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  1. Thank you Dave and Dave! I thought it was my browser. Was thrilled to check in and see the familiar icons and this thread. Much appreciated!
  2. Shawn, as usual, is correct. N85PB is airframe 08SC115, which was previously registered as N797BS. It was involved in an off field landing in Casa Grande, Arizona in 2009. (https://www.planecrashmap.com/plane/az/N797BS/) Apparently the canopy was not locked down and an emergency off field landing was made near the wind sock where the left wing struck a scrub tree and partially separated the wing and broke the canopy glass.
  3. Hi Jose, Welcome to the forum! I'm not sure what "problems" the first gen Sportcruisers (or pre-2010 CZAW Sportcruisers) have? I know that they are lighter (more useful load) and have some winglet and elevator differences versus newer Sportcruisers (2010 and up.) The older Sportcruisers also had the 1st generation nose gear, but if the owner followed the Service Bulletins, that should have been replaced with a 3rd generation nose gear. Other than a few issues trying to comply with factory Service Bulletins (due to minor differences in construction), the early Sportcruisers are awesome.
  4. Hi Sue, welcome! I hope you are doing well and not affected by the fires or the smoke in NorCal. This is an awesome forum to find out more about the Sportcruiser, and the forum members are very helpful. Please ask any questions you may have! I'm in SoCal, but we have a few members in the Northern California region. But will definitely drop a line to say "hello" if flying up that way, or if we ever arrange a West Coast get together (whether a fly-in at a restaurant, or at one of the various aircraft shows).
  5. Dave, thank you for pushing on the forum software team to get the changes made. Hopefully we won't need to resurrect any topics after 12 years!
  6. I logged this is AM and it was the old look. Just logged in now and got the new look! Liking it, and very much appreciate all the hard work to keep this forum going, Dave! 😁
  7. Outstanding - good to try and fly aircraft before you buy. But Shawn summed it up very well... early (CZAW) built aircraft are a little different than the 2010+ Sportcruisers. Main thing is weight. I have an early 2008 Sportcruiser without the parachute, but I have a good amount of useful load. I'm based out of KFUL. I'll drop you a line if I ever get out to KGEU. Summer and Monsoon season isn't the time to fly cross country to Arizona, but I may try to do it over the winter. Or in February for the Copper State Fly-In (https://www.copperstate.org)
  8. Welcome to the forum! You'll learn LOTS about the Sportcruiser here. I too trained in a Remos GX. Pretty docile plane and a good training platform. I enjoyed flying it, but the Sportcruiser is just more fun in my opinion. And it certainly has better endurance (carries more fuel) and has much more useful baggage compartment (but make sure you check the Service Bulletin on revised W&B) That discovery flight will be a deal clincher. Well, maybe sitting in one was the deal clincher. But most certainly flying one will be. I loved how responsive the Sportcruiser was over the Re
  9. Outstanding!!! Considering there's about 600 Sportcruisers, we've got (hopefully) most of the owners on this forum! Way to go!
  10. There is a trick to resizing images for iPhone, and it's free. Here's a link on how to do that: https://macmost.com/how-to-resize-photos-with-a-shortcut-on-your-iphone-or-ipad.html I too ran into a limit, so I deleted my large images by going to each post I made that had an image. That gave me some breathing room. I then setup this shortcut to "Resize Image" as part of my shortcuts. It puts the resized image into a folder on iCloud Drive (where I wanted to put it, you can pick where you put yours) and that made resizing and uploading photos much easier to the forum.
  11. It was about 87 degrees at KFUL when I shot this video of a warm start on my plane (aka, "Maria") 🙂 I had performed the service bulletin (SB-SC-072) and, after a month of sitting, I took my time to warm her up before doing the mag check on the ignition switch (more of that in the appropriate thread.) As mentioned before, the new battery allows me to play with the avionics for 10+ minutes and won't cause the battery tender to go into "charge" mode like my old battery did. I noticed that the cold start of the 912 ULS seemed a little more energetic. But for sure the hot start (resta
  12. What noise does a guinea pig make? Not oink oink 🐷 obviously... but I guess I'll be the test subject for the group. 🐹 LOL. I swung by the hangar to check on the battery and the lighting (more on that in the Trail Tech thread.) With my old battery, if I turned on the EMS and avionics (EFIS, GPS, radio), the battery tender would go to yellow to begin topping off the battery. With the Full Throttle, I not only had the EMS and Avionics on, but turned on the wing light and landing light and had it one for a few minutes while I snapped some pictures. When I turned off the master switch, I
  13. I received the Full Throttle FT230 battery quickly from Battery Pete. I was pleased to see that the battery comes with bolts to thread into the teminals. Overall, the dimensions are close, but I noticed that the height of the battery was a little short and would allow the battery to slide up and down insde its mount during turbulence I ended-up cutting a strip of silicone from a sheet I had and sandwhich that between the lower battery mount (and on top of the cork that was there) and the top mount. This secures the battery nicely. I am thinking of cutting the silicone sheet to fit the
  14. Ooof! Really?!? I thought 5 years would be the norm! I didn't realize our batteries required that frequent replacement! While my battery is working now, the fact that it's voltage is 11.7 volts while on a battery tender is concerning. I'd rather err on the side of safety than find out that on final, my lights and other items down power-up. I called Full River Batteries and they advised that the FT230L has the positive terminal on the left side rather than the common right side configuration. They don't stock many of those FT230L which is fine... I think we need the positive terminal
  15. Reviving yet another older thread... I sat in my plane yesterday checking some settings on the TruTrak Vizion autopilot (more on that in that thread.) As I turned on my EMS, I noticed that the voltage displaying as 11.7 volts. This is with the plane on a battery tender all week long. With the EMS, EFIS and Autopilot on, the voltage dropped to 11.3 volts while still hooked-up to the battery tender. I think my battery is on its way out. It is about 3 - 4 years old, and has suffered through long periods without being hooked-up to a battery tender in a hot Florida hangar while it was bei
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