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  1. Welcome to the group. You have a beautiful plane. Ownership of a aircraft comes with a need for information, and there are members here with a great deal of experience and knowledge. I hope you enjoy your experience. Duane
  2. Back in November 2015 Seattle had an offer for lifetime database updates that I purchased for $799. I won't break even for 5 more years, but then it should work out. After I purchased the lifetime deal I realized that with advancing age, a lifetime offer is not as good a deal. The updates are also good for their FlyQ product. Also, if Dynon changes vendors or at some point I change avionics, could be money wasted. At the time, the government was pushing increasing the cost to vendors for the data and I was worried database updates were going to go up.
  3. Shawn, I don't believe you can have an in-flight adjustable propeller on an LSA. Part of the regulations include: 7) A fixed or ground-adjustable propeller if a powered aircraft other than a powered glider. I wish we could.
  4. Like Deltafox, I use 5350-5450 in cruise, most often toward the 5450 end if smooth air. At that setting I am 6.0 gal/hr. However, at that setting in my plane I'm only getting 113-116 TAS level cruise depending on altitude.
  5. The following was posted on the Yahoo website back in 2010 from a Swiss member: Hi Peter Here some more information about my attempt to get an increased MTOW accepted by the Swiss Experimental Aviation Association: First of all I am building my SportCruiser as a travelling machine, so I want to be able to fly with my wife, full fuel and say 30 kg of baggage. I do not intend to fly 6 hour legs, but full fuel allows me to fly somewhere and back without having to worry about availability of fuel. With an MTOW of 600 kg minus 80 kg for fuel minus 140 kg for crew (excluding future growth) minus 30 kg for baggage the maximum empty weigt is 350 kg. Most SportCruisers end up being heavier than that, some with the balisic recovery system are close to 390kg. Mine is 367 kg (without BRS, but with leather seats, autopilot and GNS430), which leaves only 13 kg of baggage with the above crew weight and full fuel. As we have an experimental category in Switzerland that is similar to the one in the US I am basically free to certify my plane for whatever weight, as long as I can demonstrate it to be safe (which usually means compliance with FAR 23). First I tried to get engineering data from CzechSportAircraft that proves that the SportCruiser is built for more than 600kg. They do however not have such data, even though they clearly say that the structure is probably fine for 650 or even 700 kg. This is also demonstrated by the fact that all testing, with he exception of the landing gear drop test, has been done to significantly more than ultimate load (6 g), typically 120 to 140% of it. The Swiss Experimental Aviation Association does however not accept that, also the calculation has to be done for the MTOW. When discussing with CzechSportAircraft they pointed out that the SportCruiser is certified for 4 g (6 g ultimate), while FAR 23 only requires 3.8 g. 600 kg * 4 g gives 2400 kg, divided by 3.8 g gives 630 kg, so if I reduce the maximum load under MTOW condition to 3.8 g then the existing calculation is sufficient. The remaining problem is the landing gear drop test, which has only been done to ultimate load, so the maximum landing weight has to remain at 600 kg. During the Aero 2010 I discussed this with the manufacturer of the landing gear legs and he told me he could make me gear legs for a higher weight, but I can live with the maximum landing weight remaining at 600 kg. I am currently waiting for a feedback from the Swiss Experimental Aviation Association on whether they accept my logic, but I know that they have accepted a quite similar case for another plane. I will let you know as soon as I have an answer. Regards Bernhard
  6. In taking the SportCruiser to ELSA, would it be possible to have installed a certified GPS and make the plane IFR ready? Would a DAR and the FAA allow it?
  7. Perhaps a cost-effective pathway for new improvements to be retrofit to the existing fleet. My plane was in the shipping container on the way to the US when the new more robust nose leg was announced. Cost to upgrade is significant. Move the 12 volt plug back to the area where it was during the PiperSport years. Now on the passenger side panel, it is in the way. On the PiperSport, a phone or tablet could be plugged in and placed upright next to the passenger and the cord was not in the way. Could also place charging USB ports on the opposite side of the pillar in addition to where they are now for SkyView. If they were there, I would not need the 12 Volt port.
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