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  1. I guess the RV-12 comes to mind. Still those are all beautiful aircraft like Warmi said to each his own. I wonder why the canopy is higher on those aircraft? At first glance they look pretty much the same, but thats my lack of knowledge showing itself. I know there must be numerous design differences. But really any of the low wing LSA just look so good to me.
  2. This may sound funny but some low wing LSA have a canopy that kinda looks like a bubble. For some reason that just isn’t to my liking. I’m sure the aircraft are engineered well but the canopy just gives them a very experimental look. Where as the Sport Cruiser looks like a small jet (with a single prop) of course.
  3. Yes but hey the trip is what it’s all about anyway not the destination. I will be happy either way. I will say out of all the LSA aircraft out there the SC along with the Bristell are by far the nicest looking. I’m excited to just be part of the flying community.
  4. Thanks for the invite. Just seems funny the FAA will let you fly LSA without a medical 120 kts and 10000 ft but doing the same thing in a C172 takes a different level of medical. I think it would be more beneficial to limit pilots more by flight rule limitations than aircraft. I’m pretty sure if one can safely operate a SC safely they can do the same with a Cessna 172 or the like. I think as long as your flying VFR in a single engine plane you should be fine. Normal type aircraft not speed demon type machines. Just my opinion. I might take that thought out on another topic in the foru
  5. What I mean by presenting to the FAA is getting my medical together and determine if I should even apply. If the HIMS AME says it’s probably going to be declined then I simply won’t apply for class 3 medical. It’s expensive but there are folks out there that handle complex cases like mine (brain injury). I’m fine now but the medical history with meds and therapy is the hurdle. The Dr is currently working in a consulting type roll. After they review everything they will let me know(in their opinion) of I should apply for my medical or leave well enough alone. No guarantee, even after they
  6. Yes you are correct I am making lots of assumptions. I do have a CFI walking me through the process but I had a serious head injury in 2012 that really muddies the waters with medical. The AME the school uses is not HIMS certified. My CFI and I have discussed at great length and we have decided to go LSA while my hired gun kinda looks things over to let me know if I am certifiable. As far as Cirrus being easy to fly. That was probably not the way to say it. I should have said once trained and with experience it is a great airplane that would do exactly what I need one to do. I do think
  7. Yea I’m aware. I should have explained a little better. I will NOT apply just have someone retained to get everything together, look it over, send me for whatever testing is necessary, and then let me know if I will be cleared. Basically hiring a consultant that at some point becomes my AME and gives me the exam hopefully with all pitfalls already addressed before we send it to the FAA. But you are correct even with all that they could still deny and then LSA is gone as well. Like I said in my hello post, if LSA rules change with just a little more weight and then a little more speed then
  8. Hello from Panama City Fl. I’m only a student will be an owner soon enough. My plan was to buy a Cirrus SR22 after PPL but MedExpress. Wow! I can get my medical but I’ll have to get someone on retainer to get everything together to present to the FAA. When I started looking at flying a few years ago I was originally going the LSA route and the Sport Cruiser was my choice. Such a beautiful aircraft on the ground and I really like the modern look and the avionics. My plans are to now pike on all the hours I can while waiting for my AME to get everything ready for the FAA. If they say in ai
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