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  1. You must have some kind of condition that your not saying. A class 3 medical isn't that complex of a physical. I know of no one that could get a medical without any underlining problems that ever retain anyone to present anything to the FAA. You seem really excited about aviation and flying which is great but your making some huge assumptions on things without any knowledge. Do you have a CFI to help you through all this ?? One of the first things most CFI will do is make sure you get a student medical cert which is a class 3 medical. With out that it makes flight trai
  2. I wonder how difficult it would be for him to purchase a US aircraft and then have it re registered to Canada. Would sure make shopping easier as the amount for sale in the US compared to Canada. They do have a better selection of hockey sticks!! 😅
  3. My issue usually comes in that I use my iPhone more then a windows pc.
  4. I have the same issue. It’s like you can only upload a set amount then nada.
  5. Lancair’s have never been referred to as docile. It shows in the high accident rate.
  6. Why buy a lightning when you could get what it was designed from the Lancair. …. if you can fit into it. I'm 6'5 and cant get my knees under the panel but it a screamer at 200 + knots at 8-10 gallons per hour https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=LANCAIR&model=320&listing_id=2375076&s-type=aircraft
  7. Well if that's what Lincoln said about the internet then who the hell am I to argue ?????
  8. Merry Christmas admin Dave . That’s video looks like typical Midwest winds 🤪
  9. Wow. its a small world as I was just at KGRR yesterday having lunch with a friend. Nice airport and a pretty cool small city.
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