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  1. Thanks as always for the great information. Josh is sittin at $156,000.00 for a brand new 2018 aircraft with a warranty(frame and engine) and slightly better equipped than the used 2015. I understand the pitfalls of buying used in terns of additional costs in the not to distant future. If the seller is unwilling to deviate from the asking price and you have a $7-10,000.00 occurrence, you are within spitting distance of a new 2018. Wami: Not sure what to do about Basic Med and the FAA LSA limits. How do you think this will affect the current fleet? Do you see the value of the current LSA plane values diminishing? Will the Basic Med allow pilots to move up bigger planes not currently in the LSA area? When do we expect that the FAA will announce these new policies? Are new LSA purchases like buying a luxury car ie. the value decreases the first year in by 20% with the second year dropping another 10% and then after that the depreciation slows down? I definitely need to get to Oshkosh this year. I hope to see the Viper that one member mentioned as a possibility. Has anyone seen a Viper in person? How does it fit/finish compare to the Sports Cruiser and Bristell? Also is anyone from the forum going to Oshkosh?
  2. I am still considering this used Sports Cruiser. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=CZECH+SPORT+AIRCRAFT&model=SPORTCRUISER&listing_id=2340411&s-type=aircraft This plane has 40TT. It seems very low for a 2015. Asking price is $135,000.00. The dealer is currently changing out the 5 year hoses as well as installing ADS-B. Anyone have any info on this plane? The dealer mentioned that the original buyer flew it 40hrs mostly during training and then suddenly passed away. The widow has just made the decision to sell it. Plane looks to be fully decked out on avionics as well as having a BSR chute. Please share any comments. Thanks. COFFEEJOE
  3. Hello Velocity26, I am located in the Midwest and have no experience in a Sports Cruiser. I have only read how well the Sports Cruiser and the Bristell fly. I have been in an ancient Cessna 152 and a Piper 140. The 152 was more prone to bouncing around then the Piper. Perhaps it is a weight thing. Does the Sports Cruiser fly better than a 152/
  4. Hello Warmi, Thanks for the tip. I will check out at Air Venture in July. First time there. I understand it is very worthwhile to attend.
  5. Hello rtf, Thanks for the reply. As long as I always landed close to a WalMart, I could always do the Jack Reacher thing. I need to weigh out 12.5 # of clothing to get a glimpse at what I can bring. My wife is already rolling her eyes. Maybe I will need to cut back to 10#. Thanks again.
  6. Hello to all Members, I am new to the board and to flying. I will be retiring soon and have always wanted to learn to fly. The Sports Pilot License is the way to go for me. My mission will be local trips with some cross country trip thrown into the mix. I am currently looking at a used low hour 2015 Sports Cruiser located out east($135,000) and a brand new one at Sebastian, FL.($157,900). https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=CZECH+SPORT+AIRCRAFT&model=SPORTCRUISER&listing_id=2340411&s-type=aircraft and https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=CZECH+SPORT+AIRCRAFT&model=SPORTCRUISER&listing_id=2320820&s-type=aircraft I am interested in finding out how much baggage my wife and I can bring on a cross country trip. I weigh 210# and she is at 110#. The spec indicate gross weight of 1323# and 855# empty. Does the math work this way: 855#+Fuel 30/gallons at 189#+ wife at 110#+me at 210#=1364#. This puts me over the weight restriction even without bringing a toothbrush. I must be doing something wrong. Please let me know. Also are there other LSA's I should be considering? Everything I read speaks highly of the Sports Cruiser. I do not intend to create a dispute but I figure a few people have had the good fortune to have tried many of these different brands and have an opinion. I understand that the Bristell allows you to carry an extra 100#. Should I be considering this one also? One thing I have learned since joining the board is the service record for Sports Cruiser past and present. Would the current record prevent you from buying a new or used aircraft? Also I am excited to be a member and looking forward to my lessons and the purchase of my own plane. Thanks for you time and I am happy to hear all your advice on LSA's. Coffeejoe
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