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  1. Yes, Connie has the newer Sporcruiser, it is a 2016 and the Pipersport is owned by a woman I have never met, are there any Sportcruiser A&P’s nearby ,not sure about spending that kind of money without some kind of inspection by someone really up on these, although I am becoming more knowledgeable by the hour, I would want it checked out if I became ready to do something. Stan
  2. Shawn,there are 2 Sportcrusiers here, one Pipersport and 1 Sportcruiser,but Corona has kept those closed up, I did wonder about the ADSB installation as I didn’t think it was approved for it, I would definitely go ELSA, I thought that one had the firewall stiffener and nose wheel update,did you fly up to see it , it looks good in pictures. I’m not sure about the price. Stan
  3. Hi Shawn, I’m based at FD04 (Leeward Air Ranch) we have a 6000+ turf runway, I have a brother in Bradenton, not really that far, I have been trying to get up close with one but with all this COVID stuff it hasn’t need easy. I always liked the Piper Sport and remember it at the Sport Aviation show in Sebring which seems like not that long ago. I have seen one listed a couple weeks ago up in Charleston,seems like a nice plane, not sure if it has already been converted to ELSA yet, as far as I can tell has original nosewheel assy. (Welded once)and from a previous listing has some firewall “ beef
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently joined and just wanted to say hi, I currently have a piper Archer but I think I’m going to sell and get a Light Sport plane as my needs have changed, I really like the Piper Sport and think this vintage aircraft would fit my budget. I have spent many hours over the last two days reading this Forum to try to become familiar with this aircraft and it has led me to believe that with the non support of the factory, parts issues, bankruptcy and the moving of the Sebastian operation out west as much as I like the plane this maybe a bad choice, I have also owned Mooney
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