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  1. Hi Marshall! If the limited payload suits your mission, you can't go wrong with a well maintained Sport Cruiser and the best way to verify the one you choose is right here in the knowledge shared by the folks on this forum. My previous 50+ flying years were limited to Lycoming and Continental engines so the high revving Rotax with a gearbox was a leap of faith. I needn't have worried. The Rotax is safer and stronger than any other. It is also simple and forgiving to fly behind. Your 456 would be an "in the ballpark" trade for a high-time legacy Sport Cruiser if you could find an int
  2. Thanks for sharing another great tip, Shawn!
  3. Shawn, A lot of the "smooth" part came from you. Chris and I appreciate all your good advice. The Sport Cruiser organization is missing the boat by not closely supporting the existing customer base. Satisfied customers sell new airplanes. Maybe that attitude was why the Piper relationship was so short. Thanks again, Chris & Gary
  4. Update! N520PS has a new nickname. "ELSA". The process was relatively painless. We've received immense help from this forum. You have all made our entry into the LSA world much easier. Thank you! We've also met some competent friendly people in the form of LSRM and DAR here in Florida. Now on to the mods to our "new" E-LSA cruiser. Chris & Gary
  5. Sounds like you were successful in converting to ELSA. If so, congratulations! I’m in the process myself with expert assistance from this forum. Would love to hear the details of your project.
  6. Steven, Welcome! We are new owners too. You have definitely come to the right place. These folks have tons of Sport Cruiser knowledge and are very generous in making new owners welcome with money saving advice. Good luck with your beautiful new aircraft. Chris & Gary Jacksonville, Florida
  7. We purchased our white & red 2010 PiperSport in Titusville recently with a little over 400 hours on the clock. After the mandatory 5 hours insurance check out it was repositioned to Craig Exec in Jax. The plane appeared cosmetically perfect and well maintained except for trailing edge flap damage from stray feet. This is our first foray into light sport. Our previous flying experience was with Aztec, Comanche B, Pitts S2B, Great Lakes and the usual 182's and Pipers. One point I noticed during check out was that the PiperSport taxis just like our S2B only without the S turns. Kind of like h
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