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  1. So the old gear, but no cracks. I am having the firewall reinforced, however. I'm learning alot by going over old posts in this forum. Thanks for all of your input. John
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm in Placerville (PVF), and from the local reaction, this is the first plane of its kind in the area. I do have a question about the nose gear. I've ordered the reinforcement for the firewall, but what is the consensus regarding the necessity to replace the nose gear? If money were no object . . .
  3. Hello everyone. Have been a member for a few months, but just picked up my plane. I'm a low time pilot and first time owner, so this forum has been extremely helpful. And thank you Deltafox for the landing tips, they've been working out very well. John
  4. Hello everyone. Picking up my first airplane next week, a 2010 Pipersport. Am sure I’ll have many questions in the near future.
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