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  1. This is a shame about no LOA's from CSA. This will hurt their longevity in the market and with changing times and equipment is almost a necessity. Evidently they just don't want to put in the effort and take responsibility for their decision after the fact.
  2. "But what he gets in return is the ability to operate and maintain his LSA pretty much as he sees fit. Engine and propeller TBOs would become mere suggestions, the way they are for certificated aircraft" For some this isn't a good thing. Then planes get poor maint., have things done that shouldn't, things not be done and just poor over all maint. Some can handle this responsibility and some can't. There is common sense and responsibility that goes with this and some do a poor job.
  3. i wonder if you could tell me the prop settings for a woodkomp classic prop for my sport cruiser to max  out cruise and provide safe wot attakeoff rpm.




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