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  1. Great Day! We flew the new to me SC to my home airport yesterday. This purchase has been a struggle in which I wish to thank the folks on this forum for the help as well as the former owner. The struggle was not with the former owner, It was with a DAR in regards to the propeller that had been replaced 1.5 hours into the breaking period of this plane. In short Sport Cruiser handles LOA's and or MRA's through the parts and maintenance catalog, if you want something other than what is allocated in the manual, there is an avenue for that, the success rate as I have been told is dismal at best. The illustrated parts catalog and the maintenance manual as I have argued to the DAR are signed documents from the manufacturer giving permission to change to those parts illustrated in the parts catalog, note there are given serial numbers that regulate some of the parts going to some of the planes. I hope with the help of others on this forum to write up what was learned to help others in the pursuit of great flying experiences. What we have learned hopefully will help others to inspect all aspects of a plane and documents before purchase, and to ease the possibility of going ELSA, and more. Note this is for information only. Bryan
  2. Steve I'm a newbie also , so as well as I a newbie can, Welcome As for Necco and ShawnM and RTK they have been great and very helpful/knowledgeable. Thanks for the phone conversation ShwanM. Bryan
  3. Welcome I am new to the forum as well as crowding 40 Hrs toward my private. The weather wont cooperate to fly out finish my purchase of an SC and fly it back. That being said The evidence is all here to convince ELSA! is the way to go. Bryan
  4. I forgot to answer Shawn's question. The Airport I fly out of is 9D9 Hastings Michigan and I fly to and through KGRR so ADS-B is important to me, as well as weather. RTK quote -"I too tried to stay S-LSA, but the factory did a great job to convince me otherwise." Data is reaching critical mass in the direction of ELSA. I understand SC not wanting any part of liability for planes they didn't manufacture. Y'all thanks for the support and information. Bryan
  5. Vary encouraging group here. Regarding the fuel lines, both return and fuel lines have been replaced in both wings (wings have to be removed to do this), as well as fire wall forward, for this annual, and bulletins. Landing gear, front landing gear is new gen. 3, main landing gear has been inspected and rivets have been replaced. The prop is a Sensenich. The log books will be checked regarding Carbs and gear box. Toying with going ELSA however I would like to stay in the SLSA envelope depending on LOA response, a number of factors are at play, One large one is the TruTrak avionics that are in the plane, I would like to change to GRT's if necessary. Thanks RTK and Shawn Bryan
  6. Howdy I'm in the process of purchasing a 2009 sport cruiser. Currently a certified mechanic has replaced both return fuel lines, front landing gear to the gen3, replaced main landing gear rivets, weight and balance, annual, among other things. I have been looking into ADS-B with the Garmin GTX335 which is approved, however I would like the GTX345 due to ADS-B in and out feature. Has anyone sent in a LOA to get the GTX 345 approved? If not I will probably send in the LOA and fee to get it approved. Has anyone tried to get Dynon's approved to upgrade the avionics? Thanks Bryan
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