name is lightning pilot, did you fly a lightning previously? If so, how does it compare to the SportCruiser?
  3. Wow ttabs just watched one of you videos. The knife egde one. Spectacular.
  4. Hi Delta thanks for sharing. Very helpful for me to plan my airplane ownership costs. Quick follow up. Over what period of time were those expenses incurred.
  5. Coffee you can probably get great promotional pricing at OSH. Any chance you can wait until then to pull the trigger? As far as price and new rules. This is a toy not an investment. Who cares if it depreciated at an accerelated rate. If you fly it for 15 years the residual value will be about the same regardless of 10 knots and 200 pounds of payload. What happens when the internal combustion engine is replaced with all electric $7 per hour run costs and way less maintainance? What will that do to prices? My 1 cent... Shawn advise is easily worth double my advise is.
  6. For me that is at the top of my budget once i add ferry inspection and everything i don't yet know about ac ownership. I think for the original poster it looks like it can fill tje mission.
  7. "Stunning" description still works. I'm stunned that they would raise the price after it was damaged. Thank you for the information scflier member!
  8. Odd thing is that it started off at 100K. Velocity has better info on it. This is a case of turn 180 and clear IMC. I would pass on this one.(my opinion).
  9. Here is a stunning plane to consider: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/25417471/2014-tecnam-astore I think it will carry 511# so that is 210 (Funny that is my weigh too) + the misses 110 + 120 fuel (20 gallons)= leaves about 70 pounds whatever else you need. CG permitting of course. My "all in" budget for my airplane is about 90K (depending on the stock market) plus $ 700 per month. I'm not saying I will go out and buy a 90K airplane, that is very short sighted.. I want to buy a 50K airplane and have 40K in reserve in case (when) I run into issues. The day my lovely wife will get in a plane with me I'm going out to buy a used Cirrus.
  10. Beautiful plane. Quick question, how did you find the plane? Controller? Trade a plane? Barnstormers?
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