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  1. ShawnM thanks for the reply I was told that you were the expert on this. Will it be easier for me the find the right DAR in Oklahoma Or bring it home to Utah first and find someone here? I know another SC owner here that wants to do it also. Like I said I'm very new to aviation, how hard would be to operate the plane without a ADS-B until this can be done? The plane is in Tulsa.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm new here and new to aviation. My son just started flight training in the Air Force and I couldn't stand the thought of him getting to fly and me not doing it. Soo.. I'm buying a SportCruiser and I've hired a CFI and I've passed my medical... and here goes. The Plane I am buying has low hours and is in Oklahoma. I live in Utah. I do have a question or two. 1) The plane I am buying is a 2008 without ADS-B. I know from reading the forum there is only one acceptable and legal solution. My question is, should I just get the plane certified as an E-LSA now so I can have a choice of ADS-B or should I just bite the bullet and get the GTX335? What should the E-LSA certification cost? If this were the only change I do to the plane would it be worth the time and money? 2) I did talk to a DAR in Oklahoma and he did not seem real familiar with the plane or the process. There must be DARs more familiar with the process. How do I find one? Should we (My CFI and I) fly it home, find a DAR here and then get the E-LSA before getting an ADS-B? 3) Will changing to E-LSA change affect the rate? Thanks for all the great information I have already got from this forum I'm look forward to much more.
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